What is the Pillow Manifestation Method and How to Do It

When I was a child, I had to cram for a geography test. It was my weak point, and I would always be very nervous and struggle with getting a good grade.

One time, my uncle told me to put the textbook under my pillow the night before. Supposedly, it would help me retain all the knowledge from the last couple of days. I didn't take him seriously because he was always a jokester. But I still did it. I would try anything at this point.

You know what? It worked. I don't know how, but I got a better grade on that test than ever before.

Years later, I would learn that there is something called the pillow manifestation method. I was already a big fan of morning affirmations, and they helped me live a healthier and happier life. Then, why not add something to my nightly routine as well? After all, I had wonderful experiences with something similar before.

You're here because you think the same. In that case, this article will answer all your questions and teach you how to do pillow manifestations. Let's go.



What Is the Pillow Manifestation Method?

The pillow manifestation method is a simple technique that allows you to make your wish to the Universe while you sleep.

The process is simple. You write your wish on a piece of paper and put it under the pillow. Then lie down and meditate on your goal or intention.

That's it. There's nothing more to it. You don't have to invest in crystals, engage in complicated rituals, nothing. Just a piece of paper under your pillow and a sincere wish.



How Does the Pillow Manifestation Method Work?

How Does the Pillow Manifestation Method Work

Your brain doesn't turn off with the lights. While certain portions of your brain are resting, the others are still hard at work. That's your subconscious mind.

At night, you go through sleep cycles. Each one lasts 90 minutes and includes five stages of sleep. The first four stages are NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep, while the last is REM sleep. At first, the REM lasts about 10 minutes and gets longer with each additional cycle.

When you are in the first and second NREM stage, your brain produces Theta brainwaves. These waves are also present during meditation and light sleep.

Concentrating on your wish or intention hypnotizes you while you sleep to bring it all together. It enters your subconscious mind, making it easier for you to manifest it. It also prevents you from having manifesting negative thoughts while you sleep.

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How to Do the Pillow Manifestation Method


Step 1: Choose Your Wish

This is the most important part of the process. Once you get it right, the rest is a piece of cake.

Manifesting is all about sending a clear message to the Universe and not muddying it with stray thoughts and ideas. Take your time to define what it is that you want to accomplish clearly. It's fine if it takes you a couple of days. No one said that you have to start your manifestations right here and right now.

First, let's get something straight. Don't ask for something too unreasonable. You can't ask to become the president of the world (trust me, I tried), and neither can you ask for a specific sequence of events.

You can't ask for that nasty co-worker to fall and get a head injury that will turn them nice, but you can ask for a calmer work environment. Don't ask for a pair of Louboutins to fall from the sky, ask for success at work so you can buy any pair of shoes you want.

Once you have a more reasonable request, it's time to write it down and meditate.


Step 2: Write Down the Wish

Write Down the Wish

Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down your wish. It can be as simple as a single sentence or write a poem if that works better.

Make a strong claim by using “I am (strong, successful, happy, etc.)” or “I want (love, success, etc.).” You can also start with a thank you note, like “Thank you, Universe” or “Thank you God for (success, happiness, etc.).”

While you're doing that, concentrate on the mechanics of your request. What are the things that should happen, and how will that goal impact your life.

Try to envision a couple of scenarios and events after your wish comes true. Having them visualized in your head will help you later.

If you want, take your time meditating while looking at that piece of paper. You can repeat the words a few times like a mantra as well.


Step 3: Put the Paper Under the Pillow

That's it. You don't have to do anything special or ritualistic in this step. However, consider putting the note into the pillowcase if you are a very active sleeper.


Step 4: Meditate


Lie down and get comfortable. Take a couple of deep breaths. Take longer to breathe out (i.e., breathe in for 4 seconds, breathe out for 8),

Now, concentrate on your wish. Don't overthink about the mechanics and the events that should lead to your goal. Instead, focus on feelings.

Each thing that happens in our lives triggers an emotion. We feel warmth when we are with our loved ones, pride when we complete tasks, happiness when we get gifts, etc.

What is the emotion that has the strongest connection with your wish or goal? How will you feel once it comes true? Put yourself in that state. Try to feel the same things your future self is feeling.

After all, the wish or a goal is just a vessel, while that emotion is the true prize.


Step 5: Sleep

Meditation will probably relax you and lull you into sleep. If you can't doze off still, do some breathing exercises to relax.

One of the best methods for falling asleep is the 4-7-8 breathing technique. This technique helps calm panic attacks, so it's bound to help you release all the stress and tension.

To do this breathing technique, breath in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, then slowly breathe out through your mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat at least two more times.

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Step 6: Start Your Day on a Positive Note

Start Your Day on a Positive Note

As I mentioned above, one thing I love to do in the morning is going through self-confidence-boosting affirmations. It takes minutes, but it improves my day.

You can simply look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Today is a good day, my wish will come true soon.“. This keeps you in this state of mind where you are constantly manifesting your positive thoughts.

Another thing you can do is write in your gratitude journal. This exercise is not only great for your mental health, but you can use it as an opportunity to thank the Universe for listening to your request.



Pillow Method Manifestation Examples

Pillow Method Manifestation Examples


Manifesting Love With the Pillow Manifestation Method

Don't try to make a certain person fall in love with you. Instead, concentrate on attracting the love you want in your life.

Let's say you are single and ready to meet that special someone. You can write, “I want to meet my soulmate,” or, “I want to meet my life partner.” Use any words and terms that appeal to you.

While writing, think about who this person is supposed to be. Kind, generous, funny, splendid cook, smoking hot (hey, we all have eyes), etc. Imagine a person who can make you happy.

Put the paper under the pillow and lay down. Before you fall asleep, try to feel the love. Feel the giddiness before the first date, the happiness, warmth, comfort, etc. Send your wish to the Universe and trust that it will bring you a perfect partner.


Manifesting Success With the Pillow Manifestation Method

I wish I could write, “I want someone to gift me Amazon stocks.” Alas, it doesn't work that way.

However, you can wish for the Universe to give you opportunities and confidence. For example, you can write, “I want a big client,” or, “I want a big opportunity.”

Ask yourself what kind of client or project would change your life. If you run an antique shop, is it an affluent customer with many antiquing friends? If you're in marketing, is it an ad that millions of people will see? If you are a fashion designer, is it a garment for a celebrity or an influencer?

When you put the paper under the pillow, concentrate on the excitement and triumph once you complete your tasks. Wake up in the morning determined to be productive and own the day.


Manifesting Wellbeing With the Pillow Manifestation Method

Stress and negative emotions negatively impact our health. Sometimes, we just need peace and rest, and everything else will fall into place.

Write, “I want restful sleep,” “I want to be happier,” or, “I want a break.” They don't sound like big demands unless you're feeling the world's weight on your shoulders.

Before you fall asleep, imagine that you are an onion. Each layer you peel away is a layer of stress, anger, sadness, or anything else keeping you down. Breathe deeply throughout the exercise.

This will pair great with a gratitude journal and some lovely aromatherapy.

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FAQs About the Pillow Manifestation Method


How Long Should You Keep Your Affirmation Under Your Pillow?

Most people recommend keeping an affirmation under your pillow for no longer than seven days. However, listen to your instincts.

If you have a solid attachment to the affirmation, examine it. If it's something that's stressing you out, let it go after seven days. But if it's something that fills you with optimism and hope, keep it under your pillow for as long as you wish.


Do I Need Special Equipment?

Of course not. Use any pen and piece of paper you have on hand. However, if using special stationery makes you happy, go for it.


How Long Until the Affirmation Works?

Depends on many factors. Smaller manifestations can produce results in a couple of days, while bigger ones need more time.

Give it a week or two first. If you don't see results, try rephrasing the affirmation. If you have a bigger goal, break it down into smaller manifestations so you can see results quicker and stay positive.


Can I Manifest For Someone Else?

You can, as long as the person wishes for the same thing.

When using the pillow manifestation method, keep the affirmation under your pillow. Don't put it under other people's pillows without their knowledge. It's rude, and the Universe looks down on rude people.


Can I Use This Method When Traveling?

If you mean while sleeping in other locations, yes. But if you mean taking a nap on a plane, still yes.

It may be awkward to keep an affirmation under one of those neck pillows. Instead, place it in a pocket, or put it into a pouch that you can wear around your neck.


Can I Use This Method With Other Manifestations And Affirmations?

Of course. As I mentioned, I combine it with morning affirmations. Those pump me up for the day ahead, while the pillow manifestations help me reach my goals in life.

In the end, do what feels natural to you. If you feel more confident when you send your message to the Universe several times a day, do that. If you want to just sleep on it, that works as well.

As long as you stay positive and don't stress yourself, you'll see wonderful results.



Last Words

Before we part, I want to encourage you once more to try the pillow manifestation method. Even if you are skeptical, it doesn't cost you either time or money. But the payoff could be amazing. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes.

Use pillow manifestation to stave off unconscious negative thoughts, manifest a wish, or simply ask for restful and regenerative sleep. I'm confident that this method can change your life for the better.

If you have further questions or want to share your experiences, leave a comment below.


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