13 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Contact You

There are different signs that come from the spirit world and can be sent by different types of spirit guides. In this article, we will list them all and explain what these signs mean.

When we think about the spirit world and the beings that live in it, we all have different ideas about them.

Some immediately think of their loved ones who have passed away, and others immediately imagine angels or gods. No one is wrong, and everyone is right, no matter what they first imagine when they think of the beings of the spirit world.

It is true that these beings who live in another dimension want to communicate with us and send us different signs so that we can perceive them.

They want to let us know that there is danger ahead or something else that could be of great importance in our lives.



What are Spirit Guides?

What are Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are not physically existing beings but your protectors from the spirit world. They try to help you to find your way in the material world and always take the right path.

We are all born to make a difference, meaning we all have a purpose to serve. All people have a spirit guide from the spirit world who ensures they don't stray too far from their Highest Self.

A word may suddenly pop into your head without you knowing why you can't forget it. You should know that this word carries an important message from your spirit guides. It's your job to find out what it's all about.

If you have already had contact with your spirit guides, then you may recognize some of these experiences:

  • When you were alone, you heard a whisper.
  • You suddenly thought that you were in danger.
  • You felt like someone was watching over you.
  • The feeling that someone is present even when you are alone in a room.

All this and much more is a sign that the spiritual world has entered your dimension to contact you.

If you don't believe in fate, it's time to change your beliefs because there are no coincidences in life.

Pay attention to the signs from the spiritual world and especially when inexplicable coincidences or the like happen that you cannot explain.

These things are signs of your spirit guide desperately trying to connect with you. These leaders or beings from the spirit world can take various forms; below, we will list them all.

According to some religions, a specific guide is assigned at birth, while others believe that there are multiple guides in a person's life and that they come and go as needed.

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The Different Types of Spirit Guides

The Different Types of Spirit Guides

The following examples show what forms your spirit guides can take.

If you cannot identify with the following spirit guides, it is possible that your spirit guide has an entirely different form that is attributed only to you.

The signs from the spirit world are a mystery, and it will take a long time to understand them. For this reason, it is not possible to know all forms of spirit guides.

The following are some of the most common forms of spirit guides.

  • Universal and spiritual energy (unconscious and collective energy that connects us all).
  • Galactic Entities (Our ancestors located in different galaxies and on different planets).
  • Deities (The God from a monotheistic religion or deities from a polytheistic religion).
  • Plant and Animal Spirits (The belief that animals and plants have some kind of soul).
  • Ancestors (Our ancestors or relatives who have ascended to a higher level).
  • Angels and Archangels (Powerful Spirits).
  • Your Higher Self (The Higher Self is yourself. It is a part of you that does not exist separately from you).
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8 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Contact You

8 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Contact You

There are many ways in which spirit guides from the spirit world can send you signs.

Perhaps these signs are unfamiliar to you, and the reason is that you have not paid attention to them.

If you notice some of these signs in the future, you should take your time and think carefully about your life and what is happening around you because there is certainly something you should change.

Here are 8 signs your spirit guide is trying to contact you.


1. Phantom touches

Phantom touches

When a person touches us, we feel their warmth, their energy, and their pulse. It is the same when someone from the spirit world touches us.

In moments of sadness or unhappiness, you have probably felt like someone was touching you, which sent chills down your spine.

A similar situation happened to me once.

I was walking, and suddenly I felt a force pushing me to the right side. In a few seconds, a motorcycle pulled up next to me and was only a few inches away from me.

If my spirit guide's power hadn't pushed me to the right, I would have definitely been run over by the motorbike.

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2. Music


Music can be healing and enlightening. Spirit guides can communicate with you from the spirit world through music.

If you suddenly hear a song and get a flashback to the past, know that your spirit guide wants to bring you back to that memory.

You should think about what this memory means because it is connected to your current situation.



3. Orbs


Have you seen flashes of light or transparent balls of different colors in photos? These are so-called orbs.

The orbs cannot be seen with the naked eye. They can only be seen in photos.

With these signs from the spiritual world, your spirit guide wants to tell you that you are on the right path and should continue your life as you have done in the past.

If you are worried at this moment, you should take the burden off your shoulders because you should not be worried because your future looks bright.



4. Dreams


Every night and every time we go to sleep, we dream, but most of the time, we don't remember our dreams.

If you can remember your dream the next morning, then you can be sure that there is a sign hidden in your dream from the spirit world and your spirit guide.

The spirit guides prefer to communicate with the people in the dream world because there, they can be creative and convey the message best.

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5. Special scents

Special scents

The scents have the power to bring back memories.

When a child is born, its sense of smell is the most developed sense at that time. The baby cannot see very well for a few weeks, but he can always recognize his mother by smell.

You've probably also experienced that a person walked by next to you, and the smell suddenly reminded you of a person from your past.

It can be your ancestor who wants to greet you and gives you a sign that you are protected by him.

A few days ago, my husband suddenly said there was a smell in the air that reminded him of his beloved grandmother, who passed away.

I knew then that she was still close to him and protecting him.



6. Coins and pennies

Coins and pennies

It is very common to find small coins in different places.

This happens to me too, mostly on the street. Suddenly a shimmer catches my attention, and it's only as I approach the object that I realize it's a coin.

Our spirit guides leave the coins to cheer us up when we might be depressed or sad.

This is a sign from the spirit world to tell us that we are loved.



7. White feather

White feather

Whenever you find a white feather, know that you are blessed and that your spirit guide will help you when you are going through bad times.

I have often found a white feather, and I am always as happy as a child when I discover a new one.

I collect them all or carry them in my pocket, which gives me a sense of protection.

To me, they are like talismans, and I find them to be something of a calling card for my spirit guide.



8.  A transmission through words

A transmission through words

Words are the most powerful things in this world. Words can heal, but they can also cause emotional pain.

Have you ever experienced a magazine or book grabbing your attention for no reason?

Of all the words and lines, did you only notice one single passage?

If you have experienced this, you should memorize this line and think about these words later. There is certainly a message that your spirit guide wants to convey to you.

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5 Signs Your Spirit Guides Want to Warn You About Something

5 Signs Your Spirit Guides Want to Warn You About Something

Surely you've had the feeling that you're being watched even though you knew you were home alone.

Maybe you have already experienced that you suddenly felt cold and you got goosebumps.

For example, I recently experienced finding a white feather in different places, and the strangest thing is that in a very short time, I always came across one.

The spirit world finds many ways to communicate with someone and – in this case – to help someone.

Here are the 5 signs that the spirit guides want to help you.


1. Animals around you suddenly become restless

Animals around you suddenly become restless

Animals have a sixth sense and can sense what humans cannot.

When an animal perceives a different energy, it suddenly starts behaving strangely. For example, a cat may suddenly jump up from its perch and walk around confused; a dog can suddenly start barking at a wall, and so on.

Some animals even react very kindly when they sense something spiritual in the room. They go into a corner where nobody is and start wagging their tails.

This is a sign that someone from the spirit world wants to contact you.

Perhaps at this time, your mind is busy with something else, and the spiritual contact is trying to get your attention with the help of the animals.

Consider whether you have something important ahead of you and whether there might be a danger in this matter.

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2. Certain scents

Certain scents

Have you ever felt that a scent took you back in time or brought back memories from your childhood?

We humans, like animals, are good at remembering smells,

If you smell cigarettes in your car, even though it has never been smoked in your car, it can be a sign from the spirit world.

For example, your father or someone else in your life who smoked may be giving you a signal to slow down or that there is danger on the road.

If you suddenly smell roses and remember your grandmother, think about the current state of your life and what she wants to say to you with the scent.



3. The same numbers keep popping up

The same numbers keep popping up

Maybe you've heard of angel numbers and know what they actually mean.

If you keep coming across the same numbers or sequence of numbers, it is a sign that the angels want to communicate with you.

These numbers can appear on clocks, addresses, or license plates, and they are always the same.

Remember these numbers and see what they mean and what the angels are trying to tell you.



4. The room temperature changes suddenly

The room temperature changes suddenly

Have you ever experienced that you suddenly became very warm and then felt a cold feeling?

You got goosebumps and just don't know what caused the temperature change. Some people have felt pain because they suddenly got so cold.

Science does not know exactly how this phenomenon occurs, but spiritual teachers agree that it comes from the spirit world, and it is one of the signs from the spirit guides.

If you feel a sudden change in temperature, you should know that the spirit world is giving you a sign that you are protected.

For example, if you're sitting in your car and suddenly feel a heat wave, that discomfort forces you to pay attention to your surroundings.

When this happens, you should know that the spirit world protects you from danger.

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5. The light will start turning off and on

The light will start turning off and on

The spiritual world uses electrical devices and especially light, to communicate with us and send us messages.

Electricity, like the spirit world, cannot be seen, but it can be felt, and because of this, the spirits can manipulate electrical energy and communicate with us.

If the light goes on and off by itself, know that the spirit world is trying to send a sign to help you.

It is a warning that something bad could happen in a few minutes, and you should prepare for this event.

That doesn't mean that something bad is certain to happen because, in the background, the spirits themselves can take care of nothing bad happening to you, so you won't be disturbed or experience any danger.



Last Words

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Understanding the signs that your spirit guides are trying to contact you is a great way to connect with the spiritual realm.

Whether it’s through dreams, synchronicities, or even physical sensations and appearances in your environment, these 13 signs can give you an indication of when your spirit guides want to communicate with you.

By being open and paying attention to the subtle messages around us, we may be able to make a powerful connection with our spiritual allies!


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