6 Undeniable Signs You Were Royalty in a Past Life

After living a lifetime, people, animals, and even plants come back to life as a new version of something they were in the past. Surprisingly we experience memories, unique sensations, and feelings associated with a past life we had.

If you were a king or a queen or part of the royal court in the past, you would go through mysterious experiences that are a combination of signs you were royalty in a past life. Dreams are one way to know you have lived a past life.

Aside from dreaming about our issues, worries, and past trauma, our dreams also try to communicate to us who we were in a past life. They show us memories of particular places, people, and things you will feel are familiar.

You may also experience feelings that seem oddly familiar. If you were royalty in your past life, you might experience memories, dreams and a strong gut feeling that you are connected to an emperor, king, queen, and their heritage.

If you have a strong affinity, recurring dreams, or skills only associated with royalty, it may also indicate that you were among the royals in a past life.

In this article, we will look at a few of these signs.



6 Signs You Were Royalty in a Past Life

6 Signs You Were Royalty in a Past Life

Are you wondering or have a strong gut feeling that you were royalty in a past life? Let us look at these six signs to help you answer that question.


1. You experience persistent memories of a royal past.

Have you felt like you were born in the wrong era? This feeling is an indication of a connection to a past life. Pre-modern Europe was hierarchical, and royalty was a lifestyle that people valued and respected.

Memories are necessary for our functionality as humans. We must remember who we are, what we are doing, and what we need to do. However, we also get memories of people, places, or events we have never had in our lives.

You may have memories of ruling over subjects, living in a castle, marrying into royalty, and many more indications that you may have been royalty at some point. An intuitive feeling follows up these persistent memories that you may have existed in such an era.

This sign manifests itself, especially in kids who you may think are being funny or not making sense of what they are saying. Kids can remember their past easily in detail, at least until the age of three.

If, as a parent, you can’t relate to what your child is saying or trying to describe, they may be getting memories of their past life. Check out if they talk about anything associated with a royal lifestyle.



2. You are attracted to royal people and their dwellings.

You are attracted to royal people and their dwellings

This happens in cases where you come into contact, visit or see anything associated with royalty. You may not understand why the attraction is that strong in such situations, but it could be one of the signs you were royalty in a past life.

The queen may be visiting your state or town, and you will do your best to make sure you see or meet her. However, you may not notice that you unintentionally do it because of your strong affinity toward her.

Also, if you feel calm around royal dwellings and are attracted to their lifestyle, it may signify that you are familiar with them, which is why you feel comfortable in such environments. It is common to find yourself reading and looking up on the internet about royal families and following up on their lives.

As a royal in your past life, you will find yourself attracted to a certain era and what the royals of that time used to do.

This longing for people, places, and a culture you have never experienced in your lifetime is an indication you may have lived like that in your past life. How you live your life can also be a sign. You may have certain mannerisms that can only be associated with royalty.

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3. You have skills that were common with past royals.

These skills begin to show in you as a child and can be quite astonishing, considering your current background. You may have acquired the skill to speak multiple languages while very young, even without being taught, or could play the piano exceptionally at a young age.

These are huge indicators you may have been a royal in your past life. Royal ladies were taught and expected to communicate in multiple languages, including French, German, Latin, English, and sometimes even ancient geek and Italian.

You may have realized that learning new languages for you has always been a walk in the park from a young age. Ladies were also trained in etiquette, dancing, arts, writing, and playing instruments.

Boys were trained in military combat, riding, hunting, diplomacy, estate management, and multiple languages.

Everything that royals trained in depending on your sex in the era you existed will find that you can learn easily, whether taught or by learning by yourself. This can be astonishing when nobody else in your family has the same qualities.

You may find these things appealing in your current life. This is one vivid sign you were royalty in a past life.



4. You have vivid persistent dreams as a royal.

You have vivid persistent dreams as a royal

Dreams reflect our unconscious brain, our fears, and issues we are yet to resolve in life. However, we get repeated dreams of things, people, and places we have never encountered.

The most surprising thing is that these places, people, and things will feel all too familiar even though you have never been there or seen them. They will feel like a part of a life you once had.

You may have been getting recurring dreams of yourself as a royal or in an environment where only royals existed. This could be a sign that you are dreaming about a past life. Envisioning yourself as part of royalty in a dream is a sign you may have been one.

Your dreams will constantly project you as a respected and elegant person, which most royals are graced with. In these dreams, you are a person who is depended on by many and always receives special treatment.

This indicates that you must have been very influential and held a high rank in your past life. But who was more influential than royals then? No one! The dreams also show you as a person who acquired great power through little or no effort.

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5. You experience Déjà Vu when you encounter anything associated with royalty.

If you have visited places, been around people, or read up on a particular time and experienced a past recognition though you have never been around them, that feeling is known as déjà vu. Everybody has experienced this at some point in their life.

It is a peculiar feeling that tells you you have been in that moment before. This is a sign of reviling something from your past life, but others say it is a neurological dissonance. The feeling can disorient you because the connection can be quite strong.

Déjà vu can be triggered by touch, smell, sight, sound, or taste, and we all experience this equally. It can be tricky to figure out where you picked up this feeling, especially if it reflects a life you lived in the past.

If you were royalty in a past life, you will experience déjà vu any time you come across royal clothing or food, see royalty, and read about royalty which can be quite confusing. Feelings of déjà vu can only present themselves if you have had the feeling before.

Combined with other indications, this is among the strongest signs you were royalty in a past life.



6. You are familiar with the royal culture.

You are familiar with the royal culture

An attraction or familiarity with a royal culture you have no experience with in your current life is among the many signs you were royalty in a past life. You may realize that you have an incredible passion for royal customs and culture but have no clue why.

Being attracted to their culture, environment, and especially customs from a specific period can indicate you were royalty in a past life.

This passion and attraction to their culture go deeper than just being interested in who royals are and how they live. If you are drawn to a certain way of life and location that you are yet to experience, it might be memories of your past life coming into action.

Suppose you have experienced royal customs at some point in life or read about them and felt an affinity to them or felt like you are familiar with them. In that case, it clearly indicates you have participated in the culture before.

They trigger emotions in you that are unique to your life, but your intuition steadily holds firm to the fact that you have experienced their culture before. You may find yourself acting, eating, dressing, or even communicating as you did in your past life.

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Last Words

Nature reviles to us its principles each day through human beings procreating, animals and even if plants die, they leave us seeds for new life. We all have experienced a past life, and nature reminds us of that fact in mysterious ways.

The signs we have mentioned above are among many other signs that you were royalty in the past, and sometimes it is easier to get confused than understand what the universe is trying to tell us.

To really understand, you must focus on yourself and the signs fully. You might learn that you have touched the royal side of life at some point in your past lives.


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