13 Signs of Bad Karma and How to Get Rid of It

Knowing the signs of bad karma and how to get rid of it can help you navigate life. You might not even be aware that you have bad karma. You could be wondering why your life seems to go south for no good reason, not knowing it is karmic debt that is following you around.

One of the things I found fascinating about life is how we can have bad karma due to our actions and some that our past family members did. Repaying this karma can free you up and let you live a much healthier life. How we act to get this karma can affect our lives and can have some of the worst or best experiences.

Karma is simply how the world works; there are consequences to our thoughts, words, intentions, and actions. This is why we need to ensure the things we do during our lifetime are worthwhile. Accumulating bad karma can turn your life into a living hell and will not go away until you repay your debt.

In this article, we are going to look at the signs of bad karma that will help you identify if you are living through it. We will also look at some ways you can get rid of bad karma to help you live a much smoother life and repay your karmic debt.


What Is Bad Karma?

Some of you might be wondering what this bad karma is that I keep talking about. This is the consequence or effect of any unresolved issues or our past behavior. Like I said above, our actions and thoughts have consequences, and these consequences can come to bite us.

The actions of our past lives, those we did in different dimensions and timelines, can also contribute to our bad karma. Not to confuse you, I will be using the words bad karma and karmic debt interchangeably to refer to the same thing. That is because karmic debt refers to the same thing, the karma we have to repay because of our past actions.

This is a law from the universe that ensures we get to learn from our experiences and become better people because of it. It is meant to make us more loving and compassionate people. Getting rid of bad karma, one of the things we will also cover, will help you repay your karmic debt and make you a better person.



What Happens If You Have Bad Karma?

What Happens If You Have Bad Karma

One thing I will say is that you don't want to have bad karma. It can affect you in ways you would not imagine, and none of them are good. You might notice that small things in your life always seem to go south. You might be involved in weird accidents or circumstances that either put you in danger or are very inconvenient.

Bad karma can also show itself as illnesses and unnecessary burdens that make no sense to you. Most of these experiences will be hard on you, but they reflect who you are and what you did. You need to remember that these consequences will not be pleasant, and you might find it very hard to go about your life as usual.

Without getting rid of bad karma, you will also find yourself repeating the same old patterns. It will feel like you are stuck in a loop and that nothing seems to work out right no matter what you do. Cleaning your karmic cycle will help you resolve these effects on you and can get your life back in order.



13 Signs of Bad Karma

13 Signs of Bad Karma

The following signs of bad karma will help you identify whether your bad luck and experience are because of your karmic debt. They will also set you on the path to getting rid of it.


1. Things Are Not Working Out in Your Favor

It is just one of those things that don't seem to go right. This is one of the signs of bad karma, and it is the most obvious of them all. It somehow feels like you are constantly doing something with all the best intentions, but it just doesn't work. This is because you have a great karmic debt blocking things from working out.

Your karmic debt teaches you that things will not always go as planned. It can be very frustrating, especially because you don't know what causes it. You struggle to make amends, but you cannot make it work. That can be because you don't know exactly what you did that was wrong.

You can ask a spiritual advisor to help you find the wrong that you did. You can also ask yourself during meditation or self-introspection. The longer it takes to find the reason, the longer things will not work out for you.


2. You Follow or Experience Destructive Patterns

Now, this is a bit unrelated but think of this; let's talk about obsessive or toxic relationships. These are relationships that those involved in seem not to be unable to stop or get out of.

They know the relationship is unhealthy, so they break up. Before long, however, they are back to their toxic partners. Some move to new relationships and still follow the same toxic behaviors.

Another sign of bad karma could be a pattern or destructive choices. You make bad decisions, such as gambling, sexual partners, romantic relationships, addictions, or something you constantly go back to doing.

These are very bad addictions or choices you cannot stop doing, and you will not stop until you cleanse your debt.

You can try destroying these bad choices by praying and asking for guidance from a higher power. You can get reassurances or healthier behaviors that will break the pattern.

Once you notice this, you must do as much as possible to stop returning to these toxic patterns. You will harm yourself if you keep going back to the same patterns.


3. It Is Hard for You to Forgive Yourself or Others

It Is Hard for You to Forgive Yourself or Others

Forgiveness is one of the best but hardest things we can do. I, for one, find it so difficult to forgive myself when I cannot do something. For example, I hit a slump a few weeks back. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get myself to work. Because of this, I would blame myself. I carried that guilt around with me for days.

I understood that there was nothing I could do; I just had to wait it out. Knowing this didn't make it any easier. I kept blaming myself without finding it in me to forgive. That is why it carried on for so long, taking up to almost a month. This is also something others tend to do.

Forgiveness is essential for clearing bad karma. Failure to forgive yourself is a sign that you have karmic debt. You need to learn how to forgive other people and yourself. Sometimes things are out of our control, and understanding this and forgiving is the key to letting go of guilt and doubt.


4. You Feel Something Holding You Back

I will once again refer to my problem above. I could not get over my slump because I felt something holding me back. Now what I didn't know was that I was holding myself back. I still haven't figured out what or how I was doing it, but at least I know that.

You might notice that you constantly feel like something is stopping you from progressing. You don't know what it is, but it stops you from achieving what you know you can achieve. It can be infuriating because you feel like you are in the dark. It also makes you feel stuck, and nothing you do seems to work.

This feeling is why you try to work hard, but things in your life don't pan out the way you want them to. It ties in with our first sign of bad karma; whatever is holding you back ruins your life, making you stick to the same patterns and stopping your life from going smoothly.


5. You Have Unexplainable or Irrational Fears

This is especially true if your bad karma arises from wrongs you did many lifetimes ago. It can be inherited karmic debt from your past lives or from something you did a while back.

It is believed that this is stored in your akashic records or etheric memory. In short, your bad karma is stored somewhere and will come back to haunt you even years or centuries later.

I once heard a theory that our fears could be why we died in our previous lives. This explains why I might have a fear of snakes; who knows, maybe I died from a snake bite before there were antidotes. This is the same theory I feel applies to these irrational fears.

Experiencing these fears could be linked to your past life's karmic debt. They will start showing themselves when the time for repaying these debts nears. You might also be close to transforming your consciousness, causing them to come up.

The fears are irrational to you in this present lifetime, but they make complete sense when connected to your past lives.


6. You Find it Difficult to Stay in the Present

You Find it Difficult to Stay in the Present

I tend to zone out a lot whenever I go through a difficult time. I learned that this happens when you are under a lot of stress and is a way to find an escape. Another sign of bad karma is that you also tend to zone out or find it difficult to be present in life.

It is challenging for you to experience life in the present, which can make you miss out on most of your life.

This can be because your karmic debt from the past is holding you back. You become so fixated on the past that you cannot focus on what is going on in your life as you live through it.

The energy or past experience from months, years, or lifetimes stops you from fully immersing yourself in your present experiences.

If you notice that you somehow keep thinking of the time you did something wrong to someone or something that didn’t sit right with your soul, it could be your karmic debt showing itself.


7. Some Situations You Experience Trigger Painful Emotions

This is similar to our above sign of bad karma. You might notice that you somehow feel pain, frustration, or other emotions you cannot explain. These can happen when you go through a situation. This can happen when you experience something or are in a certain situation that triggers these emotions.

You might not understand why you feel these emotions, especially if the karma is from your past life. Although it can be frustrating, these emotions are actually a good sign. They help you understand the debt you owe and teach you the impact of the bad things you did.

The situation that triggers the emotions can be the same thing that you did to get the karmic debt in the first place. Feeling and experiencing them can be how you repay the debt. It helps you understand the harm you did in your present or past life.


8. Your Relationships Are Difficult

Relationships are not easy. They all have their challenges that you need to work hard to solve. However, you might notice that certain relationships are particularly difficult. This doesn't always mean romantic relationships. It could be any relationship, from your work, family, or friendships.

You don't know how to handle these relationships, and it seems like whatever you do just doesn't work. You try to come to a compromise, but it misses the mark.

You can also find it difficult to get out of these relationships, so you cannot even solve them by evading them. It is one of those situations where the solution is not obvious.

Another disheartening thing about these kinds of relationships in relation to bad karma is that you might experience multiple of them at the same time. You might also notice that even after getting out of this relationship, you fall into another one that follows the same patterns.

These karmic relationships will teach you lessons you should carry forward; they are a learning experience that can expand your consciousness and way of thinking.


9. You Go Through Repeated Unwanted Situations

You Go Through Repeated Unwanted Situations

One thing about bad karma is that it will make you feel uncomfortable and will put you in the hardest situations to toughen you up. One of the signs of bad karma you might notice when you have karmic debt is that you will be in constantly uncomfortable situations that keep repeating themselves.

These situations are meant to be your learning experience. You will keep going through the same situations until you learn the lesson you were meant to learn.

Living through this can be very unnerving because even when you think you have found a way to get out of it, you will be hit with a curveball and find yourself back in the same situation.

You might need to embrace forgiveness; learn how to forgive yourself and others for getting out of this situation. Your solution might not be forgiveness; you can ask someone, such as a spiritual advisor, to help you find your solution. It is the only way to stop the situation from repeating itself.


10. Your Energy Feels Weighted or Heavy

Bad karma holds a ton of energy. Sadly, this is negative energy that can make you feel weighed down. You might notice that something seems to be pulling you down, whether physically or emotionally.

It makes you feel like something is bothering you, some sort of physical discomfort around you. It can be why you feel negative emotions without any explanation.

The debt weighs on you, much like guilt, making you feel tied down. It can also make you struggle to do regular things, such as interacting with others or being in public places. That is because the debt feels too heavy, bringing your mood down, and making you unfit for high-energy situations.

You might be isolating yourself during this time. You can also spend your time brooding or thinking negative things because this energy overwhelms and removes any positive emotions. You might need to get help if this continues, as it can easily send you into a depressive spiral.


11. You Put Others Needs Ahead of Yours Although It Harms You

You Put Others Needs Ahead of Yours Although It Harms You

I have been taught from a very young age to put other people’s needs ahead of mine. Although it can be hard, it has taught me patience and understanding, something I try to emulate in all my relationships. This is something we all need to do, but we need to do this to a certain extent.

We sometimes tend to think of other people more than we think of ourselves, which can be harmful to us. That is because people can take advantage of this situation and overuse our generosity. We do this to our own detriment, and this can make us unhappy.

This constant need to please others could be because we owe a karmic debt. It might be from ignoring or being too selfish in a certain situation, and karma uses our need to help others to teach us this.

We need to give other people enough attention and do as much as possible, but ensure we don't hurt ourselves while doing it. If you find yourself unable to stop, it shows that your karmic debt is revealing itself.


12. Bad Things Often Happen to You After Good Things

This is a really sucky sign of bad karma and can be something you have already experienced. I have a friend who always feels guilty or overwhelmed when something good happens to them.

They say that it's because they know something bad is going to happen. Little did they know that this happens because they owe bad karma.

If you notice that something always goes south after receiving some good news, you know what that means. It feels like you take one step forward and two steps back.

It happens because your karmic debt is haunting you, and you will not make any progress unless you repay it and cleanse yourself.


13. Your Numerology Chart Says So

Numerology, or the language of numbers, helps us understand our experiences through a multidimensional lens. It tells us of our soul's purpose, evolution, and journey. The numerology chart can help us know about our past, present, and future.

One of the last signs of bad karma could be that you see karmic debt numbers in your calculations. These numbers can be associated with your birthday. There is more to learn about numerology charts, and your advisor can help you interpret yours to understand the debt you owe and how to repay it.



Can Karma Be Changed?

Luckily, you don’t have to live with bad karma for the rest of your life. It can actually go away on its own after you have repaid it or learned the lesson it was meant to teach you. On the other hand, if you don’t seem to find a way to repay it, there are ways you can follow to learn how to get rid of bad karma.

Clearing karmic debt is the only way to get yourself out of experiencing the signs of karmic debt. It is also a way to free your soul, letting go of earthly ties. It also enables you to experience harmony and puts you at peace. We will talk more about how to get rid of bad karma below.



How to Get Rid of Bad Karma

How to Get Rid of Bad Karma

The following steps can help you learn how to get rid of bad karma. They will help you to find ways to cleanse your karma and clear your karmic debt. The first step in doing this is to identify the karma. Each person's karma is unique, although they all put us in unwanted situations.

You need to start by identifying the areas in your life that seem to stay still, those that make you feel stagnant. Find whatever it is, whether your career or relationships, that seems to not work out for you, no matter what you do. Find the root of the issue for you to learn how to unravel those karmic ties.

Other ways you can follow to help you learn how to get rid of bad karma include:


1. Removing Toxic People

The people you surround yourself with can affect your karma. Life is hard, and you don't need toxic people to cloud your energy further, especially if you feel weighed down.

Find the people who don't match your energy or disrespect your boundaries and distance yourself from them.


2. Learn From Your Mistakes

Admiting your mistakes is another important step to getting rid of bad karma. Accept that you did wrong and be ready to learn from your wrongdoings.

Take responsibility for your actions, and don't find ways to squirm out of the mistakes. It will be hard, but dodging your mistakes will only worsen bad karma.


3. Learn to Forgive

Learn to Forgive

As we have seen above, forgiving yourself and others can be difficult. You should not let this ruin your progress. Defy your natural instinct to blame and learn how to let go.

Forgive anyone who ever did you any wrong, including yourself. Don't hold on to past pain, as it will only hold you back. Detach yourself from negative emotions for you to rebuild important relationships.


4. Self-Introspection is Important

Learning how to get rid of bad karma also needs you to learn introspection. You will need to delve into your inner self and learn more about yourself and the karmic debt you owe.

Find the lessons your bad karma teaches you and learn from them. Embrace the change, painful and hard as it might be. Knowing your true self and forgiving yourself will allow you to move forward without any debt.


5. Develop Healthy Routines

Change the routines that put you in trouble in the first place. This means identifying the bad routines or actions and replacing them with better ones.

Do not let bad routines put you in the same unwanted routines you were in before. Find ways to benefit yourself, others, and the world to cleanse your karmic debt.



Last Words

Bad karma is one of the worst things you can experience. It can derail your life and make it difficult. The above signs of bad karma can help you identify when you are going through the motions or effects of bad karma.

Once you identify that the effects are affecting you, start getting rid of them. Following the steps showing you how to get rid of bad karma will help you cleanse yourself of this energy and make things easier and better for you.


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