9 Strange Things You Will Experience If You Have a Spiritual Gift

Many claim or think they have a unique spiritual gift, but often they deny it; Because having a spiritual gift also means living a certain kind of existence and carrying around a cruel experience;

This is the price one pays for the spiritual gift one possesses. Thus, it is more often the case that those who have no idea they have a spiritual gift actually do have one.

For example, a close friend of mine loved reading coffee – a Turkish form of divination in which you could predict the future of the other person based on the shapes formed in the cup.

However, it was also a fact that when she did this reading for me, she didn't really have the gift of correctly predicting anything.

Still, I loved it when she read to me from the cup because it brought us closer and it was interesting for me to see how she imagined my future.

Besides her, my grandmother also loved to throw beans to predict wealth and love for a person. Many of my family members also said that she predicted everything pretty accurately most of the time, which surprised everyone.

Although I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, I never had the courage to ask her to perform this ritual. Until one day, when I was sorely disappointed in love, I thought that surely I would do no harm by doing so.

So, after she threw pale and undercooked beans on a small red cloth three times, she became scared of my love life. She told me that she only saw misery and trouble around me until she threw the last bean for the future.

That meant I would only meet the love of my life after a period of pain. I was shocked by this statement because she did not know that my love life was quite difficult and incomprehensible to others.

That even I sometimes wondered how I could be so unhappy in love, despite my best efforts and my constant zeal to do good. But her last words gave me a lot of hope to finally find love and I knew then that she had a spiritual gift.

She was finally able to predict something that I have hidden from her in the deepest and darkest parts of my soul because I didn't want her to see me broken.

If you too have a spiritual gift, here are some weird things you will definitely experience:



1. You Know a Person's Heart Even if You Don't Know Them

You Know a Person's Heart Even if You Don't Know Them

People who are truly spiritually gifted can use their intuition to perceive a person they do not know; Because even if they don't know them, they can feel their energy and feelings.

These cannot hide from their strong sense of perceiving things that lie beyond the rational. Because of this, genuinely spiritually gifted people are often seen as arrogant or even picky about those around them.

In fact, it is their intuition that warns and protects them from bad energy. Which they are able to recognize at any time, even if they haven't actually spoken to a specific person.

So I had a friend who could always judge a person correctly. He considered them neither bad nor good, only suitable and unsuitable for his own life.

However, it may not be that he was also able to give very precise information about certain people, such as their past, their feelings, their sexual preferences, and their shortcomings.

Unless he had some kind of spiritual gift, which I'm sure he has.



2. You Can Sense the Emotions of Others

You Can Sense the Emotions of Others

As mentioned earlier, a person with a very strong spiritual gift is able to perceive things that have not yet been explained or proven. Because they are able to sense certain energies that exist outside of the usual reality;

Or that may or may not be discernible by others who have no spiritual gift. But it is also the case that they easily and accurately recognize their emotions and even know what caused their specific emotional state.

For example, my sister was always able to sense other people's emotions and knew exactly what was causing them. For example, when she was out with a friend, she felt lucky and knew she was pregnant.

Even before she knew it herself because she hadn't planned a pregnancy.

While I myself have always been able to feel the way others perceive me and the sadness of others. No matter how hard they tried to hide it, I felt them deep in my heart like it was my own.

Therefore, a spiritual gift often serves as protection against evil energies but also as an opportunity to bring happiness into the lives of others.

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3. Animals are Very Fond of You and Seek Your Closeness

Animals are Very Fond of You and Seek Your Closeness

Animals perceive things in a similar sense to people with a spiritual gift since their reality is very different from ours; Because they are based on a perception that cannot be deceived by material things, appearances or achievements.

This is how animals perceive their own energy as pure and honest as it really is, with no exceptions. For this reason, animals feel most connected to those who have a spiritual gift because they sense their empathy and kindness;

A person with a strong spiritual gift is also an empath — a person who is almost superhuman in sensing the emotional state of others and relies on their strong intuition to protect their own energy.

Such people also aim to help others with their unique gifts. At the same time, they use their gift to better understand their own selves and how they are perceived by those around them.

So it's no wonder that animals keep finding their way into the arms of these people. Who were fascinated by them from their childhood and did their best to protect them and never hurt them.

Since they could feel their benevolent and eternally loving energy, they felt as if they were communicating with them through the heart.

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4. Your Dreams Show You Symbols Related to Your Life

Your Dreams Show You Symbols Related to Your Life

Although it is generally the case that those who are spiritually gifted have prophetic dreams, they do not manifest in a way that many would think.

Because for many, a prophetic dream is a dream that precisely portends something that will happen in the future. Without the person who experienced the prophetic dream knowing anything about this event.

Prophetic dreams experienced by people with spiritual gifts carry small messages and function with symbols.

For example, my friend once dreamed that her mother had saved her from a snake.

It turned out to be a symbol of her warning that she might have a serious illness, which, as it later turned out, really existed and that she could cure.

Another friend of mine dreamed that her toxic ex-boyfriend got covered in snow only for the next day to beg her to bring him back into her life;



5. You Feel Most Alive and Comfortable at Night

You Feel Most Alive and Comfortable at Night

People with a strong spiritual gift are not particularly extroverted, nor do they function well in crowded places; Because they connect most easily with others when they are alone with them and talk about more complex things and feelings.

They also prefer to enjoy themselves at night and find that that is when they are at their liveliest. Because there is just something about the night that gives them comfort and heightens their senses even more.

Your powerful intuition is also fueled by the peace and harmony that the night and moonlight have to offer.

The moon in particular is known for stimulating an empath's sense and the energy they have lost in interacting and connecting with others.

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6. Others Often Seek Advice From You

Others Often Seek Advice From You

A great spiritual gift can also be unconsciously recognized by others who are unaware of their paranormal perception ability.

So even if the other person is not always aware that you have a spiritual gift, they will ask you for advice because your gift exists but is unconsciously recognized by those who do not have it;

Their reality is different from that of the person with a spiritual gift, but that doesn't mean they can't be a part of it. In fact, those who have a spiritual gift feel an obligation to help those who are not gifted with that type of gift.

This obligation is not mandatory either, but rather their selfless urge. Which can transform other people's reality into a more harmless and peaceful place.



7. You Feel Like You Don't Belong Anywhere

You Feel Like You Don't Belong Anywhere

A person who is born with a great spiritual gift often feels that they don't really belong anywhere, or they recall aspects of their past lives that remind them of their true home and the place where they were happiest.

So for some, these memories of the past are triggered by the little things in life; Thus, a person whose true home was by the sea is easily aroused by a shell or water.

A person who lives in the mountains will feel most alive when climbing a mountain and admiring the sunset.

But most of the time they also feel like they don't belong anywhere and haven't found their true home yet; Because their current home doesn't fill their hearts the way they are used to.

So if you think you have a great spiritual gift, you should know that one of the indicators could be your awareness of your past life.

There you left parts of yourself that still haunt you in this life; After all, you've been here before, and you'll be here again.



8. You Constantly Have a Feeling of “Longing” for Something

You Constantly Have a Feeling of Longing for Something

As explained earlier, a person with a spiritual gift longs for their past life or for something specific that they cannot explain. It can also be just about anything, and they will constantly crave it while feeling like they will never be truly happy until they find it.

The “thing” they long for is most often a person, place, or job that they wish they could have had and that they sorely miss. Because they miss it from a previous life, they are still haunted by it in this life.

The good thing about it, though, is that no matter how many lives pass, they keep recognizing it as soon as it appears.

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9. You Hear, See, and Feel Things That Others Cannot

You Hear, See, and Feel Things That Others Cannot

Perhaps the rarest and most paranormal part of a spiritual gift is that a person can hear, see, and feel things that others cannot.

So this describes people who can talk to the deceased, who can see or sense spirits, or who have a strong connection to their spirit guides.

Spirit leaders can also manifest in the form of angels, animals, or even the forces of nature. A good example of this type of spiritual gift is also my close friend, who could speak to the dead in her dreams.

So they appeared in them without her consent and often asked her to bring certain messages to the living.

Like her grandmother, who can come into her dream to warn her that she knows about the little affair her living husband is having;

However, she knew that he still loved her, but unfortunately, she also felt that he would join her. After this dream, it was also unusual to learn that her grandfather died in a month or less.

Whereby they visited again in her dream to tell her that they were happy now that they were finally together again.

However, only those with a particularly strong spiritual gift are able to experience these types of manifestations, but maybe you are too…

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