9 Signs Your Guardian Angel is Trying to Communicate with You

If ideals of spirituality do not animate some, others are convinced that beings of light or spiritual guides guide them on the right path. Our guardian angels can be of great help to us in times of distress, and we can invoke the protection of these beings of light.

All the monotheistic spiritual worlds evoke the existence of the angels of the sky who can protect us and help us to obtain answers inaccessible here below. These celestial powers can communicate with us and raise our vibratory rate through these 9 signs.



9 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying to Contact You


1. Finding feathers

Finding feathers

The presence of a feather inside your home or outdoor means that an angel is trying to make his presence felt when you need it.

And for a good reason, this piece of the wing is representative of these benevolent creatures who can help you through a difficult and delicate moment.

Seeing it means that your defender is trying to approach you and tell you that everything will be fine from now on.

To be able to come into contact with this being of light,  one must be aware of his earthly action.



2. Feeling of chills and sudden change in body temperature

Believing in guardian angels or in higher powers that guide you is not the prerogative of monotheistic religions.

Feeling the warmth when you are in a rush of gratitude for life can be a clear sign of the presence of something called a guardian angel.

This spiritual being passes through your body and can make you witness pleasant temperature changes.

That thrill that runs through your soul is synonymous with protection as you experience adversity and you become more alert in the present moment.



3. You feel pleasant vibrations

You feel pleasant vibrations

This sign can show up on the surface of your hands or other extremities like your feet or nose. This awakening of the senses can be considered as the manifestation of a divine light which can lead you, without reason, towards bliss.

It can sometimes be unpleasant when you are in a spiral of negative emotions such as fear, anguish, or sadness, but you can think of it as spiritual protection from another danger.



4. Intense light

In divine representations, light is synonymous with knowledge and spiritual awakening. If you suddenly feel like you see more clearly, know that a powerful being who can have a beneficial impact on you is trying to reassure you.

Oftentimes, it is when we reach dark times in our lives that those celestial beings that you attract with your thought can appear. This phenomenon is quite frequent when one arrives at the stage of letting go, necessary to see miracles happen.



5. A gentle breeze

This pleasant wind can fill you with heat or, on the contrary, caress your face, giving you a feeling of freshness. This can happen while your doors and windows are closed.

This can not only be seen as an angel's willingness to touch you but also as the arrival of resilience after a challenging time such as bereavement or separation.



6. A particular cloud

A particular cloud

You may have played this child's game. By becoming an adult, we lose the magic of the first days, and it happens that in times of despair, you look at the sky as if waiting for a sign.

If you can discern a common shape like a heart, an angel, or a symbol, this moment is no accident. You've manifested that vision, and it's trying to teach you something.



7. An unusual scent

If you are at home and smell an unusual and pleasant smell, it may be an angel's message. The sense of smell is powerful, and higher beings like to signal their presence with a scent that is dear to your heart.

It could be something you smelled as a  child or the smell of a loved one you have lost. The latter may also visit us in our dream for a reason.



8. Angels can act through babies or animals

These beings full of purity and without any malice can be the receptacle of messages of luminous powers.

If you see an animal that looks distracted by something invisible, or a baby that smiles for no reason, it may see something that is impossible for most people to perceive.

An adult, more rational and less candid, will be more reluctant to believe that a guardian angel is trying to communicate with him.



9. Repeating Angel Numbers

Numbers are a portal, the code by which the entire universe was written. A lot of people, when they start to see a number frequently, double numbers (13:13) or mirror numbers (13:31), need to be aware of something.

Obviously, the message will be linked to the symbolism of the number. Double numbers reinforce the message; the mirror numbers indicate a change, something to be reconciled in oneself.

Either way, at this point, your attention is diverted by the Angels for a specific purpose.



What are the Angels

What are the Angels

Very present in the Christian, Muslim, and Judaic traditions, angelic beings are intermediaries who serve the divine and act as spiritual guides.

Archangels are a category of angels who form the second level of the heavenly hierarchy just before these beings of spiritual guidance. This is the case in the religion of the archangel Gabriel, the archangel Raphael or the archangel Michael who is also called Saint Michael.

According to monotheistic beliefs, Lucifer was one before he was fallen. Artists represent these light guides with angel wings, while other religions do not describe them with these attributes.

In the Bible, these beings filled with purity can provide spiritual help. By serving as intercessors between God and men. This was the case in the Holy Book of Christians and Muslims, where the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would be the Mother of the Son of God.

It is, therefore, possible to ask them for help regardless of our belief, and they would have the power to heal and communicate with the deceased.



What did the Guardian Angels do in the monotheistic tradition?

When you hear someone calling their lucky star “my guardian angel,” you may wonder if this is not a superstition or the object of intuition.

However, in Christian belief, the existence of a guardian angel is confirmed since these beings accompanied Jesus in the fulfillment of his spiritual life. They are the ones who accompanied Joseph's son to the desert during his temptation by the fallen angel.

These legions of angels also announced the news of his Resurrection to women. These superior beings in the service of God and of Jesus do not, however, have a vocation to replace him in the Christian and Orthodox tradition.

For Muslims, it is Gabriel, also called Saint Gabriel, who transmitted the revelation to the Prophet Muhammad by order of Allah.



Who are the Holy Guardian Angels?

Who are the Holy Guardian Angels

According to Christians, The Almighty Spirit sends the believer one of the angels of God to protect his destiny and to preserve him from evil.

These superior spirits accompany human beings from their birth until their death in order to help them in a very delicate situation, to spare them from danger, to help them realize their dreams, or to accompany them on their journey of life.

The existence of this being of light is not a theory only conveyed by monotheistic religions. The presence of protective angels has also been mentioned in other religions or philosophies of Ancient Greece.

It is written in the Old Testament that God is surrounded by guardian angels and archangels who act as a veritable militia of the Higher Spirit by performing actions of Mercy, of salvation and can serve as an inner Guide for mortals and each Messenger.

Often the interaction between this celestial being and the latter is called enlightenment.



Each being has its own Guardian Angel

If the angels are part of the heavenly armies of God in the monotheistic belief, according to the Christian tradition, each of these divine presences is attributed to a human being.

They can interpret the messages of spiritual knowledge and have a role of guidance for the one who calls them. Tertullian, Saint Augustine, Saint Ambrose, Saint John Chrysostom affirmed during the Council of Trent (1545-1563) that each of us was affiliated with one of these divine spirits.

From the 18th century, Pope Paul V enthroned the feast of guardian angels. Initially, scholars and men of the Church regarded guardian angels as heavenly entities responsible for protecting children from evil on earth. By communicating with them,  we can feel the extraordinarily reassuring presence of these Messengers whose mission is to guide us and bring us unconditional love.

To believe in angels is to be able to authorize their spiritual manifestations around us. Several signs of the presence of these immaterial beings can allow us to achieve forgiveness and kindness towards ourselves and that of others.

This light that we can consider as a friend helps us to achieve the spiritual awakening that we sometimes need so badly.


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