9 Characteristics Of The Earth Angels, Are You One of Them?

You might be one of the few people we call a true Earth Angel. Discover in this article the 9 characteristics that define the Earth Angels and if you really are one of them.


Angel is a word originating from the Latin Angelus itself borrowed from the Greek, meaning messenger. They are, therefore, creatures whose main mission, in their spiritual symbolism, is to transmit kindness, benevolence, and empathy to guide men towards the right path.

Mysterious, mystical, seraphic, the theological representations of the angel fascinate. Being a beacon of the divine sphere, it symbolizes for many people a reassuring and serene presence.

According to beliefs, it takes different forms and representations. Thus, if for some the angel falls within the spiritual domain, others associate him with an earthly presence, with a person showing disconcerting wisdom and intelligence present at their side to help them move forward in life.



What are Earth Angels?

There are some people whose destiny is simply to leave a trace of light on Earth. These people seem to have been born to make others happy when being around them. Some call these people “Earth Angels.

Maybe you know some people who are like that, or even you feel like that, so today, we will introduce you to some signs that will help you recognize these Angels on Earth or to know if you are one.

In general terms, it can be discovered if a person is an earth angel by the following traits of their personality or behavior:

  • They are kind.
  • They have natural abilities to help.
  • They are sensitive and empathetic.
  • They have memories of other lives that they cannot explain.

If you want to know more or need to discover if you are an earth angel, you can read this guide and draw your own conclusions.

Here are 9 signs to know if you are an earth angel.



9 Signs that Indicate You're an Earth Angel

7 Signs that Indicate You're an Earth Angel


1. You have always been told that you are more mature for your age

Intuitive, you carry around you an aura that commands respect and admiration of those around you. People often come to you for advice because they trust you with their problems.

Indeed, you seem to have a real gift for guiding them and finding the right words. Showing off your wisdom bordering on irrationality is one of the major signs that you are from the Earth Angels.



2. You feel deep inside that you have a purpose in life

Driven by a desire to spread happiness around you, you try by all means to deliver a message of kindness and benevolence.

Indeed, you feel deep within you that your life has meaning and that love is the key to improving the human condition.

Discontent with organized society and worldly desires are part of the personality of an angel of Earth. These people want to go their own way, leave their own mark and make their rules: they do not like people to give them orders because they are usually oppressive.

Angels on Earth have a desire to do something humanitarian, such as social work, counselor, acupuncturist, or massage therapist. They can even start their own businesses.

They are people who travel the world helping those in need or choose to volunteer in poor neighborhoods in their own country. They are always ready to help, even when they don't have the time. For them, others are more important than oneself.

You have to pay attention to this type of attitude if you want to understand if you are an angel of earth.



3. You show deep empathy

You show great sensitivity. When someone around you is sad, you know it; you feel it. It doesn't matter if this person is hiding their feelings. You will naturally go to them to try to help them.

The emotional load of such sensitivity can be overwhelming, but it will never stop you from trying to help others.

Earth angels have a purpose: to make the planet a better place. However, this is a challenging job for them. They will normally be overwhelmed by the troubles in the world. Frustration and exhaustion from injustice will make you desperate.

They always try to stay away from noisy people, as conflicting energies deplete them. This does not mean that they are antisocial since they are very empathetic people.

They just decide to get away from what they call “negative energy.” Many times, that energy is found in some people, and thanks to your ability to distinguish them, you can choose to spend time with them or not.

On the other hand, even if they decide not to spend time with them, they will always be there if they need help. Helping is the mission of the angels on earth.



4. Very few people can understand you

We only tell you that too often. You think too much. But there is only one thing that drives your actions: your intuition. And the latter is never wrong.

If those around you have sometimes reproached you for making decisions deemed a priori insane, they have never been slow to turn into real blessings.

Your sense of reasoning and your logic are unstoppable.



5. You don't mind loneliness

It's not that you don't like being surrounded by people. On the contrary, it gives you the opportunity to help and listen to others.

But loneliness and calm allow you to initiate a deep introspection, to reveal yourself even more, and to reflect on moral questions that are close to your heart.

All this is in order to become a better person and to be able to help others as best you can.

Staying locked up is one way to prepare for the next exit to the outside world. Being in your room or at home is a way to heal your psyche and the parts of yourself that are hurt.



6. You accept everyone, but you reject “Modern Ideal.”

You don't really care how people look. As an earth angel, you transcend the mores and the ambient materialism of our society.

You accept people for who they are and always offer your help and wise advice. Anyone who knows you knows your door will never be closed.

On the other hand, you are a person who rejects the idea of ​​modernity. Although it sounds strange, it is a very noticeable trait in the angels of earth.

These people do not identify with the way most people behave today. The waste of spiritual energy in jobs we hate, in hatred, the way this hatred turns into wars and discrimination, the way we mistreat our planet as if it is not the only place we have to live.

To sum up, the earth angels have realized that we cannot continue to live in a state of separation and isolation from each other; we absolutely need each other to survive and thrive.

In addition, being committed people, it is normal to hear them talk about these problems and how we can contribute to a better world.



7. Infants seem to calm down in your arms

Infants are barely born beings. Their minds are therefore not yet corrupted by the material world.

They have heightened sensitivity, and in your arms, they seem to find rest and calm that does not exist anywhere else.



8. Intuition does not fail you

If you normally live your life through decisions based on your emotions and intuition, it is because you are an Earth Angel. These types of people tend to feel more than other people and are not usually guided by logic.

Angels on earth generally prefer activities that bring out emotions such as arts, music, sharing stories, and inner connection. In addition, they are people who can listen to their inner self and act on their emotions.



9. You have lived many lives

Earth angels, although they do not know it, have lived several lives on earth. And in all of them, they were deeply involved with spirituality.

For example, they are believed to have been in overwhelming numbers in the old religious orders of their past, such as monks, nuns, hermits, psychics, shamans, priests, priestesses, etc.

These people were the ones who provided a bridge between the visible and the invisible, between the daily context of terrestrial and extraterrestrial life, linking the spiritual planes and the kingdom of God.

However, it is natural that they do not know. Perhaps they are people very connected with their past due to their wisdom since they “remember” or “intuit” things or moments that others do not, and they never know how to explain it.

That is, they cannot give a logical explanation that fits into normality and modernity.

This is because the memory has memories of still other lifetimes, although generally, angels on earth cannot put into logical words what they are thinking or imagining.

Sometimes they think that they lived something in their dream, but the reality is that it was in another of their past lives.



The 6 Types of Earth Angels

The 6 Types of Earth Angels

Earth angels are divided into 6 types depending on their mission and abilities. Check them out below to understand if you recognize yourself in one.


Guardian Earth Angels

They protect and guide. Guardian earth angels protect us from the negative energies that surround us every day on earth. They shield those who seem weak from any harmful energy with positive energy powered by God himself.

Examples of guardian angels of earth could be soldiers or police officers—those who care for others' well-being more than anything else in the world.


Messenger Earth Angels

Messenger earth angels deliver messages from the divine to humankind as a whole and on a one-to-one basis between people as well.

They may deliver messages to earthlings about their own personal fulfillment or how to help others. The earth angels who deliver divine messages are extraordinary angels of earth indeed.


Protective Earth Angels

Protective earth angels shield us from harm, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

They're there whenever we need them the most.


Healing Earth Angels

Healing earth angels heal our wounds both emotionally and physically by sending positive energy our way every day!

These people do this automatically without being asked to.


Vocal Earth Angels

Their voices are heard by God when we pray for help.


Fun Earth Angels

Fun earth angels bring joy into life whenever people might need it most by making sure that earthlings laugh as much as possible every day.



FAQs about Earth Angels

FAQs about Earth Angels

Here we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Earth Angels. I hope you find them useful.


What is the job of an earth angel?

Usually, earth angels are people who feel empathy for other people and want to help them as much as possible. That is what the angels do on Earth; that is their mission.

They will leave everything else to solve the problems of others since they feel connected in a very broad way with their peers. Making others feel good in this world is one of their purposes in life.


Can earth angels fall in love?

They can, and they do. Earth Angels are people like you and me…only better.

Many angels of earth incarnate on earth for many lifetimes in order to help with earth's ascension (the shift from 3rd-dimensional energy into the 5th dimension).

Some earth angels have never been on earth before but may be here for important missions & might not even realize it until their mission is complete.


What color eyes do earth angels have?

Earth angels are mostly brown-eyed, but there are many earth angels with green and blue eyes as well.

Earth angel babies have earth color eyes at first, which can change color once they begin to speak their own language.



Earth Angels Quotes

Earth Angels Quotes


“The earth angel is a masterful creator, and we all have earth angels living within us. The earth angel helps the human aspect to accept responsibility for their thoughts, actions, and deeds. They can also help one to see how important it is to heal the earth and protect the earth's resources.” ~ Doreen Virtue


“Earth Angels are here with you now on Earth in human form, working behind the scenes of your world….to aid Mother Earth in her transition into a higher dimensional being.” ~ Rebecca Warren


“I have this knowing that angels are so very real on Planet Earth right now…they are not waiting for Heaven's gates or time off at some ethereal summer camp. Earth angels are here on earth doing earth angelic work.” ~ Mary Summer Rain


“Even earth angels are still learning how to be earth angels! They go through their own earth angel lessons until they learn them all.”


“Earth Angels are humans that have expanded their awareness of the earth realm. Many of these Angels on Earth started out as light workers but now know that feeling connected to Earth can help them even more in manifesting light energy into physical reality.”


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