15 Signs You Were Born to Be a Spiritual Healer

Have you ever had a feeling of not belonging to this world or don't feel a strong connection between you and the outer universe? Do you experience a sense of being familiar with a situation that has not yet occurred and sometimes feels like you have seen that thing before? Having that feeling and experience may be signs you are born to be a healer, and the universe is giving you these signs to start your role and serve your purpose in the universe.

While being a spiritual healer seems nice, and most people think it gives you the best thing in life, that is not always the case. Things will not come easily to you, especially when you are younger.

The more you learn and expand your skills, the more you will appreciate them, and the more you can use them for what they were meant for.

If you have undergone many challenges in life that even you cannot understand and often feel different from other people, then it may be your spiritual world that may be calling you to take your purpose.



What is a Spiritual Healer?

A spiritual healer is someone who uses spiritual or supernatural methods for healing. They may deal with mental, emotional, physical, and psychological problems through prayer, psychic healing, or rituals.

There are a lot of misconceptions about spiritual healers that even I used to believe. They are seen as mystical, and very few know they have something else to offer that can be beneficial, even if you don't believe in them and will never visit them.

The spiritual healers, also known as Shamans, are neither men nor women but from all genders. They could be anything from your next-door neighbor or individuals who grew up in other countries like South America or Africa.

Spiritual healing is one of the most potent types in the universe because it connects you to your spiritual self and brings to light the root cause of an illness or life imbalance.

Unlike other types of healing that only cure symptoms, spiritual healing brings together your emotional, physical, and mental dimensions and cures the real cause of illness.

While the current health systems, such as hospitals and doctors, have helped humanity a lot, spiritual healing should also be considered as one of the ways to connect with the universe and inner dimensions to help heal your life problem.



15 Signs You Are Born to be a Healer

15 Signs You Are Born to be a Healer

By now, you know who a spiritual healer is and how you can see that you were born to be one. Look at these 15 signs you are born to be a spiritual healer.


1. You Have Encountered and Overcome Very Difficult Life Situations

You Have Encountered and Overcome Very Difficult Life Situations

One of the processes involved in healing is reflecting on the past. It also encourages you to acknowledge your feelings from a different perspective, showing you things you might have viewed in a different light before.

This is done to help you understand how change is possible where there was previously no way out.

While learning from them, recalling moments that seemed impossibly complex might naturally induce a transformation of perspective that would lead to amnesia-like symptoms.

This could be anything that may have seemed unachievable in the past, but you finally overcame it miraculously.

This feeling also could show that there is something larger at work than ourselves as if forcing us into enlightenment through broken spiritual bondage.

If you have overcome challenging life situations, it may show that you are aligned with your true spirituality and identity, leading you to be an excellent spiritual healer.



2. You Have Experienced Anxiety and Depression

The person who is healed the most by your gift is you. Having experienced the feeling that you're trying to evoke in others can bring more authenticity and clarity to a spiritual state you may not have experienced before. It will show you what works best for them.

Experiencing many high levels of depression and anxiety over the years but still being able to keep your composure is a sign you are born to be a healer.

You don't always know what people deal with when we're talking about spirituality, so it's imperative to let them know how our script will work best for them and help their experience be as blissful as possible.

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3. Constantly Feeling Like You Don’t Belong

Spiritual healers are a set of highly evolved species, and when they start living a life, they most commonly feel like they don't belong in their world or community. This experience of feeling lost makes them so unparalleled in finding and serving humanity with wisdom, love, and light.

You can feel like a stranger in your land. Other healers have even reported going through periods where they were deeply disconnected from their community and families.

Some of these disconnections can last for decades. This happens because you feel alone and like you don’t belong, causing you to distance yourself from the people you love.

It has been found that this is the point at which we can most be who we are — our most authentic selves. Not feeling like you belong changes your perspective on life and allows you to become more accurate about yourself. It seems as though your truest self falls in love with the process of learning who you are.



4. You Have a Sensitivity To Energy

You Have a Sensitivity To Energy

The universe is made up of energy, and it revolves around us in every aspect of life that we take in. One of the main signs you are born to be a healer is being sensitive to energy from different places, people, and objects. But how does this happen?

The way to know that you are keen on spiritual energy is when you can sense how a place is and how people feel. For example, you may be somewhere and feel that the area may not be safe or even fail to board a train because you think the ride will not be secure.

This only means that the energy of the object or place is attracted to you, and you can learn a lot from it by simply looking at it. During such instances, you find yourself not being comfortable staying in places with negative energy because you may suffer much more severe effects than any other person.



5. You Are Drawn to Spirituality

Spirituality is supreme and supersedes any other power in the universe. Being a healer means you are attracted to spirituality and don't seem to get enough spiritual conversations or manifestations.

This feeling is your soul and spiritual dimension that is making you gravitate towards your side of life that has spiritual energy. It helps you develop yourself better and understand your calling and the purpose of your life.

Some of the most famous forms of spirituality that people worldwide feel attracted to include Yoga, Karma, Reiki, Meditation, and Religion.

When you find yourself drawn to different types of spirituality, you are a healer and have the universal power to help people with many life problems.

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6. People Share Deep Secrets with You

Secrets are among the dearest things people keep for themselves and don't feel comfortable sharing with others. This is because often, when people share secrets with others, it brings anxiety, and they start feeling insecure.

But have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you notice people feel comfortable sharing even the deepest secrets of their lives with you?

Well, you may think it is because you are very polite to them and love giving a hearing ear, but that is not the only reason. This is one of the most magnificent forms of spirituality that shows you are a spiritual healer.

Having this kind of gift makes people view you as a confidant and aren't shy about sharing their most intimate secrets with you. They know it will be safe, and you will give them the best advice they deserve.

In most cases, if you are the person with this kind of spiritual healing, you get confessions from even total strangers you don't know.



7. You Are Loved by Children And Animals

In the world of spirituality, positive energy attracts positive energy, which means that as a person, you are more likely to be attracted to someone with the same kind of energy as you.

Some animals and children are generally known for having clean hearts and are not corrupted by envy, jealousy, and pride. One of the ways to see that you may have been born to be a spiritual healer is when animals and children love you.

As a spiritual healer, you spend more time with children or playing with animals such as dogs and cats. This may seem natural, but it is a way that your spiritual realm helps you stay energized and shed all the universal negative energy away.

This happens when you spend time with children and animals with pure hearts and get a portion of their positivity into your spiritual spectrum.



8. You Enjoy Time with Nature

You Enjoy Time with Nature

Nature is another good friend to the spiritual part of our souls. It is common to see spiritual healers such as monks going up to the top of mountains to reconnect with nature.

While many people think of this as leisure, just a way of relieving ourselves from our activities, nature may attract you because you are a spiritual healer.

If you find yourself very comfortable in places with no disturbance from the outside world, and it is just you and nature, then this is a good sign that you were born to be a healer.

Nature has a way of taking negative energy away from us. That is why you always feel refreshed and more energized when you take a cool shower and get fresh air.



9. You Can Easily Read How People Feel

Spiritual healers have the gift of quickly knowing how other people are feeling, even without saying it.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can tell if a person is happy or sad even without them expressing it, then you may be born as a healer. You can also be in a situation where you can sense people's intentions toward you before they tell you.

If you often experience this feeling, then that means that you were born with a deep level of spiritual understanding that lets you read people quickly. This helps you connect deeply with their hearts and the wisdom to offer them the proper guidance.

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10. You’re Compassionate About Helping Others

Being compassionate is not easy, and only a few people can do it without pride or feeling the need to announce it.

You may be a spiritual healer if you always feel like helping people in need, even when you don't have enough. You often need to assist others, even when it is small, such as giving someone a ride.

As a spiritual healer with this kind of gift, you will always feel no excellent value for material things and not always expect payment for the kind things you do.

Your heart will also be mostly at peace knowing that you helped someone in need and won't suffer from the thoughts of not being of assistance.



11. You Easily Forgive People

Forgiveness is not something that most people can offer easily. When someone offends you, hurts your feelings, or makes you mad for some reason, it only takes a courageous person to forgive and forget.

If you are this kind of person, then this is one of the signs you are born to be a healer. This is because your positive energy gives you much empathy and cannot allow you to be angry at someone for too long.

You will always find yourself regaining friendships with people who did you wrong, and you don't have a grudge or plans to revenge. In other cases, you even develop a deeper relationship with these people because you now understand them better.



12. You Encounter Numerous Mystical Experiences

You Encounter Numerous Mystical Experiences

As someone interested in reading about spirituality and its transmutation, it is not rare for you to come across topics about spiritual healing experiences.

These snippets give outstanding first-hand accounts of the experiences of others, detailing the emotional and physical impact spiritual healing can have on one's life.

Almost all humans experience some mystical encounter their entire way through life, day or night. But what does that mean? Do you think you are a spiritual healer just because you've had numerous strange encounters?

Many people who claim to have had mystical encounters may be spiritual healers with a purpose to serve in their lives.

It takes a lot of honesty and self-reflection to determine whether you are experiencing something spiritual or may be delusional.

It's only fair to say that everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs, can quickly identify whether they feel a being watching them. At the same time, they sleep or hear what they believe to be an angelic voice uttering words of wisdom in their head.



13. You Put More Belief In Synchronicity Than Coincidence

Having a deep connection with spirituality unravels an underlying principle of human spiritual healing: synchronicity breeds a higher level of positive thinking, which in turn cultivates emotions.

It indicates that one of the main underlying principles in spirituality is that synchronicity, as opposed to coincidence, helps fundamentally shape spiritual health.

There is a process of entrainment that happens in the brain when you intentionally focus on something.

One example of this can be seen in meditation, called ‘frequency following response,' which means that your brain will match the frequency of your thoughts, so if you're thinking about anything, your spiritual dimensions will bring you closer to synchronicity.

Spiritual healing includes curing physical and mental illnesses and all other aspects of life, including good fortune and happiness.

The same way can heal the minor frustrations in your life or reach even broader connections, such as aiding an old lady across the street without worrying about being late for work.

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14. You Believe That Things Happen at The Right Time

You Believe That Things Happen at The Right Time

Do you believe everything happens for a reason and at the right time of nature? This is among the top signs that you are born a healer.

You constantly feel like everything is under control, and the right things happen at the right time with the planning of nature and the universe.

Even when you are under high pressure and can see your whole life coming to a halt or things not going as planned, you still believe everything will be well in due time.

This gift is an excellent sign that many spiritual healers possess, and it is from the natural dimension that tries to keep them away from anxiety and feeling lost in life.

This also helps you get a good reason to keep going and be an inspiration to others who may be going through the same thing in life.



15. Your Family as a History of Healers

A lineage of spiritual healers always tends to have one or more in every generation. Does your family have a solid history of great spiritual healers over the years?

If yes, you may be one of the destined descendants blessed with the power of spiritual healing.

You can know that you are a born healer if you have been close to a spiritual healer in your family who recently died and left their blessings with you.

You can also know this by checking if you have most or all the above signs we have already discussed.



Last Words

Spirituality is not just an illusion; it is something that is imprinted deep within us. Everyone is born with a purpose in life; some people are here to be spiritual healers and offer spiritual guidance and comfort to others.

As a healer, many people may think you need to have all the wealth in the world, but the opposite is true. Spiritual people do not lust for material things and are more willing to give than receive.

Healers always feel attracted to nature more than other people and find peace in spending time in places where they can shed negative energy from the world.

Additionally, as a healer, you may find yourself synchronizing or having mystical experiences every once in a while. These are clear signs you are born to be a healer, and the universe is trying to bring you closer to the sound of your spiritual calling.

The moment you discover the purpose of your life according to your spiritual healing is when you will open a channel to infinite satisfaction in your life.


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