13 Signs You Have High Spiritual Intelligence

Are you experiencing a great connection to your inner self and peace of mind? If you feel at peace and can express compassion for all around, you may have great spiritual intelligence. At this stage, you will realize how vital it is to be compassionate, kind, and wise.

You may note that you cannot achieve spirituality overnight. You have to go through challenges that will test you and refine you. Once you manage to overcome your emotions and look at the world from a sacred point of view, you will be wiser.

You possess an inbuilt knowledge deep inside of you. To find the true value of life, you will have to practice detaching your feelings, thoughts, and worldly influences. The best way to access this intrinsic knowledge and awareness is to free your soul of all worries. You can learn the true significance of living a spiritual life.

As an individual, you may have to strike a balance between all the three quotients;

  • Sentimental (emotional) quotient.
  • Spiritual quotient.
  • Wit (intelligence) quotient.

If you can put the three quotients in check, you are sure to get an enlightened way of finding true value in life. Sometimes you may doubt your feelings of being spiritually aware; herein, you will get 13 signs to help you ascertain your spiritual wits.



What is Spiritual Intelligence?

Every individual has an attachment to their higher innermost self. When you experience such a connection, you can express your spiritual character through your attitude, and deeds.

If you can act and think from the awareness of your inner self, then you are spiritual. Acting spiritually means you can block out all the negative energy and spread positive vibes to all. To ascertain if you are spiritually intelligent, you may have to seek an understanding of what being spiritual and intelligent means.

Being intelligent, on the other hand, means you can act wisely. Your intellectual faculty allows you to remain calm and peaceful even when provoked beyond your limit. You draw inspiration from knowing that you are an intelligent and spiritual being who has to radiate positive energy.

Spiritual intelligence as a whole is the ability of an individual to recognize and realize who they are. It is also the expression of your spiritual characteristics and qualities by word, action, and thought. This realization helps you as an individual to live a humble life free of worries and worldly stresses.

Once you realize your inner strengths as a spiritual being, you will realize that you can control your ego with ease. You will develop the ability to dissolve and replace your ego with virtues that will help you treat and relate with other beings as souls.



13 Signs You Have Spiritual Intelligence

Are you aware of your inner strength and peace? How do you react to situations and challenges in your surrounding? Here are 13 signs that prove you have high spiritual intelligence.


1. You forgive easily.

It is rare for humans to forgive when wronged. You will realize that you are spiritually intelligent if you find it easy to pardon those who wrong you. The power to forgive and forget the wrong meted against you by the people around you is a great indication of your spirituality.

Forgiving your adversaries is one way of restoring peace within your soul. You will always have a feeling of enlightenment and satisfaction.


2. You are humble.

Humility is not a weakness; being humble is a sign of greater strength than pride and arrogance. If you always put other people’s needs before yours, that is a sign of being humble. Putting others’ interests first is an indication that you are cognizant of your worth.

It is worth noting that if you are humble, you will be compassionate, caring, and loving toward others. Humility helps you to embrace your place in society with little worry.


3. You value integrity.

You value integrity

Do you get angry with people who are corrupt and evil? If yes, this is a sign that you are a person who values integrity over anything else. You will realize that you always want things done correctly and honestly.

If you value integrity, you will live a life that follows spiritual virtues and values. You also will show a tendency to observe these values to the letter.

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4. You are compassionate.

How you treat those around you, says a lot about your spirituality. The greatest sign of being humane is being compassionate to everyone in whatever circumstance. You will notice that you are compassionate if you exhibit the following traits;

  • You take a keen interest in others as a person.
  • Always want to calm others and make them feel at ease.
  • Show empathy and love to all without bias.

Whenever you show love, empathy, and kindness, you help others and help yourself grow spiritually strong.


5. You love genuinely.

Love conquers all evils. As a human being, you will yearn for love at all times. How loving are you toward others? Loving others with a sincere and genuine touch makes all the difference.

Every time you show genuine love to people around you, you help them learn to love others. You can tell you are a loving being when surrounded by happy people. Genuine love is rare, and you are fully human if you can show it.


6. You have the ability to reflect.

You have the ability to reflect

You definitely have encountered many challenges in your life. How have you handled these situations? You will realize that you have the power to reflect on the crisis and chart a way of solving it.

Seeing the greater picture and working for the best solution is a vital sign of your high spiritual intelligence. Doing so will, at many times, guarantee peace in your surroundings. As a reflective individual, you will learn the importance of isolating yourself to find a solution.


7. You are ready to serve.

Serving others should be a joyful and fulfilling experience. Are you ready to serve others sincerely and with diligence? If you feel the need to serve and hear the call, you are spiritually strong.

Being able to serve others freely, sincerely, and with utmost love helps build a strong society. You will gain spiritual strength when you give back to society without demanding something in return.


8. You are inquisitive.

Are you always out to seek answers for everything that happens around you? Whenever you ask pertinent questions and seek answers, you definitely are a curious person. One vital sign of spiritual maturity is the ability to ask why?

Being inquisitive means, you will tend to seek understanding in different situations. Getting to the root of a problem and solving it defines you.


9. You learn from mistakes.

Have you noticed that you are judged by how you react to your mistakes? Humans are prone to making mistakes. It is a daunting task to accept your setbacks and errors and learn from them.

You stand to gain a lot from accepting, analyzing, and correcting yourself. Once you do self-correction, you help your soul to grow stronger spiritually. You will have a moral authority to guide others.


10. You think independently.

You think independently

Having an informed stand and decision against that of the majority is a good indicator of spiritual intelligence If you want to stand out among a crowd, always have a firm and independent stand in your decisions.

When you follow your conviction without influence, you spiritually prove your independence and maturity. Nothing gives assurance to those around you like your principles in any situation. A firm stand in dealing with issues makes you unique and admirable.

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11. You value differences (diversity).

Being comfortable with people from all walks of life is not an easy task. With diversity comes differences in perception and reaction to many issues. If you have spiritual integrity, you will value others and their differences.

Hate and spitefulness are not part of you. You find it easy to support others and guide them even when they are off the mark. Valuing diversity is a great way of creating harmony and love.


12. You are visionary.

What is your objective in this world? Do you have a vision and values that guide your life? Being visionary, you will find it easy to live a simple life.

Your values and life vision should be your guide, live according to them, and you will positively impact others. People around you will want to emulate your principles and follow your beliefs if you live them.


13. You understand yourself.

Every human needs to find themselves and appreciate who they are. Do you have values that you are proud of? The first sign of spiritual integrity is the ability to know and believe in yourself.

Creating value for yourself and living it will help you attain spiritual intelligence. If you can draw motivation from your values, you can motivate others too. Please get to know what motivates you and work on improving upon it.



How to Develop Your Spiritual Intelligence

How to Develop Your Spiritual Intelligence

Developing your spiritual intelligence calls for your time and devotion. It may take time, but you will spare enough energy for it with the right mindset and knowledge about its significance.

There are about three ways you can use to work on toward improving your spiritual intelligence. These are:


1. Take time for meditation.

If you want to develop a stronger spiritual being, get yourself a quiet place and meditate. Meditating for about 10 minutes to 30 minutes three days a week will help you cultivate a sense of awareness.

Constant meditation exercises will also help you enhance your ability to pay maximum attention. You will gain the power to control the stream of your thoughts and emotions.

By meditating, you give your soul the strength it needs to separate truth and reality from misconceptions. Once you learn to control your feelings, attitude, and thoughts, you will always make informed, intelligent decisions.


2. Yoga

You can take part in practicing spiritual yoga. Yoga as an exercise is beneficial to your physical fitness. However, it does more than make you fit; your mind and heart will also benefit greatly.

Doing yoga routinely will enhance the spiritual growth of your soul and mind. You will connect your spirit to the self and create harmony within you and those around you.


3. Changing your perception of others.

Are you always seeing only negative attributes in others? Changing your perception of those around you will be beneficial to your spiritual growth.

The way you perceive others greatly affects your spiritual growth and insight. If you are looking forward to developing your spirituality beyond the self, you will have to create a positive picture of those around you.

This will help you radiate positive energy to others and yourself.




Spiritual intelligence is a long-term process that needs your patience, time, and dedication to achieve. You may find it boring to develop your spirituality, but the benefits are many compared to the time you will put in.

When you are at peace, you will look forward to helping others achieve their potential. Love and compassion will always define who you are and what values you represent. The people around you will learn to radiate positive energy that will make life worth living.

You will be able to discern different situations and act with wisdom. Your keen interest in solving problems will endear you to others, and peace will prevail. With peace at heart, developing spirituality becomes an easy task.


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