The 50 Universal Laws that Affect Reality

Whether you know it or not, there are 50 universal laws that affect reality. These are natural and moral laws, which regulate vibrations to maintain order, perfectly balancing the universe.

When you work within the laws, you can be confident that things will turn out well in the end, but when the laws are transgressed, you'll work against the rules and experience hardship, which serves only to demonstrate a better method.

In this article, we'll take a look at all of the 50 universal laws and see how each of them affects reality. What you learn here, you can use in your favor to better your life.



50 Universal Laws that Affect Reality

The universal laws are also known as Cosmic Principles, Natural Laws, and Cosmic Laws. As a result of reading this article, you will be able to work within the Universal Laws much more successfully.

You will have a better comprehension of metaphysics as a whole if you have a solid grasp of how these 50 Universal Laws affect reality as we know it.


1. The Law of Harmony.

Given that it is the highest capacity for balance, this law transcends even the Law of Karma. Harmony is what karma strives to achieve. When you throw a pebble into a pond, it upsets the ecosystem's balance, and the cause-and-effect cycle continues.

Your unharmonic deeds spread across the cosmos and eventually come back to haunt you in successive reincarnations, restoring your own harmony. The karmic vibrations that are being felt by the cosmos as a whole and by you are eventually going to lead to harmony.

You can escape the cycle of rebirth by leading a life of harmony.


2. The Law of Reincarnation and Karma.

You will reincarnate into successive earthly lifetimes until your karma is satisfied and your duty is carried out. You do not experience hardship in your life at the hands of God or the Lords of Karma. Only you decide what you need to learn the most during your time on earth.

During your time on earth, you frequently look for other souls whose karmic configurations and shared past are a match for your requirements. Every time you take intentional action, Karma is created.

The acts include words, feelings, behaviors, and ideas. Each unharmonious act's motivation and goal must be reconciled, either in this lifetime or in subsequent ones.

Until you live a lifetime without attachment, you will reincarnate in order to measure your progress in learning the lessons of the previous lifetimes. Liberation will come after you have achieved absolute harmony in your life.


3. The Law of Wisdom.

Wisdom eliminates karma. You can lessen your pain if you have learned the lesson through discernment and love. We appear to learn through suffering, either through actual experience in this lifetime or another.

By using wisdom, you can lessen the effects of a test that is coming your way in life.

For instance, let's say that you were previously married to a soul that you later left. You agreed to endure the same abandonment before reincarnating. You will lessen the pain of separation and succeed in your own test if you approach the end of a relationship with love.

If, however, you learned to be optimistic and non-judgmental, you may only encounter an argument because you astrologically chose separation. However, if you made the conflict worse, you might get divorced.

For instance, because you have previously refused help, you have now predestined an event that will require institutionalization for many years in order to suppress your pride. Wisdom has removed the karma because you don't have to learn the lesson if you accept gifts from others and have overcome your pride to do so.


4. The Law of Grace.

The Law of Grace

You can experience karma strictly according to the law or in the spirit of mercy and grace. You will experience the same in return if you extend love, mercy, and grace to others.

If, however, you have previously been kind and loving, and you have a future event where you will be the target of slander and gossip, the event will be mitigated so that it will not affect you.

Perhaps you once had great wealth and used it selfishly to feed your and others' greed. By sharing in this life, you receive grace.

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5. The Law of Soul Evolution.

Whether they are aware of it or not, everyone on earth shares the goal of soul evolution. Our goal in reincarnating was to advance spiritually. We increase our vibrational rate by overcoming our fear-based emotions and mastering unconditional love.

Despite the fact that it might seem like you are not changing, you are! Keep in mind how you struggled to ride a bike before you mastered it; each setback helped you get one step closer to achieving your objective.


6. The Law of the Bodhisattva.

This Sanskrit phrase refers to someone who has transcended the need for physical incarnations but has come back to aid in the enlightenment of others. He is aware that until all souls are free, he is not truly free.

The majority of serious metaphysical students have reached the bodhisattva stage of their evolution.


7. The Law of Vibrational Attainment.

When Einstein realized that matter is energy, the entire cosmos was altered. He allowed metaphysics to enter. You can only transform, not pass away. Energy cannot remain stationary; it can only travel forward or backward.

You are energy too. The trillions of molecules that make up your skin, which appears to be solid, are actually moving at the same rate as your earnings from your former and present lives.


8. The Law of Free Will.

This law works in three different ways. Despite the fact that many things in life are astrologically predestined, there is always a possibility to change or lessen them. How you live your life after this encounter will determine this.

You will lessen the impact of external events on yourself if you extend grace and mercy to others, show compassion, or master life awareness. Allow negativity to pass through to disengage from it.

You always have the choice of how to react to any circumstance. If you act with compassion and integrity, you have probably learned your lesson and won't go through this again.


9. The Law of One.

Every living and deceased soul is interconnected at the subconscious and higher self-levels. Every individual is a component of God. Moving the energy forward is the aim of the gestalt.

Living in harmony raises both our vibrational rate and the intensity of the overall gestalt. When we live in discord, the rate of the gestalt as a whole is reduced. Your actions, words, and thoughts have an impact on all other souls.


10. The Law of Manifestation.

Every manifestation starts as a concept or an idea. Reality is created by belief, which is produced by ideas and experiences. If we are dissatisfied, we need to adjust our beliefs.

Plan what will bring success and harmony into your life when things are not going your way. You may create any reality via commitment, awareness, and training within the boundaries of physical laws.

Select the disruptive activities you want to stop doing. If you are willing to change what you believe, you can affect something without changing how you feel about it.


11. The Law of Conscious Detachment.

The best illustrations of this are Buddha's teachings on earth. Suffering results from resistance to reality. That is, the things in your life that don't work, such as the death of loved ones, loneliness, guilt, adversity financially, unfulfilled goals, etc.

You become detached when you accept life's reality without fighting them. Despite your best efforts, there is nothing you can do to stop them. Accept situations as they are. What you can't alter, you can't.

The capacity to take pleasure in pleasant situations and let negative pass past you without having an impact on you is an example of matured detachment.


12. The Law of Gratitude.

According to karma and The Law of One, you get more of what you give. You help yourself more the more you help others. This is practical in daily life.


13. The Law of Fellowship.

When two or more individuals with comparable vibrations get together for a common goal, the energy is multiplied by two, three, or more. This is used in meditations for world peace and by healing groups.


14. The Law of Resistance.

When you reject something, it draws to you and has an ongoing impact on your life. Resistance is fear, and fear draws karma. Allow yourself to feel dread until you are forced to confront it through conscious detachment.

What you oppose, you take on. The shift in perspective alters the majority of discordant circumstances. if not in this life, then in another.


15. The Law of Attraction.

Your energy flows in the direction of your attention. Negativity attracts and encounters other negativity.

You can only draw attributes to yourself that you already have. You must become peaceful and harmonious if you want them.


16. The Law of Reflection.

The Law of Reflection

You possess the qualities that you respond to in others. You can recognize in yourself what you admire in others. You are terrified of what is within of you, which is what you resist in others and react to.

You despise in others what you resist in yourself. For greater unconditional love, let go of fear.

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17. The Law of Unconditional Love.

Harmony comes from the display of unconditional love. The love is not romantic. Total acceptance of others entails making no effort to influence others other than via your own example.


18. Law of Magnetic Affinities.

You made decisions regarding the lifetime you were entering by astrologically picking your birthplace and time.

You made the decisions about your parents, the other souls you interacted with, your personality, your skills, your limitations, and the timing of your strengths and shortcomings.


19. The Law of Abundance.

Everything you need to create a paradise during your earthly existence is already within you. It is an abundant universe.


20. The Law of Divine Order.

Study the natural balance of nature if you want to comprehend this law. Harmonically, everything is as it should be. There aren't any mishaps.

You always have the learning opportunities you need to support your karma because of the energy you put into your ideas, motivation, and deeds. Love is the solution, while fear is the problem.


21. Law of Attitude.

You can only hurt yourself with your own attitude. That which determines how you will respond is your attitude. Each person reacts differently.

Trauma occurs in every incarnation, but you put it in a spiritual context.


22. The Law of Threes.

Two, which is typically understood to be both positive and negative, becomes a Law of Three. The first two are equal in size and power. Think about the terms conscious, subconscious, and superconscious.

For instance, when two people become three when the neutralizing effect of marriage joins them.


23. The Law of Association.

The control can be used to control anything else if two or more share something in common. The influence increases with shared characteristics. For instance, praying while holding a Bible improves the experience.

Because of your assumption, excellent health is brought on by a healthy diet and regular exercise and is more likely to show.


24. The Law of Commitment.

When your intentions are clear, making the choice to carry out the task and believing in it will cause everything else to fall into place. The necessary conditions for manifestation are met by magic.

The more power you give folks on the opposing side to assist you if there is absolutely no ambiguity.


25. The Law of Dissonance.

When you have two competing beliefs, you will feel uncomfortable mentally. Dissonance happens when your behaviors don't match your beliefs. This principle is also known as the Law of Self Delusion.


26. The Law of Experience.

The Law of Experience

Old information is destroyed and replaced when new information enters your memory. For instance, the subconscious is unable to distinguish between real events and dreamed ones.

After a few weeks of programming, the mind can accept new concepts that can influence our own reality.


27. The Law of Fearful Confrontation.

You may perform a mental flip flop and develop an addiction to doing something you are afraid of doing yet have the courage to accomplish.

When you perform something you were afraid to do, beta-endorphins are released internally, causing an internal thrill that might become addicting.


28. The Law of Group Consciousness.

Each of us is a component of a vast energy gestalt. Each has her own vibrational frequency, and at some time, they are all electrically connected to one another. You have access to the entire gestalt's awareness.


29. The Law of Personal Return.

This is yet another perspective on karma. Sending nasty or negative thoughts might hurt someone, but they eventually come back to the sender. Additionally, it operates in reverse, giving you the positive back.


30. The Law of Activity.

The third concept in a triad is action. Every member of the triad must act with a reason and an intention in order to determine the karmic repercussions.


31. The Law of Denial.

When you refuse to deal with a difficult situation or accept responsibility for it, the consequences will be felt physically and mentally until the issue is properly resolved.


32. The Law of New Beginnings.

Breaking your energy wave patterns will bring about a total transformation. This movement and change affect everything. For instance, losing a loved one, changing one's religion, or reaching a turning point in therapy. Giving birth to a child is another one.

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33. Law of Compensation.

You are alone accountable for your circumstances. Your attitude toward life and your life's events determine all outcomes. This can result in benefits or drawbacks, including confusion, difficulty, and tragic experiences.


34. Law of Psychometric Influence.

The interaction between animate and inanimate objects will continue. The etheric emanations are being blended in this.


35. The Law of Totality.

Each component of a whole has its own role to play and views the whole as the sum of its constituent components. Each one maintains its qualities and performs as a component of the whole.

When divided, each component performs the role of the whole. Consequently, the Law of One is a portion of God.


36. The Law of Dominant Desire.

Always, a stronger emotion will prevail over a weaker one. Whatever the concept, a stronger feeling will permeate every element of activities.


37. The Law of Duality.

The universe is a ying-yang equilibrium of good and bad. Everything has these two opposing sides, and structure cannot exist without this tension.


38. The Law of Self Destruction.

This is how the Law of Duality, one of the most important 50 universal laws that affect our reality, naturally manifests itself. Complete success often ends up destroying itself. Therefore, avoid letting everything succeed completely. Never resist enormous new challenges.

Failure to incorporate challenges will lead to self-destruction.


39. The Law of Environmental Manifestation.

Pets, a yard, an office, a job, and the outward manifestation of your views and ideas are all extensions of who you are. Everyone's self-image is expressed in cultural summaries.


40. The Law of Restriction.

Beyond his own understanding, man cannot build anything. Utilize the power of harmonious thinking and begin from within. The only way to overcome poverty, restrictions, and the desire to change the world is to first change oneself.


41. The Law of Self Worth.

Only things that you believe you are worthy of will come to you. You'll be more liked by others and feel more valuable when you like yourself more.


42. The Law of Growth.

Without discontent, growth is impossible. You understand what is best for you. Increase your awareness.


43. The Law of Self Truth.

Without discontent, growth cannot occur. What is best for you is something only you can determine. Make an effort to be more aware.


44. The Law of Summarized Experience.

Your overall well-being, interpersonal interactions, sexual encounters, and other experiences make up who you are.


45. The Law of Belief.

As long as it doesn't clash with someone else's interests, you can have anything you desire if you can let go of the idea that you can't have it. To get what you want, you must obtain the education you need.


46. The Law of Dharmic Direction.

The Law of Dharmic Direction

Your guiding concept is a responsibility to both yourself and society. Your dharma and karma require you to have character in order to achieve your goals. The key is to pay attention to your inner guidance.

Fulfill your dharma and atone for your past actions.

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47. The Law of Purifying Action.

You can advance spiritually by adhering to the dharma pillars. Generosity, freedom of movement, forgiving, and moral restraint.

These five fundamental rules—no sexual misconduct, no killing, no drugs, no stealing—as well as meditation—include no wavering focus and the development of awareness.


48. The Law of Karmic Excess.

It may not be possible to fully experience one lifetime's worth of karma due to its extreme harmony or discord. As a result, it is spread out to occur in multiple incarnations.


49. The Law of Release.

Without animosity, let rid of something that is no longer useful or necessary. Things like beliefs, a way of life, literature, etc.

The enjoyment comes from the experience itself, and by letting go, you enable yourself to engage in new learning without being constrained by the old.


50. The Law of Ritual.

A rite is any action that is carried out with purpose and repeated repeatedly. It can be improved by harnessing the mind's ability to manipulate reality. Give your guides the go-ahead to help.

Every time the rite is performed, the energy of individuals who have utilized it throughout All-Time is tapped into. The power is multiplied greatly.



Last Words

In this article, we've looked at 50 universal laws that affect reality. These laws are the building blocks of everything that exists in our physical and mental world, and understanding them will help you see the world in a more rational way.

While some of these laws might seem obvious, others might surprise you – but by becoming familiar with them, you'll be on your way to living a happier and healthier life. Thanks for reading!


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