6 Signs You are Carrying Your Family Karma & How to Get Rid of It

Learn about the 6 signs that show you might be the one carrying your family karma and how to get rid of it.

Karma originates from Buddhism and refers to the consequences that could arise from our actions. A kind of chain reaction caused by all of our actions.

In addition to this “spiritual righteousness,” we can also be carriers of the karma of our ancestors. In this context, we help you find out if you carry this family karma on your shoulders and how to let go of it.

In addition to the actions they have already taken in their lifetime, some people may carry a heavier burden. That of their ancestors. This is called family karma, of which we will see the signs of manifestation as well as the way to get rid of it.



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Family karma. What is that?

Family karma is defined by all the actions carried out by your ancestral lineage and which have been transmitted to you. When a person carries significant karma within them, it is likely that it will be passed on to the next generation.

This process can take place through the transmission of energy, actions, and negative thoughts. Moreover, it is possible that a person carrying family karma has the impression that “something is wrong.” An impression all the more exacerbated when she made all the efforts in the world to regulate her negative karma.

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In order to correct this spiral of negativity, it would be important to pay attention to the signs that show that you have inherited family karma.




6 Signs You are Carrying Your Family Karma

Family karma. What is that


1. An unexplained health problem

Sometimes you get sick for no apparent reason. The energy of karma can also rub off on your physical health.

You feel like you are carrying the world’s pain on your shoulders. It can also be useful to know the 12 laws of karma to help you in your process of karmic balance.



2. You fear the repercussions of negative karma

It seems that you are making significant efforts to remove negative karma from your daily life.

You provide a lot of energy and spend a lot of time trying to avoid what is negative for you.



3. You are more connected spiritually than the rest of your family

You have the impression that there is a real connection between you and the spiritual energy.

The power of the Universe speaks to you, and you are aware of it.



4. You find yourself getting involved in some weird family issues

Although you try to avoid them, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of some family drama.



5. You discern recurring tendencies in the members of your family

Faced with the observation of certain errors which are repeated within the family, you feel obliged to correct them.



6. You sometimes feel like a stranger to your own family

Your soul communicates to you that you are a different person. A feeling that makes you think you don’t belong in your own family.



What you can do to get rid of family karma

What you can do to get rid of family karma

It is possible to change your karma and bring happiness into your life by following some tips.


1. Cultivate gratitude:  Learn to be grateful for what life has to offer. Realize that every experience, be it bad or good, is beneficial. When you wake up, start the day with a smile on your face and be grateful for your life on earth.

2. Act with love:  No matter who the people around you are or the relationship you have with them, express sincere love to them.

3. Challenge yourself:  Probe your actions and what motivates them. Make sure they stem from positive intentions and love.

4. Have a good attitude towards negative thoughts:  Detach yourself from what is detrimental to your mental health and allow the positive energy to settle in your mind little by little.

5. Cultivate forgiveness:  Many people do not feel able to forgive others. And although it can be difficult to achieve, successfully doing it is an important activity that helps to reverse negative energy and free you from family karma.


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6 Signs You are Carrying Your Family Karma & How to Get Rid of It



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  1. Thank you, you just explained everything that’s been happening to me the last 2 months and I kept feeling like I don’t belong to my family they are into some sick sadistic all of them except for my dad who died last year thank you for making me feel wanted and knowing I’m not crazy I’ve always been sensitive to spiritual feelings and I believe I’m an empath and it’s just hard to shake the wickedness away from me but I still keep trying to help people thank you for your kindness and you just made my night so wonderful my whole new month you just made wonderful thank you thank you for sharing that with me it is true I do carry my family’s karma on my shoulders and sometimes I feel like it’s going to kill me but I have the Lord Jesus Christ and I have my spirit feel planet Earth and mother Earth and father the Creator.


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