10 Life Changes You Can’t Avoid on Your Path to Awakening

If you find yourself reading these words, then congratulations are in order because you are well on your way to enlightenment.

Although the journey to enlightenment is unique to each individual, there are some common elements that bind us all together on this path of self-discovery.

One of the first things we notice as we embark on this journey is a profound change in our perception of the world.

The truths we once held dear now seem distorted as we look through the curtains of illusion woven into the very fabric of our society, governments, and traditional institutions.

We become aware of the pitfalls of consumerism and materialism, realizing that we hold the reins to shape our lives. The choice before us becomes undoubtedly clear.

The process of awakening often brings a deep sense of spirituality within us. We experience an inexplicable connection with the universal intelligence that flows through all living beings.

Signs, symbols, and synchronicities begin to weave into the tapestry of our existence, changing our course forever. During this transformative journey, we encounter universal changes that demand our attention and require our growth and evolution.

And now, without further ado, here are some of those universal changes that we must embrace as we progress on the path to enlightenment.




1. Healing your relationships

1. Healing your relationships

When it comes to our relationships with friends and family, it is essential that we begin a journey of deep healing and cleansing.

Many of us have experienced significant trauma during our youth, and it is these wounds that require our loving attention to be freed from old patterns and interpretations of the world.

A key aspect of this healing process involves establishing healthy relationships with parents and family members.

Regardless of who our parents were or are, it is essential to recognize that everyone makes the best of what they have.

This understanding forms the foundation for engaging in difficult conversations aimed at healing past grievances and taking personal responsibility when necessary.

Forgiveness plays a vital role in releasing the hold of past moments and relationships formed during our upbringing. It is important to recognize that we create our own experiences and take ownership of them.

These experiences, regardless of their nature, serve as opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. Resisting or denying these teachings only hinders the personal empowerment that awaits us.

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2. Exploring new horizons

2. Exploring new horizons

To truly awaken, it is imperative that we burst the bubble of our limited worldview. The places we grew up often offer only a microcosm of the larger world that lies beyond.

The world is filled with infinite beauty and extraordinary people, waiting to be discovered and embraced.

We must not allow the boundaries of our immediate environment to shape our perceptions or limit our experiences.

By diversifying our horizons and giving ourselves permission to explore new territories, we can find a place to call home that aligns with our values, desires, and aspirations.

This, in turn, paves the way for a fulfilling life and career.




3. Letting go of unhealthy attachments

5. Letting go of clutter, chaos, and the past

One of the most challenging endeavors we may face on our journey to enlightenment is the need to distance ourselves from unhealthy, toxic, and stagnant relationships.

It can be incredibly difficult to break away from old friendships and even beloved individuals from our past.

However, when we are committed to personal growth, it becomes necessary to surround ourselves with people who share the same commitment.

Scientifically speaking, we become a reflection of the five people we spend most of our time with. Therefore, it is essential to be prudent, careful, and deliberate in choosing the company we keep.

While it is admirable to support and help others, it is equally important to recognize when individuals are resistant to change or personal development.

In such cases, it may be time to reassess and move on.

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4. Continually improving your diet and exercise regimen

4. Continually improving your diet and exercise regimen

Many people mistakenly believe that finding a diet that works for them means sticking to it indefinitely. However, the truth is that our nutritional needs have always evolved over time.

Embrace the opportunity to explore different healthy diets that really resonate with you, and stay open to new advances in nutrition technology.

Similarly, exercise has also undergone a rapid transformation with the rise of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and other forms of social media.

The world of fitness education is evolving at an unprecedented pace.

The principle of continuous self-improvement is closely related to awakening, and prioritizing your diet and exercise is at the top of that list.




5. Letting go of clutter, chaos, and the past

5. Letting go of clutter, chaos, and the past

Mess and chaos are not rebellious or sexy; they symbolize a lack of real care and awareness. While it may take time and effort to keep our lives neat and organized, the benefits are worth it.

When you maintain a tight, clean, and organized environment, you will find that your ambitions come true more effortlessly.

It is essential to say goodbye to old possessions that hold strong emotional attachments. These objects can hold a significant amount of emotional energy, keeping us anchored to the past.

I remember advising a friend to throw away his old, worn-out shoes, which he climbed into because of financial worries.

Amazingly, within a week of parting with those beat-up shoes, he landed a well-paying gig and found a new home. He intuitively understood the impact of shoes on his life. I have witnessed similar experiences with myself and my clients.

Our physical surroundings often reflect our connection to the past. By letting go of the old, we create space for new possibilities, clarity, gifts, and the wondrous wonders of the Universe.

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6. Become a student of life

6. Become a student of life

As an educated individual, you likely have an insatiable hunger for truth and a deep curiosity about the complexities of life.

Learning is an evolutionary process, requiring us to continually grow into our true selves by acquiring new knowledge, tools, and perspectives.

It is important to recognize that resistance to change is the root cause of suffering. A genuine desire to learn is synonymous with a desire for personal growth.

To facilitate this process, consider keeping a list of the subjects you are actively studying and developing a strategy for acquiring this new knowledge (a simple notepad and pen may suffice).

Allocate specific times in your day to study and track your progress. Online courses offer incredible opportunities to expand your horizons and acquire knowledge on a wide range of subjects.




7. Cultivating a supportive community

7. Cultivating a supportive community

A common issue I have heard from many individuals on their spiritual journey is the lack of like-minded people in their local surroundings. This can be discouraging and hinder personal growth if one does not feel supported.

This is why it is essential that we join together and actively seek out others who share our interests, goals, and values.

Growth is made easier when we surround ourselves with individuals who are on a similar path, and to find them, we must find our community and create our own unique journeys.

So get out into the world and stretch! You will be amazed at the number of people around you who are also looking for soul connection.

And if that's not immediately obvious, rest assured, there are an infinite number of clever souls out there. I have encountered them all over the world, both in person and online.

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8. Maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and life

8. Maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and life

No more self-sabotage or low self-esteem! As an educated individual, it is essential to be loving and kind to yourself.

This means reducing negative thoughts and emotions towards yourself and others.

It also means letting go of the need to compete or compare yourself to others and instead taking responsibility for your relationship with yourself and your lifestyle.

Remember, you have the power to design your inner and outer reality the way you want it to be.

All it takes is giving yourself permission and having faith in your abilities. Building this relationship with yourself will take time and patience, but I know you have what it takes!




9. Pursuing a career that matches your heart's calling

9. Pursuing a career that matches your heart's calling

You can't settle for soul-sucking work just because it pays well. Choosing a career that truly satisfies you is worth the effort. Don't wake up to a day filled with regret when you can wake up feeling accomplished.

Following your heart's calling in your career can be challenging. It may require doing things that may seem illogical to those around you.

However, if you make honest decisions based on your true calling, it will always guide you in the right direction.

If you're not sure what your heart is calling you, don't worry. It is a continuous process of discovery. Start exploring different paths until you find one that resonates with you.

Remember, everyone's calling evolves, so it's not about finding it once and for all—it's about aligning yourself with what you need to do now. Listen to the whispers in your heart and soul; they will guide you without fail.

Pursuing a career that matches your heart also means making a positive impact and contributing to a better world. When we all do our part, the world constantly changes for the better.

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10. Living with an open heart

10. Living with an open heart

Every day, open your heart and let love guide you. Love is always the answer. Embrace the power of love in your daily life and let it shape your thoughts, actions, and interactions with others.

By living from the heart, we tap into a wellspring of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

This allows us to create meaningful connections and foster harmony within ourselves and in our relationships.

Remember, you own this! So embark on this journey with an open heart and see how love transforms your life and the world around you.


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