How to Manifest Someone to Miss You and Text You

If you're trying to manifest anything, you're probably doing it wrong if you aren't thinking about what you want. You want to make them miss you, but you believe it the opposite way. Since you focus on the negative side, you'll experience ill thoughts like worry and depression rather than the positive ones such as joy and contentment.

Feeling terrible increases your resistance to getting the nice things in life that you want. People will miss you more if they know how much they are appreciated while not around.

It's possible to achieve happiness in your own life by thinking about how happy someone else is who is missing you. In the following, we'll be diving into everything you need to know about how to manifest someone to miss you.



How to Manifest Someone to Miss You

What if you could make a loved one long for you right now? Simply follow these 5 steps for manifesting someone to miss you and see how it works in the end!


Step 1: Describe what you want them to remember or miss about you.

Describing what you genuinely feel is the first step in how to manifest someone to miss you. It is easier to attract what you desire into your reality if you are crystal clear about what you want to manifest.

Take out your manifestation diary and jot down the person's name who has been thinking about you lately. Then, in great detail, describe how much they miss you.

What are their true feelings on the inside? What are they going to do to deal with this feeling? What will they do if they don't see you? Describe the ideal situation that you would want to see come to fruition.

The more specifics you provide in your writing, the simpler it will be to establish vibrational resonance with your goal and manifest it in your reality.


Step 2: Be “crystal” clear on why you want someone to miss you.

The second step on how to manifest someone to miss you is to be clear about why you want them to miss you. This step is crucial since your energy is responsible for creating your reality. The Law of Attraction also states that energy with comparable frequencies is attracted to one another.

As a result, aligning your frequency with the energy you want to experience will attract people, things, and events that are a harmonic match for your own personal vibrational frequency. To summarize, your energy affects whether or not you will attract the results you want or the consequences you do not wish to draw.

Asking yourself these questions can help you understand the motivations behind your desire:

  • What is it that you want people to remember about you?
  • How do you feel when you're missing someone you care about?
  • Is it a good or a negative feeling to be missing them?

Your responses will tell you if your energy is good or negative in nature. As long as you're caught in low vibrational emotions such as envy or dread of being alone, you'll experience harmful consequences in line with your low vibrational emotions.

Suppose you want people to miss you because you're motivated by high vibratory emotions such as love and passion. In that case, you will experience favorable results consistent with your positive vibrational state.

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Step 3: Visualize them missing you right now.

The third step in manifesting someone's desire to miss you is to envision them missing you at this very moment. Visualization is the most effective method of getting into the sensation of whatever it is that you wish to experience. Imagine someone in particular and begin the visualization process by thinking about that person.

Consider how much they miss you and the things they do due to their need for you. In your mind, when you have constructed a realistic image of what you want, direct your focus to the good intents and feelings that are supporting your desire. Consider how much they care about you and how much they appreciate you.

Reminisce on the great times you and your partner have had. Consider how ecstatic they are to be available to connect with you. Spend some time in silence, allowing this beautiful energy to wash over you and permeate your whole being. You'll want to keep this emotion in mind and utilize it as a reference point for your energy state.

Instead of sliding downward into negative feelings, embrace this tremendous energy anytime you miss someone or something. You may return to this visualization meditation if you feel unsure about your manifestation to balance your energy.


Step 4: Recite love affirmations over and over.

The fourth thing you can do to manifest someone to miss you is to say love affirmations over and over. Affirmations are positive sentences that you may observe and repeat to yourself to replace negative thinking with positive thoughts gradually. To keep the good energy you created in Step 4, recite your affirmations as much as possible.

Choose one of the affirmations from the list below that resonates with you and repeat it anytime you need to overcome negative ideas or feelings.

  • I am deserving of care and affection.
  • I am prepared to look at this circumstance from a loving perspective.
  • I am receptive to both sharing and exchanging affection.
  • My cheerful vibe is alluring and appealing to those that are around me.
  • I have a powerful ability to draw romantic connections throughout my existence.
  • Right now, I am entire and complete in every way.
  • Being in love is a beautiful experience.
  • I am freeing myself from history and tomorrow.
  • I relinquish control of my connection to the Universe.

Using positive affirmations effectively requires you to believe in them. Make a few repetitions of each statement and see which ones ring true for you. Decide on a handful that makes you feel great and repeat them every morning and every night to boost your vibration and attract more beautiful things into your life.


Step 5: Let go and don't obsess about the outcome.

Now all you have to do is let go and let your manifestation come to fruition. Make sure you don't obsess about what will happen in the future. To worry about the outcome reveals a lack of faith in the Universe.

Regardless of whether you believe in a deity or not, do you feel that the Universe can assist you in achieving your goals? Having patience and faith in the Universe is essential. Although you want them to be sad about your absence, we urge you to have an open mind about the many available options.

Focusing on what you want rather than what you don't wish to is also important. Do not worry about them, and give them the time and space to think about what they truly want. They might get back to you in a week or so.

They may need to perform some inner work and take a spiritual trip to begin a genuine connection. Your best interests and happiness are best served by being open-minded and accepting of any possibilities that may come your way.

While waiting for your manifestation to come to fruition, keep your energy up by using positive affirmations, prayers to the Universe, or affirmation cards.



How to Manifest Someone to Miss You and Text You

There is no doubt that you can get texts or phone calls from someone you want! As soon as you believe that, you will see that you can do anything.

When you want someone to call or text you, you don't have to do anything different than you do when you want money on the ground, a new job, or anything else!

Make sure you believe that you can have what you focus on and that you can get it. Use these three easy and popular methods to see how it goes.


The “Whisper” Method

First and foremost, the whisper method is one of the go-to manifestation approaches for just about everything. It's a piece of cake. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to help you relax.

Think about who you'd want to get a text message from now on. The best way to gain a clear picture of them is to visualize them in your mind. It's as though they're sitting right next to you right now. What do they have on? Observe how they're feeling. Is there any fragrance or perfume on this person?

Make a mental image of yourself whispering into their ear once you have a clear picture of them. Try whispering, “you will send me a text message,” while leaning in close.

There you have it! The most delicate things about manifesting are straightforward, even if they seem like they aren't. Most importantly, it's easy and doesn't need any work. This is a fun and easy way to create a text in minutes. Give it a go!

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Texting Yourself Method

You'll do almost anything to get something if you really want something, right? Now, we think this method might be a little challenging for some, but it will be worth a shot, don't worry.

To start, take a few deep breaths. So, get your phone out. Then, save your number on your phone under the name of the person you want to call. Then write a message to yourself saying what you want them to say. Then send the message.

Do something else for a while after you send the message. Let go of it. Make sure to really think about what you read and feel the vibration as if it came from them.

When you read a text, you should try to feel what it is like to get it. It's also important that you get your subconscious mind used to and ready for messages from the person you've been waiting for for years.


The Pillow Method

Many people love manifesting while they sleep since it is so simple and doesn't need any effort from them. The pillow method is one of the most acceptable ways to bring a text to life. You write what you wish to manifest on a sheet of paper but in positive words.

If that has already occurred, then that's the way we should write about it. “I'm so glad Johnny texted me!” is an example. Sleep with it beneath your pillow every night until you get a text message. As if by magic, all that incredible energy will pour out of you without any effort on your part. Simple, right?



How to Manifest Someone to Miss You Using the 369 Method?

It works as follows: First and foremost, decide whatever you want to manifest in your life. For example, you may make somebody miss you or contact you.

Three times in the morning, jot down that manifestation in your journal just after waking up. In the afternoon, rewrite it six more times on your paper. Finally, at night, jot down your thoughts nine times. That's all there is to it.

Although it seems straightforward, there is a strong rationale behind the spiritual practice. It asserts that the combination of these numbers has significance for the individual. The numbers three, six, and nine are all significant when practicing.

Three links us to the planet or the source, six signifies the inner power we possess, and nine assists us in moving on to the past and releasing any self-doubt we may be experiencing. In manifestation methods, frequency is crucial, and connecting to these numbers (whether they are divine or not) may well be the key to bringing your dreams to fruition.




Manifesting things that happen in your life is a powerful tool for getting what you want in the long run. The more you know how to manifest someone to miss you, the more you'll have the relationships you want.

You just have to practice and get better at manifesting before you can do it well enough. It will pay off in the long run, though! The more you do it, the better your manifesting skills will get. What you want will come to life in front of your eyes if you believe in it and make it happen.


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