What is the 3×33 Manifestation Method and How to Do It

If you could grant one wish tomorrow, what would it be? Maybe you're desperate to get the guy (or girl) from work to notice you.

Maybe you need a new job that you've been working for. Maybe you want to go to college and get your degree, or you want a better relationship with your friends.

Now, what would you do if someone told you that you could have what you want? What if someone told you that these desires in life are achievable?

With manifestation, you can transform your life, and it's something that can be done with just a bit of time each day. If you knew that spending five minutes manifesting your dreams could help bring what you want to fruition, would you do it?

Manifestation doesn't have to be complicated. As long as you put your heart in it, you can boost your chances of success. It isn't necessarily a magic bandaid for whatever problems you may have, but when you are present in the moment while manifesting, you can help make your dreams a reality.

One of the easiest techniques for beginners ready to dabble in manifestation is the 3×33 manifestation method.



What is the 3×33 Manifestation Method?

What is the 3x33 Manifestation Method

The 3×33 manifestation method takes very little time, which is what makes it so appealing. If you can dedicate just a few moments each day for three days, you can complete this particular manifestation technique.

Manifestation is the process of acknowledging your dreams and then transforming them into reality through positive actions, mindfulness, and affirmations that help to attract those positive desires into your life.

To manifest is to identify something that you want and then attract it to you. You create the realities by thinking and truly believing that they will come to pass.

3×33 manifestation is just one of many forms of manifestation. The gist of it is that for three days, you will write down what you intend to manifest 33 times. Because it involves such a short amount of time to complete, it is particularly useful as a segue into manifestation.

However, it only works if you truly believe it. Every thought, action, and belief must be genuine in order to be effective.

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How to Do the 3×33 Manifestation Method

By following these simple steps, you can master the 3×33 manifestation method with ease. All you have to do is have the willingness to learn and follow through.

With that and the genuine belief that you can attract what you've decided to manifest, you can complete these steps.


Before You Begin

Before you begin, it's important to understand the rules. At the foundation, you will be writing your affirmations, but you have to remember to be consistent and take action toward your desires.

It is the action and consistent, steadfast beliefs that keep you moving forward toward the results you seek.


Consistency is Key

When practicing your manifestation, remember that consistency is key. Write daily while mindfully focusing on your affirmations each day.

Those consistent feelings and beliefs that you can manifest your dreams will help bring you closer to them. Consistently focus on your dreams and the positive energy you wish to create.


Take Steps Toward Manifestation

It's not enough to simply believe you will achieve something. You also have to take action toward those goals as well.

Let's say you want to be a bestselling author. You can't do that if you never take any steps toward having a book to publish. No matter how much you may wish and put your intentions out in the world if you never sit down and write, there's no way for you to make it.

When using the 3×33 manifestation method, you need to always keep an eye out for opportunities to manifest what you desire. Spot the opportunities that come your way. They may be the chance you were asking for to succeed.

This means that if you want to manifest yourself onto the bestseller list, write that book! Take time each day to work toward your goal! If you want wealth, look for opportunities for new jobs! As you bring your actions and the opportunities offered to you by the universe come together.



Step 1: Decide What You Will Manifest

Decide What You Will Manifest

Before you begin this process, you need to know what you want. Think about it. Do you want wealth? Love? A family? A new job? Success? To break out in a new career?

It doesn't matter what it is that you want to manifest if you can identify what you want. While you can technically have as many things on that list as you want, it's usually recommended for beginners using the 3×33 manifestation method to start with something smaller.

Remember that your manifestation should be inspired. It should be about service to the world around you. If it is something related to anything other than genuine positivity and gratitude, this technique won't help.

It's time to channel your inner Marie Kondo: If it doesn't spark joy, let it go!


Step 2: Choose Your Affirmation

Choose Your Affirmation

Once you know what you want, it's time to create an affirmation. This is a brief sentence or statement designed to help focus and center your desires.

Ideally, your affirmation will be 1-2 sentences long and present tense. Speak as if you are receiving your desire and express gratitude to the universe for providing it for you! The affirmation should help provoke the emotions and energy you are manifesting.

For example, if you want to meet your true love, you may write: “I love my perfect partner so much!

If you want to lose weight, you may write: “I'm so happy I have the energy motivation to meal prep healthy food and hit the gym each morning!” The trick to successful affirmations is to write as if they have already happened.

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Step 3: Write Your Affirmations 33 times for 3 Days

Write Your Affirmations 33 times for 3 Days

Now comes the action part. For three days, you must write your affirmation statement 33 times.

While you can write at any time, you should write all 33 affirmations in one sitting. Sit down and give yourself 5 to 10 minutes each day to write down your affirmations and make sure you focus on them.

We aren't rushing things here! We are trying to manifest our desires, and that requires undivided attention and mindfulness.


Step 4: Let Go, Believe in Your Affirmation, and Feel Gratitude

Let Go, Believe in Your Affirmation, and Feel Gratitude

After the three days of writing are over, you aren't done yet. You need to let go of your affirmation. This means to let go of the control over it.

It's in the universe's hands now, and while you will take actions toward the desires you have, you have to trust that it will happen when it happens.

When you put in an order for a cake, you don't micromanage every last detail. Instead, you trust the baker to create what you ordered. You place your order and then let go until it's time to collect.

Think of your manifestations similarly. You place your order. You take the necessary steps toward achieving it. But you can't control when it will manifest.

You can't force your manifestation, but you can help to facilitate it. This is where taking those opportunities presented to you comes into play. Relax, be patient, and have faith.

You can't know what the universe has in store, but when your desire manifests, it will be just right. Practice gratitude and appreciation.


3×33 Manifestation Examples

3x33 Manifestation Examples

Ready to take a look at some examples of the 3×33 manifestation method? These are just a few possibilities. Remember, the universe knows no limitations. You can ask for anything, and it will give you exactly what you need.


Manifesting Love

Are you sick of a lackluster love life? Try manifesting true love to meet the perfect partner. You may find them when you least expect it! Try affirmations such as:

  • I love my perfect partner so much!
  • I'm so glad I finally found The One!
  • I'm so thankful that my partner is so [insert desired trait here]!

Then, after writing your affirmations for three days, you can then start taking action to manifest your perfect partner. Go to places where you'd meet someone with the interests you have.

Be open to interaction with people when out of the house. Be brave and ask someone on a date. Take action and trust that your true love is out there in the universe somewhere.


Manifesting Wealth

Need more money in the bank? You can manifest wealth in many different ways. It may not come as a sudden windfall, but you will get what you need if you know how to ask for and facilitate it. Try affirmations such as:

  • My new job provides for my needs perfectly!
  • I love having enough money at the end of the month!
  • My wealth comes from the genuine actions I take.

After writing your affirmation for three days, you're ready to take action! Start seeking out opportunities to create wealth. Go out and network with others.

Be kind to those around you. Apply to new jobs, even if you don't meet all the qualifications. Take genuine actions toward achieving wealth, and it will come in time.

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Manifesting Health

If you're worried about your health, there's no time like the present to make a change. By manifesting health, you can help create that motivation toward a healthier lifestyle. Try affirmations such as:

  • I appreciate how strong and capable my body is.
  • I love the motivation I have to eat healthy foods and exercise.
  • I have abundant energy for everything I need to do.

After finishing your three days of affirmations, the next step is to take action toward your health. Start taking your vitamins and eat healthy foods.

Exercise regularly. By doing so and taking the steps toward health, you will start feeling better in no time.



FAQs About the 3×33 Manifestation Method


What is the best time to do the 3×33 manifestation method?

The time of day isn't so important when using the 3×33 manifestation method. The key instead is consistency. You need a block of time to complete all 33 iterations of your affirmation without distraction or interruption.

They should all happen in one session of writing. Mindfully focus on your affirmations and let them come onto the paper.

While the specific time of day isn't important, you should write right around the same time each day. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to sit down if necessary.


What if my desire hasn't manifested after 3 days?

Did you complete the 3×33 manifestation method, but nothing has happened yet? Try not to worry too much! Most goals won't manifest within the three day window.

You can't rush the universe. It works on its own time, and we can't know what that timing is. If it hasn't happened yet, it either isn't the right time, or you haven't truly let go of your desire.

After completing the affirmations, you have to let go. Trust that the universe has received your order and that it will come when it's ready.

Ultimately, you only have control of yourself and your actions. When your actions help facilitate your desire, and when you live trusting that the universe will provide for you, you will get it.


Do I have to write by hand, or can I type?

While you can type, for best results, consider writing by hand. This helps you to take the time to focus mindfully on the meanings and vibrations of the affirmations to help send them out into the universe.


Last Words

You have so much control over your life and yet not much control in the grand scheme of things. Manifestation is a way to bring the two together, giving you a sense of control or influence in the direction your life will go.

You can create the life you want to live by taking the active steps toward the results you want to see and by trusting that the universe will provide.

The 3×33 manifestation method isn't a way to magically get what you want. And there's a good chance that when your manifestation comes to fruition, it won't necessarily come the way you expected.

Just trust that whatever the universe has brought to you is exactly what you need in that moment. Good luck and happy manifesting!


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