10 Signs a Deceased Loved One is Near You and is Trying to Send You a Message

Losing a loved one is never an easy experience, knowing that it always leaves a mark on our hearts, no matter what. Some people even consider that the ones we care about never really leave us and may even make their presence felt by trying to send us certain messages.

The question of life after death is undoubtedly one of those subjects which divide between those who deny it completely and others who conceive it differently from what we are used to hearing.

However, there are beliefs and theories that the disappearance of loved ones does not necessarily mean that they have left us. On the contrary, they could even try to communicate with us using certain methods.



Unsuspected Interventions in our Life

There are times when things come up in completely unexplained ways, such as saving us from entanglement or danger that we were little aware of. In times of difficulty, sadness, or doubt, we sometimes receive signals of unknown origin.

But know that you can definitely find out more about these spiritual messages that you are receiving as long as you decide to open your mind to this type of connectivity.

If you are one of those who believe in these benevolent presences and are looking to identify them better, here are 10 signs you should pay attention to:



10 Signs a Deceased Loved One is Trying to Contact You

10 Signs a Deceased Loved One is Trying to Contact You


1. You smell a familiar scent

If all of a sudden you start to smell an easily recognizable scent, it is likely due to the presence of the spirit of a loved one who has passed away.

The spirits would be able to use perfumes and smells that catch our attention or make us think of them.  It could be the smell of their favorite food, a perfume they were using, or the scent of their favorite flowers.


2. You have special dreams

During sleep, subconscious minds are open to the afterlife and tend to communicate through dreams. These dreams can be so realistic that you may feel like the deceased is trying to communicate with you.

Dreams in which you see or talk to deceased loved ones are very likely actually to be lucid visions.

They can be contact attempts from a loved one who absolutely wants to tell you something important, whether it is about themselves, you, or something that is supposed to happen in the future.

If you often dream of a loved one who has passed away, try to understand the message he is sending you.


3. You see lights twinkling

It is generally accepted that spirits affect everything to do with electricity or electronic devices.

The radio or TV may also turn off and on again or suddenly change frequencies. If you ever witness such incidents, it is likely that you are in the presence of the spirit of a loved one.


4. You feel a presence

You feel a presence

This is often manifested by a drop in temperature or a slight cooling of the room. The air can also become heavy. It could mean that a loved one is trying to get in touch with you.

The experience can be overwhelming, even frightening, but it shouldn’t be, just accept it.


5. You witness the appearance of random objects

If you happen to see objects appear inexplicably in unlikely places, this is probably not due to chance. It could be feathers, coins, or even personal objects.

Spirits tend to become attached to certain objects, especially if they were related to them during their lifetime.


6. You just have the feeling that the person is with you

Keep in mind that you don’t have to have such glaring signs in order for you to be confident that a loved one is coming to visit you, no matter the reason.

As is the case during their lifetime, their proximity warms your heart and envelops you in benevolence, security but also love. You can even have ideas that sometimes come to you out of nowhere as if they were inspired from elsewhere.


7. Missing objects

Sometimes you might feel like your items are disappearing or scattered about to find them, in the end, in another corner of the house. It could be the spirit of the deceased person moving these objects.

Sometimes, it can even happen that the favorite items of deceased loved ones disappear, like their jewelry or any other item they used during their lifetime.


8. You meet the right people at the right time

You meet the right people at the right time

Sometimes you hook up when you least expect it. For example, if you are going through a difficult time in your life or experiencing depression, the spirit of your deceased loved one tries to comfort you by sending someone on your path.

This unexpected encounter will be like a ray of sunshine that will illuminate your existence.


9. Signs during burial and funeral

According to some beliefs, deceased people attend their own funerals after death and comfort their family and friends through signs that they try to convey to them from where they are.

It can be the feeling of a touch on the shoulder, a caress on the cheek, a breath in the hair…


10. Strange behavior from your pet

Animals tend to sense anything supernatural. If you see your dog wagging his tail for no reason, it may be a sign that the spirit of the deceased loved one has come into contact with him while petting him.

Also, when your cat suddenly meows or purrs, it is because it too has had the right to contact with the afterlife.



What does it Mean to See a Deceased Loved One in Your Dream?

What does it Mean to See a Deceased Loved One in Your Dream

We close our eyes, let ourselves be cradled in Morpheus’s arms, and see this person who is so far away yet seems so close to us. Disconcerted, we try to understand what this means when we wake up. Was it just our imagination, or did they actually try to contact us through our dream?

From a psychological point of view, the dream is the path to understanding the unconscious and can reveal the deepest part of our being that we try at all costs to hide while we are awake.

On the other hand, diviners explain that these nocturnal visions can be classified into two categories: peaceful dreams and disturbing dreams. The former brings us a feeling of happiness, peace, and serenity. The deceased then come with messages that they try to convey to us through these “visits.”

Sometimes to reassure us and tell us that they are doing well where they are, other times to encourage us and let us know that they will always look out for us, no matter where they are. Sometimes again, it’s just a matter of reminding us that they love us or miss our presence as well.

Worrisome dreams are less comforting. However, you should not absolutely fear them. Indeed, although these visions may seem frightening, it is enough simply to try to discern the message that the “visitor” is trying to convey to you. It can be a warning or simply an intervention in order to make you experience a spiritual awakening.

Also, it is important to know that if you have had this kind of experience, it does not mean that the deceased person has stopped loving you. It could just mean that you are still in the grieving phase and that you are not totally at peace with this decision of fate.

Either way, the dream world remains fascinating and intriguing. Some consider it prophetic, while for others, they are the voice of the unconscious. Ultimately, everyone will have their own interpretation of the dream, according to their introspection and culture.

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  1. I did share with a friend. Gave me a sense of safety, I could trust her. Our house was pretty active and I finally put it altogether when I was six. Two of my grandmother’s were psychic. I don’t consider myself psychic but am an empathy. My mother passed a year ago, and eventhough I was the kid that always answered the call, she didn’t like me much. I’ve faced many obstacles throughout my entire but, while curious, I never asked “why me” as is so often the case. Two years prior to her death she initiated a happening that I am still working thru and she never spoke to me again. Several of my doctors were so concerned they begged me to stay estranged, no contact to keep me safe. For the following two years I died a hundred times, I mourned the loss as if she were dead. After she passed I began having dreams about our family (my brother was gone as was my dad). I was never disrespectful of my parents, I would never have struck them even if deserved. In most of the dreams it was just the four of us interacting but I would become violent and verbally abusive to mom. I’m not a violent person so dreams of attacking my mother were so far fetched. It took 10 months to level out but after each dream I woke distraught. Can you give me some insight? I would be grateful for any thoughts you care to share. Thank you!


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