How to Open Your Third Eye Fast – 6 Effective Techniques

The Third Eye, or Pineal Gland, is considered the “seat of the soul” and is the center of our spiritual guidance system.

Many are afraid of the term third eye because it is often associated with mystical and paranormal phenomena, but we can see it as something much simpler: intuition.

The third eye has always been the symbol of one's spiritual power:

  • It is the organ that allows us to feel connected with the Universe
  • To go beyond the five senses
  • To penetrate the higher layers of consciousness
  • To “know,” perceive, feel even what you do not know mentally

Our job is to keep the flow of energy open, so the doors of intuition and inner vision remain open.



What is the Third Eye

Everyone has a third eye, some have it open, but many have the third eye blocked because we have forgotten how to focus on it over the course of our lives and have been distracted from everyday life. But what actually is the third eye?

The third eye is also called the brow chakra. It is located in front of our brain, about halfway between our eyebrows. It is the sixth of the seven chakras, one of the body's energy centers.

It is also known as the eye of intuition as it symbolizes an enlightened state of consciousness. When your third eye is open, your body, soul, and spirit are perfectly connected, so you also gain more control over your mind and emotions.

You perceive your environment better, and you can put yourself in other people's shoes. With the opening of your brow chakra, you are able to perceive the world around you sensitively.

In most teachings, the third eye is associated with the pineal gland. The pineal gland is at the center of our brain where the hormones melatonin and serotonin, which are responsible for sleep and various emotions such as happiness and euphoria, are produced.



How do I Know if my Third Eye is Blocked?

How do I Know if my Third Eye is Blocked

You have trouble listening to your inner voice when your third eye is blocked. You think irrationally and do not listen to your gut feeling or intuition.

This also makes it difficult for you to try and engage in new things and impairs your memory. Physical and psychological complaints such as depression, migraines, insomnia, headaches, and dizziness can also result from a blocked sixth chakra.

When there is no balance between the third eye and the other chakras:

  • We don't see life clearly
  • Struggle to make decisions
  • Feel disconnected from the people around us
  • Don't trust others
  • Judge quickly
  • Don't trust our intuition
  • Don't feel inspired
  • We blame others for everything that happens. We are victims and not creators.
  • Don't understand our emotions well and have a hard time communicating them.


Is my third eye open? – Self Test

There is a very simple self-test for this.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and imagine the three primary colors, red, green, and blue, one after the other.

After that, focus on the colors purple, orange, and yellow. If you can imagine all colors perfectly, your third eye seems to be in good order.

But if you have trouble imagining one or more colors, your third eye seems to be somewhat disturbed. This can be primarily due to calcification of the pineal gland. I would now like to show you how you can undo this and how you can activate and open your third eye.

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Why Activate the Third Eye

Why Activate the Third Eye

Although the health of all chakras is important, opening the sixth chakra is absolutely vital. It takes us beyond the five senses and rationality and is attuned to and aware of the higher dimensions.

Unlocking it will allow us to ‘see' things more clearly and to ‘see beyond' material physical reality. Activating the third eye is a time-consuming process and will not happen the first few times we try.


Benefits of Opening the Third Eye

  • Faster learning
  • Greater insight
  • Increased creativity
  • Clarity in decisions
  • Greater telepathy
  • Greater concentration
  • Empathy
  • More vivid dreams
  • Having a better awareness of oneself, of one's values, ​​and of what we want to do in life
  • Greater self-confidence



How to Open Your Third Eye

How to Open Your Third Eye

Many techniques are related to the pineal gland. If you concentrate on these and activate them, you are a lot closer to the goal of opening your third eye.

However, be aware that opening your third eye does not happen overnight; on the contrary, it is a long-term process. So don't get discouraged and keep believing in yourself!


1. Adjust your diet

It all starts here with our diet. One of the main factors for a blockage of the pineal gland is an overdose of fluoride in our food and drinks. Starting with fluoridated table salt, through drinks containing fluoride such as some mineral water, to our toothpaste. This can lead to calcification of the pineal gland.

So my advice to you is to avoid foods, table salt, and toothpaste that are fluoridated. Fluoride-free products are becoming increasingly common even in normal supermarkets. For example, there are plenty of alternatives to toothpaste and groceries in online shops or health food stores, such as Himalayan or sea salt.

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2. Sports and exercise

It is well known that many sporting activities in the fresh air and the physical form of yoga, also known as Hatha Yoga, are very beneficial to health. This also includes hikes, walks, etc.

Through movement, molecules in our body are moved and exchanged better. This also applies to our third eye. In this way, calcifications can be dissolved more easily, and the body can be cleaned more quickly.

Once the pineal gland has been “decalcified,” it can work properly again, and your third eye will open all the faster.


3. Open your third eye with the help of colors

Each chakra in your body is associated with a specific color. The third eye reacts to the colors purple and indigo blue. To activate it, you can surround yourself with these colors more often.

For example, you could decorate your apartment purple and blue and dress in these colors.

You can also imagine that this color completely surrounds you, then breathe in and out this color deeply. The best way is to imagine this indigo-blue stream of breath flowing in and out through your third eye.

This creates a whole series of positive impulses in the subconscious, which can activate your forehead chakra.


4. Mindfulness and Meditation

Try to incorporate regular meditation into your everyday life. You will become more mindful and notice that you can organize your thoughts and your mind better.

In addition, meditation is very relaxing, and you can switch off from everyday life and reduce stress. With meditation, you will find yourself.


Guided meditation to open the third eye

I recommend doing this meditation, especially when you have a question you want to answer. It will help you connect to the higher part of yourself and find inspiration more easily.

Let's start with a few deep breaths to relax our body and mind.

We visualize a small cone-shaped gland behind our forehead in the center of the head. Now visualize a small bubble of golden light enveloping your pineal gland.

Focus all your attention on the color and warmth emanating from this sphere and watch it activate and begin to spin around in a vortex of energy.

The sphere begins to extend throughout your head which becomes light as if it were a balloon. Stay in this state of presence and lightness for a few moments.

Finally, gather all the energy created by this vortex and enclose it again in the pineal gland, which is now even more powerful than when you started.

Know that you will have access to that energy, mental clarity, and intuitive power whenever you want.


5. Lucid dreaming and out of body experience

The employment and learning of lucid dreams and out-of-body experience are the “supreme disciplines” to open your third eye. Especially since these techniques in connection with meditation contain everything that activates your third eye anyway.

Lucid dreams are dreams in which the dreamer becomes aware that he is dreaming. In comparison to the more unconscious dreams, you can decide for yourself what happens there. If you reach this state, you can do everything there.

You can fly like Superman, increase your ability to learn in every way, or go on a date with your soulmate, whatever you like. Lucid dreams are the key to your subconscious.

You can also convert a lucid dream into a conscious out of body experience. Here you can expand the perception of your consciousness so that you can go on journeys outside of the physical  body, far away from space and time.

Out-of-body experience gives you even more options than lucid dreaming. However, going into detail about all the peculiarities of lucid dreams and out of body experience would go beyond the scope of this article.


6. Use the tapping technique

A more practical method is to use the index finger to lightly tap the center of the forehead or make small circles to bring all the energy there.

After massaging the third eye for about 30 seconds, remove your finger and feel the spiral of active energy.



Mistakes to Avoid when Opening the Third Eye

Mistakes to Avoid when Opening the Third Eye


1. Giving up immediately

Activating the third eye takes time and patience. If you do not seem to feel more guided in decisions during the first or second meditation, or you have not suddenly become telepathic, do not worry.

Persist in meditation and visualization and give yourself time to develop these skills.


2. Sticking with past habits

You have started having moments of insight, and they are telling you that some of the things you do are not right for you.

Changing your habits or distancing yourself from certain people is not easy, but if you don't follow your intuition, you will end up blocking the chakra energy again.


3. Absorbing too much energy

Opening the third eye means becoming more sensitive to energy, and if you don't learn to set limits, you will end up absorbing too much of it.

Learn to protect yourself and take a moment to distance yourself when you feel overwhelmed by others.





What happens when the third eye is opened?

People whose third eye is open are more empathetic. They can empathize better with other people, quickly uncover lies, and have an excellent knowledge of human nature. Your intuition is very strong, and you can rely on your gut feeling.

When your brow chakra is activated, your perception improves, your memory improves, and you can remember and recall things faster in addition, your ability to concentrate increases.


Is it dangerous to open the third eye?

Opening the third eye is not dangerous, but as always, it can bring noticeable changes in your life in personal and spiritual growth.

You will be able to realize things that are not right and decide to change them. You may have visions or dreams or signs more evident than those you had in the past.

These things can be scary or can create problems in relationships.

Not everyone is open to or interested in these issues, so you'll need to find the right people to talk to.




I hope these steps will help you open your third eye and activate your pineal gland. It is important that you let yourself be involved in your thoughts.

Break free and watch them, don't judge them! Let your thoughts be thoughts! There is no right or wrong. Do what feels good for you. Try to find your intuition and listen to your gut feeling!


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