How to Manifest a Breakup and not Feel Bad About It

You are your own conscious, and that means you are entirely responsible for everything you create in your life and what you manifest.

Relationships are essential, and they sometimes can get emotional and even lead to irrational behavior. Breakups can lead to the darkest moments of one’s life, and thus it is essential to you should know the karma you are creating.

This article explains how to manifest a breakup; if you have been thinking about it for a while now, it is time to get to know if you can and how to manifest it. Here you will get everything you need to know about breakup manifestations;



Can you Manifest a Breakup?

Yes, you can manifest a breakup; what is even funnier is you can manifest both your breakup and someone else’s breakup. However, the biggest question is, how can you do this?

In a society full of different kinds of people, such as wizards, sorcerers, or even religious leaders who make us believe in having things, we never thought manifesting a breakup as possible. Remember, we are a result of our thoughts and consciousness.

Here we are talking about two types of breakup manifestation, which are:


Can you manifest a breakup in your relationship?

Can you manifest a breakup in your relationship

Start with you. Can you manifest a breakup with your partner or spouse? You might have wanted to make things end in your relationship and are worried about how it can be possible; know that it is not hard to do so.

When you emotionally isolate yourself from the relationship, you are bringing it to an end.

Here we are talking about how a significant percentage of people tend to manifest breakups unconsciously. Remember, if your thoughts persistently manifest a breakup, then the results that will come out are what you have been thinking about.

Some people think that they might not have thought of a breakup; however, the breakup comes out as the final step.

  • Are you always worried that your partner might be cheating?
  • Do you often feel like you are not worth staying in a happy relationship?
  • What do you focus on about your partner? What are they not, or what are they lacking?
  • Do you most of the time focus on what your partner or spouse is not doing right?
  • Are you thinking of a future or life without your partner?

Remember, as we said earlier, you are a result of your thoughts. Therefore, if you have pure and loving thoughts towards your partner while making unconditional love the center of your relationship, you will have nothing but a flourishing relationship.

However, this is impossible; we argue, fight, and even stop talking to each other.

Paying attention to everything you feel about your relationship and your spouse or partner is the first step and key to staying in a loving and happy relationship.

You cannot manifest a breakup if you constantly have negative thoughts because the persistent thoughts dominate your subconscious way of thinking that almost commonly manifests.


Can you manifest a breakup in other people’s relationships?

Can you manifest a breakup in other people’s relationships

When you try to manifest other people's breakup it has never been seen as something good, it has always been viewed as selfish and jealous. However, it is almost impossible to manifest other people’s breakups; you actually should not try to manifest such kinds of breakups; here is why:


Never get in the way of someone's soul’s life path

Everyone has the free-will gift, and every person wants or should walk on their path; therefore, you have no power to decide for someone which path they should walk on.

In addition, you almost entirely do not know what is best for another soul. You can be an advisor, a good friend, a supporter, help others make the right decisions but never go any further than forcing them to do what you want.


Your wish for others is your creation

Your thoughts are in complete control of your energy, and this is what develops your main point of attraction. What is in your thoughts dictates the energy and vibration you will bring out.

For instance, if you are constantly thinking of destruction, deceit, or even harm, these will be your energy; the law of attraction will respond and bring more of these into your life.

On the other hand, when you think of joy, prosperity, and love for other people, most of the time, this will directly reflect in your life.

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Continuously create, not destroy

The law of attraction exists purposely to create but not to destroy. Everything created from a place of joy, gratitude, peace, and love endures with the same energy, the thought does not manifest, but the energy does.

For instance, if your thoughts major on hate, destruction, and jealousy, you will manifest this and feel it in your energy. Therefore, forever focus on thoughts that create; if you think otherwise, try adjusting such thoughts.

Suppose you ever find yourself jealous of another person’s relationship. In that case, you should try and release that person with love as you focus on building a happy and healthy relationship on your side.



Why Manifest a Breakup?

Why Manifest a Breakup

The most asked question is, why manifest a breakup? A significant percentage of adults must have been in relationships, and some work while others fail.

Some relationships are the happiest while others are full of tears; you have to decide whether you wish your relationship to continue or you should break up. Here is why you may need to manifest a breakup:


Ending a relationship does not mean failure

Some people tend to stay in unhappy and even toxic relationships. After all, they are afraid of being called failures because they couldn’t keep a relationship.

However, if you feel unhappy, start manifesting your breakup because ending a relationship has never been a life failure. If the relationship makes you feel like you are not enough, then it is high time you take it down and manifest.


If you need to focus on other things

Some people cannot focus on relationships and need to focus on other things like their career, wellness, and growth.

If you are in a relationship, and you see your career, growth, and wellness deteriorating, in that case, you should start manifesting a breakup until you get everything together so you can start another relationship.

Usually, relationships end, and life does not stop, so you should stop it if the relationship doesn’t make you a better person.



How to Manifest a Breakup in 5 Steps

How to Manifest a Breakup in 5 Steps

Many people tend to use the law of attraction to make another person miss them or even attract the person they have a crush on. But as we mentioned earlier, you can effortlessly also manifest a breakup in your relationship.

Breakups are usually accompanied by negative feelings, energy, and emotions meaning if you most of the time focus on the negative, then you will be attracting negativity to your life. The same law applies to romantic relationships.

The following five steps will help you understand how to manifest a breakup:


Step 1: Be very clear about the thing you want to manifest

The first step of manifesting a breakup is being crystal clear of what you are manifesting. Remember, when you are unsure of what you want, it is like sending the universe mixed signals, resulting in unfavorable outcomes.

Keep in mind that confusing messages never receive clear responses. How should you gain clarity on what you should manifest?

The best is by getting your journal and writing down the exact things you yearn to manifest. Write them down by name and describe a real scenario of the results you expect; being more specific makes it easier and better for the universe to respond.


Step 2: Make your intentions clear, and acknowledge that your wishes are what you get

The next step in manifesting a breakup is defining your intentions, why do you want it to happen. You should ask yourself several questions to know why you are much determined and driven to desire a breakup.

These are the questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do you want the breakup to happen?
  • How do you feel when thinking about the relationship?
  • Is it bad or good to want the breakup?
  • Do you think life would be better and happier without them?
  • Are you sure you want that?

When you get these answers, you will be clear if you still want the breakup or not. Remember, if you want the breakup to happen because of good intentions, it will probably happen, and you will be happy in the end.

Still, if you have bad intentions, you might have a breakup accompanied by negative energy shortly.


Step 3: Visualize

The third step of manifesting a breakup is visualizing yourself single or better with someone else.

You manifest your reality as an outcome of your energy; visualization happens to be among the best manifestation methods available. This takes you to a world of feeling you are breaking up with your partner.

How can you visualize it?

Go to a quiet place alone, turn off your phone and ensure that there are no disturbances; take deep breaths to keep your body and mind relaxed.

Breathe with your nose taking in and your mouth taking it out.

Now visualize you breaking up with your partner, assume and see yourself single and moving on. Visualize you free, being happy alone or with someone you desire to be with as your life partner.

How good does that feel? If it makes you smile several times, surround yourself with such energy and manifest that.


Step 4: Recite affirmations

What are affirmations? These are statements someone says to themselves and entirely believes that they are true. Affirming yourself is more encouraging and makes your self-esteem strong.

Affirmations are strong, and they tend to change any negative thoughts anyone might be having in their minds about themselves.

Here are some affirmations you need to say to yourself in this case:

  • I am great and deserve a better relationship
  • I am glad that we will part ways
  • Breaking up is the best decision

How do you best make these affirmations? You can write the affirmations or say them out loud with your intentions.

For affirmations to perfectly work, they must come from your deepest place of love and compassion; they have been effective for health, relationships and careers.


Step 5: Let it go and put your trust in the universe

The last step of manifesting a breakup is stepping back and letting the universe take the lead. Avoid worrying too much about the results; as much as you want the breakup to remain open to every possibility existing out there for you.

Ensure that you are not obsessed with a specific outcome because that is likely to block your manifestation from becoming a reality.

Put much focus on becoming the best version of you, and give your partner space to figure out their emotions towards you. However, things are not likely to happen overnight; in this last step, you need to have the highest levels of patience.

Remember, you have done your part, and now you have to let the universe take over from there and avoid sending mixed signals at all costs.

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Final Thoughts

Most people are in relationships they aren’t happy in; they need to manifest the breakup before things start getting worse on their side.

With the steps discussed above in this article, you by now must know how to do it and how the universe can easily give you what you want if you stick to that.

This has worked for many people and if you feel there is a need to break up with your partner, then manifest it first.


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