6 Signs You Are a Reincarnated Alchemist in This Life

A mysticism reigned throughout the Middle Ages, which was particularly reflected in the growth of alchemy.

It was a systematic philosophy that was a mixture of religion, astrology, numerology, and methods of transmuting and processing metals.

For some, it was completely incomprehensible. For others, just a shortcut to wealth, and for a small group it was a purpose in life.

Alchemy penetrated all areas of the feudal society of the time. Since it was the basic guiding principle in all professional activities, it became an integral part of medicine and pharmacy.

It is, therefore, not surprising that a large number of alchemical manuscripts with medicinal and pharmaceutical content have survived from the time of alchemy.

These works were once part of alchemy, but today they are the bygone aspects of the chemists, pharmacists, and physicians of modern times.



What is Alchemy?

What is Alchemy

Alchemy is considered a special and extremely important period in the development of medicine, pharmacy, and chemistry.

The years that marked this period were full of various experiments aimed at attaining synthetic gold, the philosopher's stone, or the elixir of life. Each of these attempts ended in failure, or so they say.

Nevertheless, alchemists, although they did not achieve their goals, are the people to whom we owe the discoveries that are of global importance today.

Especially in relation to finding certain chemical methods, substances and devices. The one person who can be said to be synonymous with the age of alchemy is also Paracelsus.

He played a very important role in the field of medicine and pharmacy. With his pharmacology, he laid the foundation for new therapeutic discoveries.

He is credited with introducing various substances into therapy, especially metals. He also applied alchemical techniques in the manufacture of medicines.

He thus marked the beginning of chemistry, from which a new branch of science, pharmacology, later grew.



Who Were the Alchemists?

Who Were the Alchemists

Alchemy has always been shrouded in mysticism and mystery, and people who practiced it were called alchemists.

Alchemists are now considered magicians and medieval enthusiasts whose aim was to create a great work, the magnum opus.

This great work involves an alchemist creating a stone of wisdom. The Stone of Wisdom(Philosopher's Stone) was a miraculous elixir that cured all diseases and made them immortal.

Another very interesting thing about this stone of wisdom was that it could also turn any metal into gold.

In fact, many nobles paid alchemists who promised to make them a stone of wisdom, turn metals into gold, and make them rich.

Some alchemists wanted to make easy money with false promises while damaging the reputation of alchemy. While some others were really convinced that they could create gold from lead or other metals with a strange magic spell.

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Are There Still Alchemists Today?

Traditionally, alchemy is a spiritual process of becoming one. It was intended as a spiritual means to make oneself a better person in the humanistic sense.

The chemical aspect was symbolic, and gold was seen as a spiritual goal. The process requires dedication, and one may never be able to turn metal into gold.

However, when one has achieved the desire to become a better person, then one can enter the path of alchemy.



6 Signs You Are an Alchemist Reincarnated

6 Signs You Are an Alchemist Reincarnated

There are definite signs that someone is a reincarnated alchemist. You can usually notice these signs early on, but the important thing is that they persist over time.

Alchemists always have that urge to explore that never leaves them. They also carry this urge into every next life they live.


1. You have always questioned reality and are a seeker of truth

You have always questioned reality and are a seeker of truth

A true alchemist does not see reality as simply as other people do.

They know there has to be more to life, a higher meaning, a purpose, and throughout their lives, they have felt the need to find it.

Sometimes these people satisfy that curiosity by trying to achieve as much as they can academically or by learning as many new skills as they can.

But the more they learn, the emptier they become because they have not yet reached this higher truth and reality.

For this reason, many modern alchemists turn to spirituality, realizing that its higher truth means living life differently than others.

This life involves kindness, respect for every living thing, restoration of balance, and an everlasting belief that there is something magical out there that goes far beyond the mundane of life.

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2. You enjoy silence and solitude

They enjoy silence and solitude

An alchemist needs silence and solitude to work on his projects. That means being far away from all human contact and the stimuli of modern technology.

It is only when uninterrupted by these things that a reincarnated alchemist unfolds his true abilities. Another thing that is common for reincarnated alchemists is that they prefer to work at night.

They just love how the night brings them absolute focus and inspiration. At night they reach a different kind of consciousness, and their minds reach their full potential.


3. You have always been fascinated by antiques

You have always been fascinated by antiques

If you can't take your eyes off an ancient object, then you could definitely be an alchemist reincarnated. Old objects hold the wisdom of past generations and are therefore very fascinating for alchemists.

This is because their main objective is to use the hidden knowledge of the past but in such a way as to advance for the future.

Also, alchemists are drawn to old objects because they carry the emotions of their previous owners. They have a higher sensitivity than other people, so an object like this seems strangely familiar.

Or maybe they had an item similar to this in their previous life as an alchemist.


4. You love puzzles, and you have never feared death

You love puzzles, and you have never feared death

Alchemists love puzzles and are not afraid to lose their lives.

They know that after death, they will exist in a different reality, perhaps different, but with the same drive to discover hidden knowledge.

Solving riddles is also something that excites them beyond words, as each riddle has its own complexity.

So after solving a complex problem, you feel like you've grown as a person, but you also know that this path of improvement is endless.

Our life is itself a mystery, and one can spend a lifetime trying to solve any mystery. The good thing is that the alchemist can do this in an endless cycle of reincarnation.

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5. You made potions out of plants as a child and were always very curious

You made potions out of plants as a child and were always very curious

Alchemy is a process that involves a lot of experimentation with different ingredients. All kinds of ingredients can be mixed into a final product, with the end result being the most beautiful for the alchemist.

If you remember turning plants into potions and mixing different types of substances into weird creations, then that's something you remember from your past life.

Alchemists are naturally drawn to exploring how things react with one another, so it's no wonder they've been doing this since they were children.

Even wondering about how things fit together means you are blessed with a healthy level of curiosity and wonder about life. Having that kind of curiosity also means you might be an alchemist reincarnated.


6. You were born under the zodiac sign Scorpio or this sign appears in your natal chart

You were born under the zodiac sign Scorpio or this sign appears in your natal chart

Scorpio is the most secretive and inquisitive zodiac sign. They are ruled by the planet Pluto, the planet that reveals hidden powers and truths.

But they are also ruled by the planet Mars, which represents war, ambition, courage, and energy.

The first planet stands for the need to gain knowledge, and the other for sacrificing everything for it. Thus, people born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are, without a doubt, born alchemists.

Frequent placement of Scorpio in the natal chart, having it as an ascendant, moon sign, descendant, or in your 8 house, is also another indicator that you are a reincarnated alchemist.



Last Words

It is rare, but it is possible that you could be a reincarnated alchemist in this life. By recognizing the signs and being open to the possibilities of your past lives, you can gain insight into who you are today.

Of course, there may be other signs that suggest that you might have been an alchemist before, so if any of these resonate with you then consider looking further into them for more answers about your soul's journey through time.

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