The 8 Twin Flame Relationship Stages – Twin Flame Journey Explained

There are eight twin flame stages that explain what the flow of this relationship is like. Each of these could be a clue or key sign that you are transitioning to unconditional love.

The twin souls or twin flames are people who inhabit this world with a very special mission: to help us evolve our idea of what it really means to love.

They are human beings who vibrate very much like you and appear in your life only if your state of vibration is a reflection of theirs. Therefore, at times, it is challenging to coincide with them.

When you find your twin flame, things will change forever; you will be your best version, and he or she will be your mirror. “Finding you was a blessing, “that's what you should tell them. And never stop remembering it.

These types of relationships touch areas of your life that unlock and enhance your gifts or qualities. It comes to show you all the potential you have, which goes way beyond what you thought was possible.

However, you should be aware that twin flame relationships are often more complicated than any other romantic relationship. They're usually very intense and passionate, but they also go through hard times.

A twin flame relationship typically goes through 8 stages. Knowing about each of them may help you and your twin flame better understand each other and ease some of the difficulties that come with this relationship, but also enjoy your special bond to the fullest.

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The 8 Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship

The 8 Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship

The relationship between twin flames can become quite an intense adventure, where emotions fluctuate sharply. If you're wondering how exactly a twin flame relationship works, here are the 8 different stages of this special bond:


Stage One – The Call

Here, your twin flame has not yet come into your life. However, you are already beginning to feel the great desire to meet someone. You carry with you that feeling that there is a person out there, who is entirely compatible with you.

At this stage, it is normal for you to ask the universe to introduce you to someone. Also, you will feel that you are ready to experience love or romance. You will know and recognize that loving yourself is paramount first and foremost.

What you will experience in this phase will be very special. Your personal growth will be extremely positive. In that sense, you will gain new skills, live new experiences, learn new things, and step out of your comfort zone.

If you identify with this process, be prepared because someone interesting is about to come into your life.



Stage Two – The Vision

This stage is somewhat foreboding. Here, it is very possible that you dream of a romance, of an ideal person, or that you have the feeling that something important is about to happen.

All of this ends when that person finally manifests in your life. You will probably have the feeling of having met him before, and you will know that he represents something important.

Of course, there will be a relatively fast connection to him or her, possibly in a few days or weeks.

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Stage Three – The Infatuation

Stage Three - The Infatuation

Here, a very strong attraction will take place between the two. It is very possible that they both live in the clouds and are thinking about each other all the time.

In this twin flame stage, your heart will beat very fast and strong. You will both get to know each other deeply. All of this is a sign of a romance that is beginning to flourish.



Stage Four – The Fairy-Tale Relationship

This is the stage where the twin flames exchange their energy. Where they complement each other. Where they feel that one has everything that the other lacked and vice versa.

Within this phase, mutual healing of aspects not overcome in the past also occurs. Also, the people around you will be excited about your relationship.



Stage Five – The Crisis

Stage Five - The Crisis

Did you think everything was going to be easy?

Well no. Let me tell you that soulmate relationships also experience moments of difficulty.

Arguments and possibly jealousy will begin. Maybe the ego will also take place. This is where everything that one does not like about the other will come out.

However, this stage makes everything hidden or recondite come to light, where one of you will act as a mirror and reflect the negative aspects of the other.

Old traumas, insecurities, and fears may surface. Depending on the couple's maturity, they will be able to work on these issues both individually and together, or they will separate. Keep in mind that in a twin flame relationship, separations do happen, but the couple is often rejoined (though not always).

This is one of the most critical twin flame stages as it is very decisive for the relationship's future, leading to the next phase.



Stage Six – The Runner Chaser

During this twin flame stage, your relationship will be put to the test.

Emotions will heighten, and as you try to solve your problems, one of you may “run” while the other “chase.”

In general, the person who runs fears the intensity of the emotions and rejects that his fears are reflected in his partner. He will withdraw and will not want to keep hurting himself or the other person.

However, the other soul, the one that did not withdraw, will take things with maturity. The chaser will try to solve the problems. All this, of course, will cause a strong reaction in the one who fled.

Ultimately, the couple may end permanently or only temporarily. If they can solve these problems, they will come out stronger than ever.



Stage Seven – Surrender or Resolution

Here, two possible scenarios can be presented:

If, in the relationship, the ego or pride is really important for either of the two, there will be a definitive separation. However, the experience will remain.

And an experience that will change your state of vibration in such a way that in the future, that state can adapt to that of another twin flame.

Although both decided to go their separate ways, it is possible that the mission of teaching unconditional love has been fulfilled.


If in the relationship, the ego or pride begins to dissolve, everything that ever hurt them will go away. Both of you will begin to care for each other, and you will understand the importance of letting the other be who they want to be.

Detachment from all expectations will take place. And they will begin to work on all the differences that both had until they see the best of the relationship.

If the relationship fell into the second scenario, then the next and last twin flame stage takes place.



Stage Eight – Unity

Stage Eight - Unity

Here, the difficulties and problems of the relationship begin to be easier to solve. Mature love will take place, and infinite possibilities will begin to open up.

Both will fully understand what healthy love is and will evolve in the love aspect. You will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency and will have a greater understanding of who you are. In short, you will have transcended unconditional love.

Unconditional love is pure love, sincere, mature, and genuine. It is the love that God has for all His creation, and that does not impose anything at all since he possesses the gift of free will.

I hope that what you read here is related to what you have experienced. And if not, I hope you can genuinely experience it.

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Last Words

If you are in a twin flame relationship, enjoy it.

These types of relationships can be fleeting and brief or last for years, but their impact on you will last for the rest of your life.

It is a beautiful thing to experience. However, twin flame relationships are not magical. Like any relationship, they require work and perseverance to last a lifetime.

So if that's what you want: go ahead! You are fortunate to have found your twin flame. I hope that learning about the different stages of a twin flame relationship will help you make the right choices in your life.


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