What is the 5×55 Manifestation Method and How to Do It

How would you like to manifest what you desire in five days?

If you're reading this, you must have already read about the Law of Attraction (LOA) and its several techniques and methods for manifesting your desires.

Perhaps, you might have even tried some of them a few times already, but they haven't worked or worked quite well enough for you. Perhaps, you might have even wondered. “How come it seems to work for others but not for me?

This next part is the rarely talked about part, but it is crucial to any manifesting method.

The secret to manifesting well? Clarity and alignment of your desire and belief about your desire. The power is not really in any manifestation method or tool, but the method or tool can assist you in gaining clarity and alignment if you do it right, do it well, and do it consistently enough.

Here is one manifestation method that can help you gain that clarity and that alignment — the 5×55 Manifestation Method.



What is the 5×55 Manifestation Method?

The 5×55 (some call it 55×5) Manifestation Method (also known as the Ancient Manifesting Ritual) is a practice to build up the energies for the manifestation of what you desire even as it prepares you to receive it.

It uses the power of energy clearing and grounding, clarity of intention, affirmations, and journaling. It also harnesses the vibrational energies of numbers and the power of repetition and handwriting-brain learning connections to create transformation in yourself and in your life.

What is missing in many articles and discussions about it, though, is the energy principle behind it (and, for this matter, behind any other manifestation technique or method).

Many think it is simply an act of will and action, so that's what they focus on, then become frustrated when the manifesting technique they've been practicing has not yielded satisfactory results.


The Principle of Energy

In Creation work, it's about vibration, not action. The main material is energy, which is adjusted, calibrated, and molded like clay according to what we desire to create (or manifest).

Science has already proven that everything is energy, and it is the building block of all matter. The great physicist Albert Einstein himself has already explained it almost a century ago, yet we are only learning to catch up with it —

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.

What is good about the 5×55 Manifestation Method is that it utilizes several manifesting techniques to harness and focus energy, so when this method is understood and done right, it creates seemingly magical results.

In numerology, numbers are energetic expressions of vibrations, and the number 5 means change and transformation, as well as freedom, curiosity, and adventure.

So, when we're working with the 5×55 Manifestation Method, we've indicated our consent to work with the energies of change and transformation, freedom, curiosity, and adventure as well.

This is the spirit we adopt when we're working with this method, not the spirit of “I must do this, I must will this into existence. If I am not able to do this successfully, then I failed. I don't want to be a failure.

If you think like this while you're doing the method, then you're not matching the frequency or vibration of the practice, which cannot feed the manifestation of your desire.

Think of the practice of this method as the container for energy. When you engage in this practice, you are clearing and letting go of old energies in yourself and in your life, while you are inviting and building up new energies aligned with your heart and soul desires to manifest themselves in yourself and in your life.



How to do the 5×55 Manifestation Method (5 Steps)

How to do the 5x55 Manifestation Method (5 Steps)

With this right mindset now about how to approach using this method for manifestation, let us go into what to prepare and the 5 steps to follow in the practice.



What you need to prepare is a time and space of your own where you can do this practice once a day for 5 days, for at least 30 minutes each day. Then, you need a pen and a private notebook or journal for this.

When you prepare these, you are strengthening the energetic space of your energy container.

By carving out the time and space for yourself alone, you indicate to yourself and others around you that you're on private space and sacred ground here that needs to be honored.

When you use a pen instead of a pencil, you are also signaling to yourself and the Universe that you want to create (by writing) something permanent and not easily erasable.

When you prepare a private notebook, too, ideally a new one, if you don't have a journal yet, it further strengthens this energy container.

Writing down in the privacy of your notebook or journal is further cloaking yourself in your sacred space, and the action of doing this indicates to yourself and the Universe that you are serious about this, and you are honoring your desire to create something good for yourself and your life.

You are telling the Universe that you are not careless about this, so you're not using just any piece of scrap paper available. All these further build up your energetic container to receive your Good.

Remember that the time, space, pen, and private notebook you have prepared are all manifestations of energy, too. So, when you prepare them this way, you are creating an energetic space of honor and sacredness about your desires. You step into holy ground now.



Now that you've prepared your energetic space rightly, it is time to practice the 5×55 Manifesting Method. It takes 5 steps, too. Sadly, most forget or skip or minimize the first step, which is the foundational one.


Step 1: Come from a Still space within yourself.

Come from a Still space within yourself

When you create from a Still space within you, what you create also possesses the energetic frequency of Stillness (peace, harmony, order, joy). This is why regular meditation alone is such a good, healthy, and life-elevating practice.

However, if you haven't meditated before or are not interested in it, you can still create this Still space by doing Box Breathing Technique.

This is simply breathing in deeply from your diaphragm for 4 counts, then holding your in-breath for 4 counts, then breathing out deeply for 4 counts, then holding your out-breath for 4 counts, completing 1 breathing cycle. (The number 4, by the way, represents the energies of grounding to the earth and making the spiritual, physical.)

Try doing this now and see how you feel. Try doing this again 2 more times, or for however long you want to do it, and experience how you feel calmer and more centered.

The scientific explanation for this is that when we breathe deeply. we signal our parasympathetic nervous system to signal our body to relax. Box Breathing is also a quick, anxiety- and stress-relieving technique the U.S. Navy Seals use in their training.


Step 2: Clarify what you desire to create.

Coming from a calmer and more centered space in yourself now, next clarify for yourself what you desire to create and why. The answer to your “Why?” is important because it is the energetic equivalent of your material creation.

For example, you desire faithful love and a happy, healthy relationship with a wonderful man or woman. Why? What need would it feel in you? How would you feel when it is manifested? Pay attention to these reasons and good feelings because you will use them in the next step.

Also, knowing what needs they would feel in you focuses you on your need, not a particular person, amount of money, or thing. This opens up your receptivity to more forms of satisfying your need than what you had in mind. Let God, Life, and the Universe surprise you.

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Step 3: Create a meaningful affirmation.

Create a meaningful affirmation

After you have clarified what you desire, now create an affirmation out of it that resonates deeply with you. How do you know it resonates? When you say it, you feel good about it, even excitedly expectant!

Here are guidelines on how to create more effective affirmations:

Write in the present tense.

What you tell your mind, especially your very powerful subconscious mind, is what it acts on. If you keep stating things in the future, it will interpret it as always happening in the future.

If you state it in the present tense, it will interpret it as already happening in the present tense. Either way, it will assist you in bringing it about.

For example, if you keep saying to yourself, “I will be rich.” your mind will always interpret it as you being rich in the future. Meanwhile, it directs your perception, thinking, decision-making, and actions today as if it's still coming but never arrives.

However, when you say to yourself, “I am rich,” your mind will also interpret it as you being rich now. Your conscious mind may protest, “No. I'm not!” but your subconscious mind will take it all in like an absorbent sponge.

This is why hypnosis, mental conditioning (especially for the very young and the vulnerable), and good advertising all work in influencing people's decisions and actions.

Ninety-five percent (95%) of all cognition or brain activity occurs in the subconscious.


Describe it in specific, vivid, sensual imagery, but keep it brief.

There is more meaningful learning when all senses are involved. So, when you describe your desires in words that help you see, hear, taste, touch, and feel them not only in your mind but also in your body, they become more physically real to you.

It's easier to believe in something more physically real than something that isn't. This helps in aligning your belief with your desires. Keep it brief so it's easy to remember, and to write it down 55 times a day for 5 days.


Use positive-feeling words.

Remember those positive feelings you generated when you imagined the manifestation of your desire and understood the why behind it? You can use them here.

The words that we say conjure images and mental realities in ourselves and in the people we say them to. For example, using the word “failure” conjures feelings of dejection, disappointment, and sadness.

But try turning it around and use the words “delayed success” instead. Doesn't this conjure feelings of hope, anticipation, and possibility?

So, when creating affirmations, use positive-feeling words to conjure positive-feeling energies, which then attract like positive-vibrational people, circumstances, and realities to you and your life.

This is the essence of the Law of Attraction (LOA): like energies attract like energies. In other words, you're aligning your energies with what you desire.


Express gratitude.

Gratitude is the shortcut to high vibrational energies. If you're feeling down, try to shift your attention to what you're thankful for and see how your energies quickly shift and you feel better.

So, when creating affirmations, use thankful words and write them in a thankful tone and spirit.


You can believe in it.

This part is what trumps most people. If you're writing about your dreams, you are, of course, expectedly writing about things that have not manifested yet in your life.

So, how do you believe they can happen? Or, put another way, how do you overcome the disbelief that comes up as you write them down so that you can clear your energies of these disbeliefs and become more receptive to your desires manifesting in your physical reality?

An effective way is to change the words that you're using into something that aligns more with your current belief and which you can easily believe in while you work on identifying, healing, and clearing your current (and usually disempowering) beliefs.

For example, if your desire is to be in a healthy, loving, and nourishing romantic relationship, you might want to write down how you would be feeling in this relationship, like in this affirmation:

“I am so happy and thankful that I am awesomely loved, cherished, and adored, just as I am.”

But, as you write this down and you find yourself resisting and even protesting inside, you can change some words that felt loaded and threatening to you. Perhaps. “awesome,” “cherished,” and “adored” felt too over-the-top incredible? Are you comfortable with “I am loved, just as I am” then?

If you are, then you can use this as your current affirmation. If you are not, perhaps you can live with “I am respected, just as I am” then?

Once you find the words that you are comfortable with and are believable to you, you can start using them in your affirmation until you get very comfortable with them that they feel natural and expected.

When you reach this level, you can then further uplevel your affirmation by using the words you previously resisted.


Step 4: Handwrite your affirmation 55 times each day for 5 consecutive days.

Handwrite your affirmation 55 times each day for 5 consecutive days

Just write it repeatedly, without taking a break or missing a day. If you do need to take a break, or you missed a day, start all over again from Day 1 because you've broken the energy buildup, too.

Why handwrite? Because studies have already shown that handwriting opens the brain up for more learning. When you handwrite an affirmation, you are teaching yourself to learn and imbibe the affirmation you are writing down.

The energetic principle behind this action is that you're building up the energies for the creation and manifestation of what you desire. If you can do it straight and smooth 55 times each day and for 5 consecutive days, it means you're already energetically or vibrationally aligned with what you desire, so it's just a matter of time for it to manifest.

If you can't, this simply indicates inner resistance within you to what you desire, so you need to clear the resistance first.

How do you clear the resistance? Go back to step 1 and come into Stillness. Ask yourself what inner beliefs you currently have that are not matching with your desire.

Then just record it in your journal, too, as you try to experiment with creating alternative affirmations you can currently agree with and believe in (repeat step 3, letter E, as needed). Then, begin again. There is no failure here, only learning.

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Step 5: Let go.

If you have properly done this method and completed writing your affirmations down 55 times each day for 5 consecutive days, then release it to the Universe now for manifesting.

When you order a hotdog sandwich from a sidewalk hotdog vendor, do you keep on checking and interfering with the hotdog vendor as to how he's preparing your hotdog sandwich? You don't. You wait expectantly because you trust he will hand it over to you when it's time.

So, relax, do other stuff, and don't keep on checking up on whether it has already manifested or not.

This indicates your Trust in God, Life, and the Universe to always bring you your Good– which they do! — not necessarily in the form you expected, but always in a better and higher way than you could have even dreamed of!



FAQs About the 5×55 Manifestation Method

FAQs About the 5x55 Manifestation Method


When is the best time to do the 5×55 Manifestation Method?

Any time is a good time, as long as you come from a Still space within you. However, early morning hours or late evening hours just before sleeping are recommended because everyone else is usually asleep.

This means fewer energies running around in the collective energetic soup, so your affirmations come through clearer and reach God/Life/The Universe faster because there is no static.

It's recommended to start this, too, around a New Moon, when the cosmic energies are most powerful for the creation of new beginnings. At the very least, begin on a First Quarter Moon, which is still good for initiating new things.

Full Moons are for fruition, and Last Quarter Moons are for ending things.


What if my desire hasn't manifested by Day 5?

Just keep waiting while you imbibe your affirmation fully now in your being. Repeat it to yourself every time you start thinking contrary thoughts about it until it becomes an automatic, natural thought for you.

Also, make a daily habit of Stillness and Gratitude, so you remain in clear vibrations, ready to receive.


What if my desire manifests before by Day 5?

Thank God, Life, and the Universe for the manifestation! Then, finish it until Day 5 to honor the full process. What has manifested might just be the crowning of the head of what you desire. Midwife it to full birth by completing the 5-day process.




The 55×5 Manifestation Method is a powerful tool for creating and manifesting your heart-and-soul desires if you approach it with the right mindset and spirit, not skipping any step in the process.

Again, everything is Energy and what really matters is your clarity and the alignment of your desires with your beliefs about them so that your energies match the vibration of your desires.

The 55×5 Manifestation Method helps you arrive at this clarity and alignment — if you do it right.

Let me know how it goes for you by commenting below. Happy creating and manifesting!


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