Choose a Dagger and Discover the Source of Your Pain

What kind of pain is stopping you from fulfilling yourself and being happy?

Our shadow part to be transmuted is not always easy to recognize, we do not always immediately understand the messages that a suffering situation wants to communicate, and just to facilitate this process of transformation of pain I have channeled these tools of awareness, to help you to recognize what pain is hidden behind your behaviors and behind the situations that still block you in suffering.

Chose one of the daggers presented in the image above to discover your source of pain and what to do about it…



1. Insecurity

You have chosen this weapon of pain because a very important part of your Being is calling your attention to be received with love. A hidden truth of yours is trying to express itself and to be part of your life through the uncomfortable situations you live.

But you do not allow it to pour into reality by continuously blocking it within you for fear. At some moments you feel so insecure of yourself to deny you the sincere expression in your authenticity for fear of not being liked or not living up to expectations.

By nourishing with thought those feelings of inadequacy and despair you have allowed insecurity to block part of the positive evolution in your existence. You cannot have the courage to unlock your behavior and convince yourself in making those decisions that you should do to change some things. This is the real reason why you still get stuck in painful situations without much improvement.


How to Heal:

Allow yourself to be honest with yourself and with everyone else. Begin to understand that when you tune into your inner truth and accept it as it shows itself without any fear of judgment then you will no longer have reason to feel insecure.

Find that necessary trust to believe in yourself and in your abilities, to allow you to go back to the light welcoming you for the first time with total acceptance. When you put yourself in this state, none of your words or actions could be wrong even if for others it might seem so this remains their problem.

The important thing is that you do not continue to betray yourself… the important thing is that you can finally feel the security in your words in your gestures when you let go of all doubts.

Accepting yourself also for your weaknesses and limitations can transform them into the potential that you still cannot see in yourself. So trust and allow yourself to express yourself without feeling defective… the rest will adapt to you!



2. Injury

You have chosen this weapon because a large part of your attention is projected outside of yourself and it adapts too much to the expectations and needs of other people, forgetting your real needs.

You are blocked by the fear of being judged because you are the first to use this way to observe the world around you. You have accumulated so many expectations and circumscribed thought forms that you do not leave room for your original personality to express itself in total freedom and without a sentence, implementing this vision unknowingly even with others.

In truth you are afraid of going out of the normal pattern for fear of not conforming to someone's vision. With this behavior you try to get that little bit of love and acceptance that you were not able to get as a child from who you think should have given it to you.

You want to be accepted and loved at the cost of continuing to pretend to be a person you are not but in this way you are denying yourself so you are not giving yourself what you expect from others.


How to Heal:

Allow yourself to be crazy! Allow yourself to become fluid, to make small gestures of madness to break a pattern that is now too tight. Observe yourself and the people around you with more love and acceptance.

Try to see every situation without thinking about it, learn to listen to your impulse and let it free to flow into your life without fear, follow the call of the wind.

Listen to the words of the heart and perform personalized gestures from your real desire without fear, without forcing yourself to re-enter an ideal prototype of person, you do not need it since your true realization lies just behind what you thought of others and you yourself. So drop any prejudice.



3. Rigidity

You have chosen this weapon because your Spirit wants to communicate that you have remained closed within a pattern that is too rigid and not suited to your true personality.

You grew up in an environment probably with people who forced you to live according to too many rules and very material needs, and over time you too have unconsciously absorbed this form of behavior and thinking until it becomes your normality and repeat it with people close to you; but in this way you closed yourself inside a small cage and as you grew it became tighter and tighter.

Now you must understand that you are the victim of your own behavior that forces you to relive dysfunctional and limiting situations like a broken record, all because you have adapted to the idea of ​​a severe and demanding world.


How to Heal:

To transmute your life and get out of this little tunnel in which you are stuck it would be appropriate now to let go of all links with the past through forgiveness.

Allow yourself to change the system and update those old and rigid beliefs on which you based your life and replace them with understanding your limitations, with compassion for every part of you that has been trapped in the shadow of the past.

Open yourself to new knowledge, to new ways of organizing your life through the research and expansion of your vision in other ways. Enter a state of welcome and open-mindedness by recognizing that the time has come to change the system.

This is enough to attracting into your life the opportunity you need to transform the blocking situations you are experiencing. Become less demanding.



4. Habit

You have been led to choose this weapon to receive a message from your Spirit that wants to communicate to you how trapped you have been in the repetitive and boring patterns of daily habit!

One part of you would like to discover new horizons, travel to meet other people and do things you have never allowed yourself to do, but another part is afraid and wants to remain still in its comfort, and thinks that it would be better to stay in a point of “Comfort” because basically you do not miss anything and perhaps risk losing what you already have.

So these two parts of you collide, and obviously in this way you will not be able to be very peaceful, so the problem is that when you live in a stable situation you get too used to it and you go into a state of hypnosis and emotional shutdown, this means that you will not feel the meaning of your existence much and you will not be able to evolve.

You must understand that surviving well does not mean living fully in existence! If you try to block the improvement process you will feel more and more sad and unmotivated.

Perhaps the fear of the unknown leads you to hide from strong emotions for fear of discovering that there is a form of joy and expansion even more beautiful than you thought, maybe you still haven't known true freedom, true happiness, true love?!


How to Heal:

At this moment you are asked not to continue to be stuck in inner laziness and to make a little effort to get out of all those repetitive habits and on some occasions even harmful to your Being.

Have the courage to break this harmful cycle and look for new forms of fun, compensation, expression, give yourself the opportunity to experience new emotions and new situations, new relationships.

You will be able to understand what your Soul really wants to communicate to you only if you know how to listen to your desires beyond the daily habits!



5. Surface

If you have chosen this dagger it means that you have remained too projected into the surface of existence and that you have based the construction of your destiny on the superficial vision of life.

You need to immerse yourself more deeply in the meaning of your primal essence, this means that you should gradually resurface your authentic personality in all those situations that you face with discomfort so that you can definitively overcome them.

When your behavior follows a mental belief, you can only manifest situations that really do not belong to you and that do not align with your goals, in this way you slow down the positive evolution since you remain stuck floating inside a limbo made of uncertainties.

In this state it will be difficult for you to have a clear vision of the meaning of your existence because you continue to use your mind too much and this blocks you in the surface of things, you are probably afraid of discovering some wounds that would force you to finally face the truth you do not want to see and this scares you.

So you know that if you just stay on the surface, that if you don't push yourself so deeply, you don't run the risk of discovering anything bad… but you won't be able to discover anything good or clarify some situations either.


How to Heal:

An important part in the process of inner maturation is knowing how to silence the mind by educating it to serve us. In inner silence you will be able to discover intuitive communication through sensations.

In this case you are asked to take responsibility for your pain, observe yourself every time you find yourself escaping something by wandering on the surface. Ask yourself what you are trying to escape, what you really want to avoid, and then take responsibility for facing this fear of yours.

Push yourself beyond the knowing of the mind, go deep and allow yourself to feel the suffering freely, expand into your deep feelings.

In this way you will simplify the unlocking of the situation and the manifestation of tools necessary to transform your life, attracting new opportunities more in line with your true goals because they will be generated from the depths of your feeling!



6. Impotence

You have chosen this weapon because you have allowed the feeling of helplessness to take control in your life, through this message it wants to call your attention to be released into consciousness.

Understand that every time you think you are not able to do something you are actually closing yourself in a limited view of yourself. When you feel helpless it means that you have not been able to really know yourself.

You have not wanted to believe that your true nature is to be powerful, this belief was generated in a situation where you defined yourself allowing mental judgment to make you feel small and uncomfortable!

You are not only what you can see now of yourself, you are also many other things that you still do not know and do not want to see! Whenever you feel powerless you are actually locking yourself up inside the feeling of guilt.

You have created all this because you do not know how to see beyond that limit of non-action, you do not know how to understand that every situation is destined to change if you only know how to stay there with more acceptance.


How to Heal:

If you can understand that sometimes you just have to feel comfortable and have more confidence, you will also be able to understand why you are in a limit situation and accept the consequences.

When you find yourself in a situation where you can't do anything it means you don't have to do anything and let life do it for you! The real problem arises when you think that only you can or must do something on a mental and practical level, but things are not always solved only in this way, there are other forms that are activated in life to make you have what you need beyond your body.

To transform this inner block just rely on life itself with greater carefree and let the situation be resolved by your soul in other ways. This is your power, you have to believe it and stop feeling small, you are much more than what you can see now!



7. Egocentrism

If you have chosen this weapon it is because you cannot see very far from yourself. Over time you have built a limited vision of life focused only on your form of perception, considering it the only real and deserving to exist.

You fail to understand that the solutions you are looking for could come to you from those people who you think are not up to par or not adequate enough to give you an important solution.

Unconsciously you have locked yourself up inside the belief of an ideal, in which everything must reach a perfection that only you know how to achieve. You are so focused on how you want situations to happen that you want to control others in every form in order to be able to direct them in what you think is the right view.


How to Heal:

It would be appropriate for you now to stop and observe the people around you better and without prejudice. It would be more functional to allow other visions of life to penetrate you to integrate other forms of expression into your life by expanding your idea of ​​perfection.

If you continue to remain projected only towards your needs and your vision, you will not be able to access other knowledge and integrate those parts of you that are needed to improve your life and unlock some situations of suffering.

In this case to make the transformation you are required to welcome the expressions of others with more love to learn from them, dropping the barrier of perfectionism that blocks you in the shadow of the mind, open yourself to new ideas, new friendships and new ways of building one same project.



8. Anger

You have chosen this weapon because you are manifesting an energetic imbalance that has accumulated over time from anger and repressed pain. You find yourself at this moment with this latent pain sensation and frustration that controls most of your daily reactions.

In this way, you have created situations of tension and existential blocks that make you feel even angrier because you do not understand that it would be enough to allow you to finally receive all that pain with acceptance to be able to resolve it.

For too long you have not been able to get angry and defend yourself for illusory fears, perhaps of being judged and punished or failing to be understood. But right now your Spirit is asking you to express anger if you don't want to be devoured by its energy.

To express your frustration to all those people to whom you have to say something that no longer suits you, to express yourself in a sincere and authentic way.


How to Heal:

To be able to overcome this type of blockage it is necessary to let every feeling of anger, hatred, pain flow in its natural process of manifestation, so no longer be afraid to say what you think when you think it to the people close to you.

This is the only way to be able to gradually harmonize your energy and free yourself from this burden. Try to remember every old situation of anger to resolve it internally through forgiveness and release it in a more conscious way.

Understand that the human being is in this world to experience the limit in its shadow, including you, and to be able to go beyond this limit you will first have to accept it through the people who have caused you pain.

Allow yourself to rebel, to feel anger by manifesting it freely because behind that superficial sensation you will find the real reason for your pain and you will see the revelation that can free you forever!



9. Deception

If you have chosen this weapon it means that you are deceiving yourself and therefore also others, playing a role that does not belong to you, unknowingly trying to manipulate the outcome of situations in some way because you think it can be of advantage to you.

You are probably repeating a teaching that someone long ago would have given you as the only method to obtain something, but if you continue to want to use these methods that are not completely transparent with yourself and with others, considering them the only way to be able to obtain what you serves, you force yourself to live in situations of non-love and non-acceptance through people who will reflect your own deception with their attitudes.

Your fears of not being able to get what you need always manifest in your life someone who works against you or who somehow wants to deceive you. You do not understand that it is you who create this experience by giving them the necessary energy to posters.


How to Heal:

In this case you are asked to believe in a spiritual benevolence, to understand that your every need will be satisfied, that your every request will find the right tools to be fulfilled if you have a little more faith and patience!

Start recalculating the basis on which you support your life beliefs to change your existential paradigm of distrust of others to complete trust and acceptance. It is not easy after a long time of believing that you had to fight against everything and everyone to drop this resistance now and trust completely.



10. Devalue

You have chosen this weapon because you still don't know how to fully understand yourself and you don't know how to give yourself the right value for fear of not being liked by others.

Every blocking situation that you have experienced was created because you were not able to give yourself the right value first, you did not know how to see your light shine in the moment of difficulty allowing others to hide you with their shadow, to underestimate you, belittle you and after some time you started to believe it.

You have submitted to the needs of others for fear of not being able enough to do something autonomously and freely, you are like a little bird that has been made to believe that you do not have wings from an early age…


How to Heal:

At this moment a part of your Soul is awakening to its greatness and is trying to communicate to you that the time has come to cleanse yourself of the mud, to open those wings and to start using them.

Stop listening to what others say, start believing in your intuitions, listen to that voice inside your heart that whispers to you every day.

Trust yourself because you always knew you were more than what you are now manifesting, you always knew that you were here to do something important, so now shrug your shoulders well and direct your gaze up into the sky where you can understand your greatness, aligned with the real project of your life, what you feel you want to do is the path right for you.


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