12 Clear Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening

In this article, I will talk about 12 signs that usually happen before, during, or after the Kundalini Awakening. Let's say that, in general, the energy of Kundalini greatly amplifies the effects of what could instead be a “normal” spiritual awakening.

Obviously, the symptoms that I have grouped vary in intensity, duration and above all, it is not said that all of them must occur.

This is not an exact science.

I take this opportunity to remember that each of us is unique, just as unique is his path, and unique is every kind of awakening.

Here are 12 symptoms that herald that the Kundalini energy is awakening.



1. Strange, intense, and involuntary movements of the body

Spasms, vibrations, tremors, contractions, rush of energy, especially along the spine. It is the prana that is attempting to flow through the energy blocks, and therefore there may be pleasant or unpleasant sensations as a result.

The energy channels are clearing and opening to allow the energy to flow. The important thing is not to make it an obsession.

If Kundalini freezes, phenomena such as insomnia, strong sensations of heat, pressure on the head, chest, stomach, or other parts of the body, hallucinations, compulsive thinking can occur…

There is a need to stabilize that large amount of energy, but that doesn't mean going to the hospital or taking medicine, but rather practicing meditation to begin with.



2. Death of the ego

This is a delicate concept because it is easy to misunderstand and because few speak about it openly.

Since you need an identity to understand, for example, that this is your hand and therefore you have to be careful not to cut it, the death of the ego does not mean that you dissolve into nothingness.

In fact, it does not mean that you disappear forever or that you see yourself out of your body forever or whatever, but that your old identity, your “false self,” the person you identified with, and that you believed to be with all of you, itself, it dies. You are reborn to your “true Self” with a new awareness, filled with permanent peace and fulfillment.



3. Slowing down of the aging process

Slowing down of the aging process

Mind, spirit, but also the body is rewired and, in this case, revitalized by Kundalini.

On the other hand, however, we can also feel older, more tired, without a shred of energy, almost dying, even depressed, we can develop food intolerances, change habits, cravings for different food arise … It's all part of the transformation process.



4. New parts of the brain are activated

Thanks to these, especially if visions occur during the ascent of Kundalini, we can understand and see that everything is made of the same substance, of the same energy and that everything is interconnected.

More generally, we acquire a much broader perspective on life, a bit like switching from a 20° to 180° view. This can also give rise to some skills such as a very accurate memory, accentuated empathy, healing skills, telepathy, clairvoyance…

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5. Empathy, compassion, help of others

The clear realization of your true nature and the essence of the whole universe, resulting in indescribable sensations such as ecstasy and unlimited love, opens us to the ability to feel compassion, great empathy, constant connection with what surrounds us.

This can intensify even more over the years, especially if meditation techniques are used to encourage the opening of the heart chakra, which becomes fundamental in one's evolutionary path after the stabilization of awakening has taken place.

All this arouses in us the spontaneous need to help others.



6. Greater sensitivity

Greater sensitivity

To intuitions and to what our physical body communicates to us: we become more aware not only of what is happening around us but also of what is happening inside us, i.e., thoughts, sensations, and energies.

We begin to discover our sixth sense and recognize that it is our true teacher. So, with a lot of humility, we pay less attention to what others tell us or think simply because we feel we have to act in a certain way, and we feel that our compass is much more reliable and clear.



7. See our past lives & recognize what our purpose in this life is

In my case, it took me 8-9 years to understand this in practical terms, although in truth, I must say that it was shown to me quite clearly during the awakening experience.

As always, the Divine has a perfect plan, and in fact, at that time, I would not have had the means to do what I am doing now, that is to help as many people to evolve, to thank for the gift that was given to me.

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8. Your life goes through many changes very quickly

But instead of being scared, you face these challenges fairly smoothly, perhaps discovering silence and bliss when you least expect it.

All this is accompanied by a strange feeling that, despite the seemingly absurd choices we are making and the changes underway, reassures us that it is okay.



9. Interests and everything that gave us pleasure change

Interests and everything that gave us pleasure change

Movies, music, friends, parties, hobbies have a different effect on us because, in fact, we are no longer the same person. So now we see that what gave us satisfaction no longer works.

It is time to find something new, and when you find these new things, you will notice that they give you pleasure in a different, more authentic, natural way because they are no longer sources of happiness as you intended before.



10. Thirst for “spiritual” knowledge

Maybe you, too, like me before the awakening of Kundalini, did not have any knowledge of a spiritual type, and now instead, a world is opening up to you.

Or if there was already a certain interest and/or knowledge, now it intensifies exponentially. Above all, you magically find everything you are looking for, or rather, everything you need.

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11. The fear of death vanishes

I don't know if it happens for anyone who experiences a Kundalini awakening or an awakening of another kind.

I know that following what happened to me during the ascent of Kundalini to the seventh chakra, or the crown chakra, this fear presented itself very clearly. I was convinced that I was going to die as my heart was pounding, and I was pervaded by what appeared to be electrical discharges (fortunately painless) that made every cell in my body vibrate.

However, after what had just happened, that fear didn't have the strength to touch me, and above all, I recognized its inconsistency.



12. Connection with the Divine

The fear of death vanishes

The set of all 11 previous points result in a new awareness, especially towards the divine, which we recognize to be present everywhere.

Consequently, we begin to feel this reality more and more evidently, where gratitude and devotion grow and accompany us day after day.

But, above all, to clarify this last aspect, it must be borne in mind that the spiritual path is composed of various phases, which can be enclosed in 2 large parts: the first, where there is the dirty work to be done, that is to calm the mind in order to to see what is beyond thought, to realize the state of Presence in a stable and permanent way.

Later, if one is lucky enough, one discovers the tools to access the second part, which is more pleasant because it has to do with the Shakti, with the energy, in a much more concrete way than one can imagine.



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12 Clear Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening



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