How to Find Your Soulmate in 5 Steps

Finding someone to share life with in a happy and satisfying way is the desire of many people, but it is not always easy to find that person who seems to be the perfect half of our soul. These five steps can help you attract the relationship you dream of and find your soulmate.

The concept of soulmate dates back to Classical Antiquity and to the myth of Plato, who tells: in a primordial time, our existence as “one” with another being, from which we have been separated by divine wrath, and that our soul continues to search today.

Today and according to the evolution of thought, we know that each of us has within the essence he needs, which means that it can never be another person to “complete us” because we are already complete.

Even so, it is part of the most basic needs of human beings to share their life with another being, with whom they can exchange affection in a unique way and share an intimacy that we do not share with anyone else.



How to Find Your Soulmate in 5 Steps

How to Find Your Soulmate in 5 Steps

Finding this ideal partner is not always an easy task. If, for some people, love seems to arise easily and naturally, others are relentlessly searching, having a hard time finding loving happiness.

Often the results we achieve in life depend on our position and what we do to achieve them. Changing our attitude through a change of habits can make a difference and help you find the love that so much seems to escape from you.

Here we reveal to you how to find your soulmate in 5 steps:


Step 1 – Know what (and who) you are looking for

Making a detailed list of what you really want in an ideal partner is an excellent way to define what you are looking for clearly. When we're not sure what we want, it's harder for us to get something.

Instead of focusing on what you don't want, remember that there is no concept of “no” for the Universe, so define what you want in the affirmative. (For example, instead of writing “I want someone who isn't jealous,” write instead, “I want someone who trusts me.“)

Be specific and detailed. The better you know how to define the traits that describe what you consider to be your ideal partner, the more likely you are to find your soulmate. Within this list, define which traits are indispensable for you, and these are your basic requirements.


Step 2 – Be who your partner is looking for

Be who your partner is looking for

Once you have defined what you want to attract, take a good look (you can do this exercise in front of the mirror so that it is more effective) and honestly answer the question: “Do I attract this type of partner?

Whatever your physical characteristics, personality traits, and personal habits, there are always aspects that you can modify and adapt to suit the couple you want.

For example, if you want to attract a partner who is intellectually stimulating, consider how intellectually interesting you are too. If you want a gym god, you will probably get close to him if you start to take a particular interest in that area too…

Without ceasing to be who you are, you understand that you will attract the person you are looking for only when you can give that person something that attracts or stimulates them.

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Step 3 – Understand your inner beliefs

This is one of the most delicate – and most important – points.

We often think we know what we want, and we think we are the ones who can attract what we want, but deep down, we have beliefs that go against all of this.

If you feel deep inside that you are not attractive enough; you will likely have a hard time making others see you as attractive. If you feel that you don't deserve to be happy in love, you can seriously jeopardize any chance of that happening. A person attracted only to emotionally unavailable partners may be afraid of a stable and lasting commitment.

These beliefs are often so ingrained in us that it is not easy to reach, recognize and change them. Specialized therapeutic follow-up may be required, as these beliefs are often a part of us from an early age and are difficult to let go of. But they are, in most cases, the biggest obstacle preventing you from having exactly the love you are looking for.

Try to evaluate, as objectively as possible, to what extent your actions, thoughts, and feelings are really consistent with the person you want to attract.

Ask yourself the question, “What thoughts should you give up in order to have this relationship?” Becoming aware of the beliefs that limit you is the starting point to get rid of them, replacing them with beliefs that enhance you and strengthen your self-esteem.


Step 4 – Renew yourself

Renew yourself

We are what we are; it is a fact. But we always have time to change, if that helps us to be happier and more fulfilled people.

Dare to make changes in your life and find yourself again. Change your thinking patterns, lifestyle habits, interests, clothing style, hairstyle…

As long as you feel good, make changes that, in your opinion, bring you closer to the person who can attract the kind of relationship you want.



Step 5 – Believe it is possible

Oh yes. We often do all of the above work, but we really doubt it will ever happen deep in our hearts. And there is nothing that hinders the performance of a miracle more than doubt.

After following the steps above, relax and TRUST. The Universe has its own rhythm. The love you are looking for will come in due time. Believe that you will find your soulmate, or better still your soulmate will come to meet you and make sure you enjoy the waiting time.


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