Past Life Quiz: Choose a Portal to Find Out Who You Were in Your Past Life

The past life quiz that I am offering you today is very simple. All you have to do is choose the portal you are most attracted to, and it will reveal what you were in your past life.

The way this works is that our subconscious still preserves memories of our past lives, and it will probably feel connected to something if it's already familiar with it. So by seeing and concentrating your attention on a picture you feel connected to because you probably have already seen it in a past life, you start to awaken these memories.

Choose the portal you most feel connected to and find out what kind of person you have been in your other lives and what fate awaits you in your current life.



1. Pirate

1. Pirate

If you have chosen this portal, it means that in your previous life, you have been a pirate, or in any case, a person who has overcome the barriers of the rules of society, rejecting any law dictated by mental rigidity.

But you have not always acted only out of justice or goodness, in this life, you wanted to experience your wildest and freest part of yourself, and perhaps this madness has also created you some not exactly positive karma, which you will be experiencing in your current life.

To harmonize your balance, you will have to accept the wild side of others. It will be a way to forgive yourself when you did the same things to others, or to yourself, in order to release the negative side of your karma.

Your Mission

Your destiny is to free yourself from any preset scheme to return to having the somewhat free vision of the pirate but in a more positive and balanced sense.

Your mission is to help others to free themselves from the grip of the rules that suffocate them, and you will do so through your example!

In your cells, the memory of what it means to live in freedom is still preserved, you will find all the information you need if you ask, and if you can free yourself from control in this life, you will find your treasure!



2. Emperor

2. Emperor

If you have chosen this portal, it means that in your previous lives, you have often had the task of ruling people or, in any case holding important and fundamental roles for the change of the history of some places.

You have held this position in your last life as well, and now you are reminded that you are not in the world to suffer every consequence and complain but to react and decide to change things when the opportunity presents itself!

Often, people who have had roles of power in history somehow feel oppressed by their destiny. They are afraid of not being able, having responsibility for other lives in their decisions has never been easy, not even for an emperor. In fact, it didn't always end well; this has created you a karma of fear of failure and helplessness.

But now you will have to understand that you are a human being too, that you have the right to make mistakes and not to continue to feel guilty for the rest of your lives, abandon all sense of failure and breathe your true essence with new confidence.

Your Mission

Your destiny is to regain possession of your throne to continue to guide the people who will approach you towards their best personal development and growth in existence!

You have the skills to direct and help build a better and prosperous future through change projects. You know in your heart that you are able to be a guide and know how to best manage any situation in its positive evolution.



3. Warrior

3. Warrior

If you have chosen this portal, it means that in previous lives, you were a soldier, a warrior, a rebel who had to fight many wars and experience the most brutal part of existence, even in your last life.

This has generated a karma of anger and frustration, of deep pain that you cannot find peace of.

In this life, you carry this pain within your Soul in an unconscious form, and the time has come to accept this dark side of yours to let it go definitively.

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Only you can forgive yourself, you have great courage, and you are very strong energetically, but feeling guilty and continually angry does not let you see the most constructive part of your talent. Simply forgive, accept human error, and change the page!

Your Mission

Your destiny is to help humanity fearlessly advance towards the Light, so you are a Warrior of the Light!

Do not doubt it anymore! You are on this planet to fight in the Light. You will give others hope for a better future with compassion and courage.



4. Victim

4. Victim

If you have chosen this portal, it means that you have lived in the shadow of others in your previous lives. You have become a victim of events because you were too afraid to react.

You have always been sensitive and, in a certain way, fragile to be able to rebel, so you have preferred to agree to remain imprisoned, trapped. You have agreed to remain a victim in any context.

This fear of others does not let you react. Therefore, you have created a karma of submission, helplessness, and victimization; also, in this life, you will somehow find yourself experiencing situations in which you feel threatened or a victim of people.

But now, the time has come to free yourself from this cycle of fear. If you are reading these words, it means that you will have to take courage and finally react, that you will have to put boundaries on others and be more decisive in your decisions, more convinced in your expressions.

You are a sweet and understanding person, which is why you had to experience the negative part of your being. To be able to achieve emotional stability and express your sweetness in the world in an active way, the first step is to react strongly.

Your Mission

Your destiny is to instill love and lightness, to transmit sweetness and peace to the creatures of the earth as only you know how to do!

Try to understand the importance of your mission and free yourself from prejudice, confidently start sharing your gifts and learn to forgive. Act and express your truths in the world.



5. Hermit

5. Hermit

If you have chosen this portal, it means that in your previous lives, you have often preferred to be marginalized from the rest of the world. You liked to live in very isolated places for long periods in solitude.

You have always preferred to move away from the life that others were building as a society, to experience your own personal form of existence, and to connect with the earth and with the spirits of nature.

But sometimes you went away just because you couldn't stand the shadow part of humanity, you couldn't make sense of it, and in this way, you also rejected a part of yourself!

It is true that in solitude, a state of strong connection is reached, but sooner or later, you will have to confront all those parts of yourself that you cannot tolerate to integrate them into your being, and these parts show up through other people and things you can't stand.

So the time has come for you to face society and people with more compassion, accepting that life also expresses itself in this way, do not feel continually distant from what surrounds you, but unite everything within yourself.

Your Mission

Your destiny is to share your enormous wisdom with the rest of the world. You are here to give a little of your knowledge to all the people who will need to understand better what it means to connect with existence.

You have learned a lot in these solitary lives of yours, and the time has come to pass it on to those who will be ready, but first accept the opposite of what you want, accept the part of life you don't like.



6. Extraterrestrial

6. Extraterrestrial

If you have chosen this portal, it means that you arrived on earth from another planet or any kind of existence form, so your past lives were lived differently than third dimensional!

Even if the life of some worlds is almost similar to life on earth, it is still different in many other aspects, so from an early age, you will have had the feeling of being a little “stranger” to the world, a little alien let's say.

This feeling you have is because you have not actually been a part of this planet since the beginning of the human program but only recently arrived to make your energetic contribution to the evolution of this solar system.

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To activate, you will first have to align yourself with your mission, now is the time to understand that even here on this planet, you can feel at home and at peace, as long as you accept that you want to participate with all your heart, and in a conscious way in this great mission of ascension.

Your Mission

Your destiny is to enlighten and vibrate as high as you can!

You are here on a very special mission, and through your presence alone, you can make your contribution to humanity to change itself, become aware of your powers, accept your current human form and try to activate the connection to your true parent stars who will give you the support you need.



7. Master

7. Master

If you have chosen this portal, it means that you are a very ancient Soul, so ancient that you have been here since the beginning of creation on Earth!

Even before the history of humanity began, there were human beings a little different from how you see them today, more in connection with the essence of life, wiser, and more open mentally.

One of these civilizations was called Lemuria, and later came Atlantis. You were part of these civilizations, you carry the memory in your DNA, in your akashic records.

You have been traveling continuously for many centuries until now, and it is normal that you feel a little tired, perhaps even exhausted. All the energy that you carry, the information loads your being a lot and consequently your physical body also feels always tired.

Your Mission

You have come this far to bear your testimony, to share the knowledge you have inside your memory of a different humanity.

Show the world what it means to be an awakened human, I know you remember it. You just have to accept your mission and believe more in yourself! I believe in you!



8. Traveler

8. Traveler

If you have chosen this portal, it means that you had to travel a lot in previous lives, at first out of need, but then you continued to do so out of passion.

For this reason, you now feel this great urge to explore the world inside your heart because it is your nature, as you have experienced great adventures in these lives of exploration.

The thing that could make you fulfilled and happy is actually the freedom to move and go where you want, so you will have to choose to listen to this part of you that pushes you to become more fluid and less stable.

During your travels, you have discovered many beautiful things that you have shared with all the people you met, such as new cultures and their riches.

If the world now shares certain types of preferences, perhaps it is thanks to your discoveries of the past and your sharing. So no longer be afraid of becoming a traveler; you were born to know the world through physical experience, to discover and illuminate all the truths that still remain in the shadows, to discover the beauty of every corner of the Earth and show it to the rest of the people.

Your Mission

Your destiny is to expand the knowledge of humanity on a visual and sensorial level through example and information.

You are in this world to have fun and explore the world, to convey your joy to others as you do so, in order to serve as an example.

You will only have to overcome the emotional block of fear to feel you deserve to be happy!


So which one were you? We would love to know your story in the comments below.


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