Seventh Sense: What is It and 5 Signs You Have It

You may have heard about the sixth sense, but your seventh sense is also very important. Your sixth sense – intuition – is your inner feeling that helps you evaluate people, situations, and opportunities.

On the other hand, the term seventh sense applies to your ability to judge. Therefore it is seen in a completely different sense because the assessment is a more logical process.

It is generally the case that people with a strong seventh sense are able to judge things in a rational way. For example, they can estimate very accurately the weight, size, gain, or financial loss of an item.

People with a strong seventh sense are born entrepreneurs and mathematicians.

In fact, there is very little evidence of this sense on the internet, but many famous and influential figures in the business world widely recognize the seventh sense.

I first became aware that a “seventh sense” actually exists when I was listening to the game my younger friend, now a software engineer was playing with her father.

Growing up in an urban area, she and her father took long trips that were very tiring for them. So, to cheer them up, he challenged them to calculate how many miles they had already covered.

But he also asked them to calculate how many miles they would travel if there were a specific scenario causing traffic or how many miles they would travel in specific minutes or hours.

She was very young at the time, but surprisingly she could estimate mileage with great accuracy. More because of the phenomenon called “seventh sense” than actual mathematical ability.



Seventh Sense: What Can We See Through It?

Seventh Sense What Can We See Through It

While the sixth sense is thought of as our perception and the inner voice that helps us recognize unseen messages and patterns, the seventh sense is something else entirely.

However, when we talk about the “seventh sense,” it is not something that is entirely rational either, but something that still finds its fuel in the spiritual realm and its aspects.

There are indeed people who are gifted at calculations, but having a keen seventh sense means one can predict entire events involving gain and loss.

For example, a person with this sense will know where to invest funds, which can lead to long-term success. How much effort and time it takes to get an accurate result and even the dimensions of things.

Thus, those who are incredibly gifted with the seventh sense know exactly how much tangible and intangible things weigh or how tall they are. Without having to think about it because their inner spirituality connects them closer to the knowledge of the matter.

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Seventh Sense: How Do You Know You Have It?

Seventh Sense How Do You Know You Have It

The seventh sense, as a rule, never adorns people who are overly creative or passionate. Rather it is found more in calm and level-headed people who are guided by their curiosity to recognize certain patterns in their surroundings.

When they have specific goals or professional tasks to accomplish, this tendency is very useful. Usually, these people also want to be useful and respected by society, so they often use this gift for their personal affirmation.

But they also feel the need to help others and to appreciate the responsibilities that have been entrusted to them.

So, people with a strong seventh sense can be recognized by their never-ending thirst for knowledge and curiosity about what appear to be normal aspects of reality.



5 Signs You Have a Very Developed Seventh Sense

5 Signs You Have a Very Developed Seventh Sense

When I am asked to describe the seventh sense in more detail, I always like to say that it is about spiritually but also rationally gifted people who define reality.

They are often confused about the emotional aspects of life and those beyond reality while understanding better than the average person what it means to embrace reality.

So they can see things for what they are without any subjective judgment and only through objective action and from that point of view. This allows them to see the objective truth, which is true in every case.

But the interesting thing about this sense is that they do it with knowledge but also with the help of this sense. Therefore, they can always establish the most accurate and appropriate truth without having to transform it.

Below are 5 signs to help you understand if you really possess this powerful sense.


1. You are fascinated by natural and everyday things

People who have a very developed seventh sense are fascinated by the natural world but also by regular things and processes. This type of person is easy to spot when they look at an interesting rock or pick up a rare variety of flowers.

They also discover interesting things that many don't realize or have overlooked. So because of their gift, they are very connected to things that exist and are visible, while those with a sixth sense to things that are beyond reality and cannot be seen.

What the real reality is, however, is a question that we will probably never really answer.

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2. You are very curious and are always learning new things

You are very curious and are always learning new things

Those with a seventh sense are aware of their ability but don't solely rely on it. In reality, these are often very hardworking people who like to learn new things.

However, they are more interested in practical things than those that have artistic value. They often prefer learning to knit to painting.

And even if they try both, they will orientate themselves on patterns that have already been repeated and will never create anything of their own.


3. You never let feelings fool you in your judgment

In your judgments and even in your interpersonal relationships, you never allow feelings to distort your reality. Because, unlike people with a very keen sixth sense, you are not as empathetic and sensitive.

Because for you, the harsh truth and reality bring not pain and despair but a plethora of possibilities. Mainly because your whole being is focused on your gift, you are not prone to react on a whim or a feeling.

While they do possess emotions, they do not make judgments relying on them as it does not lead to the ultimate truth.


4. Many consider you calm and conflict-free

One of the most salient characteristics of a person gifted with the seventh sense is that they tend to be quiet and not easily provoked.

They also see their emotions as something rational, and they won't overreact to them. Your feelings are not entirely subjective but rather objective and realistic.

So they are not overwhelmed by hate, envy, or anger, nor do they fall in love without a rational reason. Therefore, for all of their emotional connections, they need an objective reason why they should value them.


5. You are very responsible when it comes to your commitments

You are very responsible when it comes to your commitments

Those fortunate enough to possess a seventh sense perform their duties with great maturity but also with accuracy.

They cannot allow themselves to betray an objective expectation placed on them that requires the use of their gift.

You prepare for every professional project with great care and attention to detail. Others also oblige them with chores because they know they can always count on them.

Not completing a task would mean they did something unnatural.

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Seventh Sense: How To Use It For Your Own Benefit?

Seventh Sense How To Use It For Your Own Benefit

A seventh sense is definitely an advantage as it allows the person to see things as they really are. The possessor of this gift also has remarkable potential for predicting things for his or her benefit or the benefit of others.

While there are people who naturally have a stronger seventh sense, we can all work to sharpen it to our advantage.

Because if we continue to think superficially about certain situations and constantly assume that if we just work hard enough, we'll get what we want, we'll never get the results we want.

Had we properly assessed the reality of the moment and situation, our decisions and outcomes would have been different – namely if we had been completely overwhelmed by reality.

Therefore, we must work to sharpen our sixth sense, and we can only do that by seeing things as they really are.


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