How to Know if You Have Psychic Abilities? [15 Signs to Check For]

Discovering you have special abilities that you were unaware of has to be one of the best things to happen to anyone. This article looks at how to know if you have psychic abilities. You might have special psychic abilities that you were not aware you possessed, but here I will help you bring these abilities to light.

We all have this illusion that we are born with special abilities that grow as we grow. While this is true, it is not always the case. We can sometimes have hidden abilities that have not come to light.

This might be because we are not yet ready to use these abilities. In some cases, you might not have tapped into the well of your being to know what you can and cannot do.

If you feel like you might have a hidden ability and it is tied to being psychic, then this article is for you. I will look at some of the tips that will teach you how to know if you have psychic abilities.

It might be the push you need to discover your talents. You should be aware, however, that your abilities might show themselves in more than one way, so if one of the things we cover doesn't apply to you, something else might.

So, without further ado, the signs of psychic ability will assist you in learning how to know if you have special abilities.


15 Signs of Psychic Ability

15 Signs of Psychic Ability

Keep in mind that your abilities can show themselves in different ways. Do not give up if some of these signs do not resonate with you.

Let us look at the signs of psychic abilities you might show that could be telling that you have hidden psychic potential.


1. You Can Sense Other People’s Emotions

I have a gift of telling when someone is in pain, even when I have never met them. To be fair, I am not psychic; this just happens because I have been through similar situations that make it easier to identify people who show the same signs I did.

However, this is one of the most telling signs of psychic ability in most people.

Have you ever come across someone, could be someone you know or a stranger, that you could feel was going through a tough time? This could mean you are an empath who can sense what others are feeling and their state of mind, which can be a sign of your psychic abilities.

You might have the gift of getting in tune with other people's feelings and emotions. Sometimes it can be as strong as knowing what the other person is feeling down to specific details.

Your gift can be stronger with those you have known for a while, but it also feels like you can sense another person's troubles even though you have no idea who they are.


2. You Experience Debilitating Headaches

Sometimes our gifts can show themselves through physical means. This happens when the energy inside you is too strong for your body to contain. The headaches might have been mild in the beginning, but they grow stronger the more your abilities grow.

They can become even worse if you don't know how to control your abilities.

One of the reasons you might be experiencing these headaches is over or underusing your abilities. Think of it like this; you have been using your psychic abilities without you noticing. The thing is, because you don't know you are doing it, you cannot control how frequently you use your abilities.

You might be overusing them in everyday situations, which makes the muscles in your head feel overworked. You might also not be using them enough, causing a buildup of this unspent energy that overwhelms your head.

The best way to deal with this is to take some time off and meditate. Drink water, nourish your body with healthy food, and meditate to ease the headache.


3. You Can Foresee or Have Precognition Abilities

You Can Foresee or Have Precognition Abilities

One of the most common signs of psychic ability is the ability to foretell future things. You might be doing this without even knowing it. For example, you always follow a specific pattern for your days.

You wake up, exercise or meditate, shower, eat, then go to work. However, one day, without any reason, you decide to change your routine and go to work earlier than usual. On your way to work, you stumble across someone you have not seen in years who was just passing by.

This is just a random example; you might have decided to use a different route to go home and then heard there was an accident on the route you always use at the same time you would have been passing through there.

You have never thought about these things, but you always somehow find yourself at the right place at the right time. This could be a sign of your foretelling abilities.

You may have a gut feeling telling you to change something, saving you from bad things. These are your abilities showing themselves, and it is important to pay attention to them.


4. You Can Sense Energies Around You (Clairsentience)

Some types of lightworkers, such as energy workers, can feel surrounding energies that other people cannot. You may have sensed negative energy around you in public without knowing who it is coming from or why.

You might also easily feel overwhelmed in large crowds and need time to recharge after being around many people.

This happens because you are receptive to other energies. It is one of the less common signs of psychic ability. It makes it hard for you to be around many people because you can feel the different energies, which are understandably overwhelming to one person. This is known as clairsentience.

It can be easy to mistake this ability for social anxiety, but they are different. A person with social anxiety feels the same overwhelming emotions as clairsentient people do, but someone with psychic abilities can tap into the different energies.

You can feel people's excitement, anger, and fatigue. Experiencing these emotions at once is what overwhelms you. You can learn to focus your emotions on specific energies with time, which will help you control these emotions.


5. You Sense the Roaring Silence

Almost completely opposite to the sign of psychic ability around you, the roaring silence lets you feel the weight of other presences. Unlike clairsentience, you don't feel the specific emotions others feel.

It is more like hearing the world around you; you feel the weight of these emotions without feeling the actual emotions. It is a false silence that can be uncomfortable.

This is a sign that shows itself as your abilities grow. It is a way your brain uses to shield you from the flood of emotions you feel during clairsentience. It can be an unsettling experience as you know it is not true silence.

Some people with psychic abilities can feel overwhelmed by this silence, but it is a welcome relief from feeling everything to others. The more you learn how to control these different feelings, the better control you will have over clairsentience and experience the roaring silence.


6. You Feel Awake in Your Dreams / You Have Vivid Dreams

You Feel Awake in Your Dreams

This is another sign of psychic ability that I can understand. I always have a feeling of being awake during my dreams, which I later came to learn is known as having a vivid dream.

It gives you control over the events in your dreams, like you can move through your dreams to see things from different perspectives. Vivid dreams can change depending on the strength of your abilities.

Sometimes your dreams can feel like you are watching the events unfold outside your body. This is known as astral traveling or astral projection.

This happens because your soul can temporarily leave your body and travel to a different dimension. This is where some people can experience foretelling.

Dreams are one of the ways we communicate to higher beings, which is why you might see things happening later on that you experienced in your dreams. You can also astral project or travel while awake by learning shamanic practices, making it easy for you to tap into your abilities at will.

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7. You Showcase Telepathic Abilities

Whenever I was asked what superpower I would like to have, my answer was always telepathy and telekinesis. Something about using your mind to solve or do things has always appealed to me.

You can, therefore, imagine my surprise when I learned that there are people with telepathic abilities. I was even more shocked to learn that telepathy is not as glamorous or rare as the movies made it to be.

Telepathy gives you the ability to connect with another person's mind or consciousness. Have you always felt like you could tell exactly what someone else was thinking? Do you have ways to communicate with others without using words?

These are signs that most people with true twin flame connections can share, but your abilities stretch beyond this.

You can access your telepathic abilities by tapping into your powers. Understanding yourself is key to understanding the people around you. The more you learn about this, the more your abilities will grow to the point where you can read someone’s thoughts even though you have never encountered them before.


8. You Feel Random Emotions and Sensations

Picture this; you are going through your day as usual when out of nowhere, you start feeling butterflies in your stomach, get random goosebumps, or get shivers. You feel like someone is near you, but no one is there when you look.

You can also feel like something is crawling on you or start feeling angry or happy for no reason.

This is another sign of psychic abilities that give you access to another person's emotions. You are so highly intuitive that you have caught on to someone's emotions without knowing. This explains the random burst of energy or strong emotions you could not figure out.

Feeling these emotions is also a sign that someone is thinking of you. It could be the telepathic connection between you and someone you love that is making you feel their emotions.

It can be hard to differentiate between the emotions that are yours and those belonging to someone else, but you will learn how to do that as time passes.


9. You Have a Strong Intuition

You Have a Strong Intuition

I will always sing praises of my gut feeling because it has seen me through so much. It is the sole reason I have survived so many situations, and I have always been right. One of the signs that you possess psychic abilities is that you have a strong intuition about the future, and it always comes true.

Some might call this a sixth sense, the gut feeling, your conscience. Whatever you call it, this is the feeling that protects you from danger. It is also one of the warning signs from the universe that shields us from something that is trying to harm us.

It is a strong extrasensory sensation that shows us the way forward when we are not sure.

It can be easy to dismiss your intuition as fear or reluctance, but it is important to listen to it. Ignoring your gut feeling can put you in bad situations that will feel all the worse because you could have avoided them.


10. The Ability to See Spirits (Clairvoyance)

Have you ever thought you have seen something from the corner of your eye, but it is magically not there when you turn around? It is easy to put this feeling down as a mistake or fear, but it is not always the case.

This is especially true for people with the gift of clairvoyance. These are people who have the ability to get intuitive information through their vision.

Seeing spirits is not something that should scare you. Movies and the media have made clairvoyants seem like this crazy thing, and spirits are here to harm us. This is not true; sometimes, these spirits are here to show us the way forward. They remind us of the things we might be overlooking.

If you have this experience, the universe might be trying to send you a message. You need to listen to what the spirits are saying or what they are doing when it happens for you to learn the interpretation or the meaning behind their appearance.


11. You Feel Like You Are Hallucinating

You can sometimes see and hear spirits around you talking. They can take a certain shape or light that lets you know they are around. In some cases, psychics can actually see the person they are talking to. It is not uncommon for dead spirits to come to those with clairvoyance gifts for whatever message they have.

Sometimes the visions or contact you make with the spirits can leave you feeling like you are hallucinating. You may not be seeing their actual body, only part of it or just the color of your aura. This can make you feel like you are not actually experiencing this interaction.

You can improve this by using your clairvoyance, telepathy, and clairaudience abilities to sharpen the image. You should also learn to surrender yourself to the feel to see what you are being shown.


12. People Like Being Around You

People Like Being Around You

Some people always seem to draw others to them. I have encountered multiple people like this, but I did not realize it was a sign of psychic ability. You might notice that people love being around you.

This happens because you are like a warm light, drawing others to you. You make them feel loved and understood. You might be helping them to deal with their pain without even knowing.

People with psychic abilities exude powerful, high-vibration energy that radiates with others, especially those going through hard times. People like this will look for you to receive some sort of healing that only you can provide.


13. You Experience Frequent Deja Vu

This is the feeling that something you are doing at one moment feels like it has happened. It is a clear sense that takes you back to a moment when you are sure the same thing happened. You may not be able to remember the exact event or the context it happened, but the feeling is so strong.

Deja vu can be a sign of foretelling in people with psychic abilities. You may feel like the moment has happened, but in truth, it will happen. This is also why you might come across someone you are sure you have met before, although you haven't.

This kind of deja vu happens because you saw that person in your foretelling; your future version saw them before your present self did. Of course, you will feel like you know them or have met them before because, in a way, you have.

Dealing with deja vu can be trippy, but it can also be useful when used correctly.


14. Clairaudience

This refers to the ability to hear sounds, such as chimes, human voices, ringing, music, and other types of sound that no one else can. The audio you hear might be something that comes from the outside environment.

However, in some cases, the sound can be an internal thing only you can hear because of your abilities.

You hear this sound because your abilities show themselves through your auditory senses. You might find other sounds overwhelming, making you feel like you need to shut yourself off from the world for a while.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you must remember that your abilities will grow over time, and it will become easier for you to handle the sounds.

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15. A Gifted Advisor Confirms It

A Gifted Advisor Confirms It

So many people go around claiming they have psychic abilities that it can make you question whether your abilities are real. You can consult a true gifted advisor if you have this state of mind.

They will be able to let you know whether the abilities you are manifesting are real.


Last Words

So there you go, the signs of psychic abilities that help you learn how to know if you are psychic. If you have only one or two of these signs, it might just be that you are a gifted person, but your skills don't lie in the psychic field. However, if you show more than five of the signs, you might be an actual psychic.

Get help from an advisor to let you know the truth. You should also work on improving your skills, whether you are psychic or not, as they are still something to be treasured.


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