Soul Communication: 7 Ways Your True Self Is Trying to Lead You

Have you ever heard of soul communication—the belief that your soul is actively seeking to guide and assist you on your life's journey?

Throughout history, shamans, mystics, and sages have recognized that the soul doesn't communicate in human language. Instead, it speaks to us through a language rich in symbols, metaphors, archetypes, poetry, profound emotions, and a touch of magic.

The complexity and depth of the soul's wisdom are far beyond the scope of ordinary human language.

Many of us haven't been taught to connect with the profound rhythms of our innermost being. Societal norms often lead us to depend solely on our minds and their interpretation of reality.

This reliance on concrete data, facts, and logical thinking has created a void within us. We try to fill this void with material possessions, addictive behaviors, acts of aggression, and an array of distractions.

Occasionally, life-shaking events jolt us out of our conventional perceptions, but often, we overlook the clear signs that our soul is trying to communicate with us. Worse, we may even dismiss, distrust, or doubt these sacred forms of communication when they arise.

So, how do we begin to attune to the subtle whispers of the soul and retrain our conditioned minds? How can we learn to heed the vital messages of our soul and draw nourishment from its transformative wisdom?

The journey starts with opening our hearts and minds to the possibility that our soul knows more than we give it credit for and is constantly reaching out to us in myriad, mystical ways.



7 Important signs we need to watch out for

Soul communication isn't a gift bestowed only upon spiritual leaders or enlightened individuals; it's an innate right and ability inherent in every person. It forms a crucial part of our soul work, helping us to connect with our true essence and purpose.

For a long time, I lived disconnected from my soul's guidance, either ignoring it or drowning out its voice. However, since reestablishing this connection, I've been graced with a wealth of gifts, insights, teachings, and guidance.

These treasures have been instrumental in helping me reconnect with my inner wholeness and uncover my life's true path.

Observing people in our society, it's disheartening to see the extent of our spiritual malnourishment. You can often discern whether someone has engaged with their soul by their appearance—a certain glow in their skin, a sparkle in their eyes, and the energy they exude.

Sadly, many exist as mere fractions of their potential selves, constantly seeking external sources of comfort and warmth, unaware that the warmth and fire they seek reside within them.

To embark on the journey of soul communication, it's vital to recognize and understand the subtle signs your soul communicates.

There are numerous signs to be aware of, but here, I've outlined some of the most significant ones to look for:



1. Dreams as Soul Messages

1. Dreams as Soul Messages

In Western psychology, dreams are often viewed as the subconscious mind's way of processing reality. Yet, in ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece, dreams were revered as messages from spirits, gods, or the divine realm.

Similarly, many indigenous cultures, such as Native Americans, considered dreams as pathways to higher consciousness and revelation.

Contemporary healers generally concur that dreams carry significant messages and truths about our lives and destinies.

From my experience, dreams can be windows to fresh insights, reflections of genuine inner emotions, and even conduits for interacting with spirit guides.

Pay close attention to the imagery, symbols, and scenarios in your dreams. What resonates with you? Consider maintaining a dream journal to record your immediate thoughts upon waking.

While dream dictionaries can offer guidance, they often fall short of capturing your dream's unique, personal message. For instance, a snake might symbolize something positive for one person and something negative for another.

This distinction underscores dreams as one of the key indicators that your soul is reaching out to guide you.



2. Lucid Dreams

2. Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming, where you spontaneously become aware that you’re dreaming while asleep, offers more than just an intriguing dream experience. It represents a profound spiritual symbol akin to “waking up” within your subconscious.

This awareness in your dreamscape isn’t just symbolic; it's a doorway to exploring the deeper, often uncharted territories of your unconscious mind. Such experiences can be rare and spontaneous, or they might occur frequently and effortlessly.

The practice of lucid dreaming is something you can actively cultivate. For those interested, delving deeper into the techniques and nuances of lucid dreaming can be a rewarding journey.

If you find yourself naturally experiencing lucid dreams, recognize this as a rare and sacred gift.

The ability to navigate and interact consciously within your dreams is a privilege afforded to few, granting unique access to the profound depths of your unconscious mind.

In this state, you have the opportunity to pose questions to yourself, uncover insights, and find guidance that might remain elusive in your waking life.

Embrace these moments as chances to connect with deeper aspects of yourself, uncovering wisdom and direction that can illuminate your waking world.



3. Repetitive words or numbers

3. Repetitive words or numbers

Have you frequently noticed repeating sequences like “11:11,” “12:12,” or “13:13” on the clock? While skeptics might attribute this to a phenomenon known as “confirmation bias,” I believe there's more to it.

It's easier to be cynical and dismissive than to explore the personal significance of these experiences.

Regardless of the specific meanings we ascribe to them, repetitive words and numbers serve to jolt us awake, metaphorically speaking. Why else would they hold such significance for us?

Every time I encounter a repeating number or consistently hear a certain word or name, I interpret it as a form of soul communication.




4. Animal Omens and Guides

4. Animal Omens and Guides

Our daily encounters with animals can be much more than mere coincidences; they often carry profound teachings, messages, or distinct energies.

It's crucial to recognize that the significance we attribute to various animals is deeply personal, diverging from the traditional interpretations widely accepted.

Trusting your intuition is key when deciphering these messages. Your connection and interpretation of these animal guides are what truly matter.

One effective way to uncover the unique messages these animals hold is to observe the ones that frequently cross your path.

Take note of their behaviors, movements, and sounds. Each of these elements could be communicating something vital to you—a form of soul communication that's uniquely yours.

Consider the example of encountering crows regularly. Suppose you notice their loud and restless nature. This observation might be your soul's way of hinting that it's time to address and release emotions you've been suppressing.

The behaviors of these animals, in this context, are not random but are meaningful messages intended for your personal growth and understanding.




5. Synchronicity and Serendipity

5. Synchronicity and Serendipity

Have you ever experienced a sequence of events that felt extraordinary? Such occurrences are often referred to as “serendipity,” but they might be instances of “synchronicity.”

Synchronicity refers to those moments when seemingly coincidental events carry deep, meaningful connections, aligning our inner thoughts and feelings with the external world. It’s like the universe is echoing back our innermost desires and intentions.

When everything aligns seamlessly as if by magic, it often signals that we’re on the right path, spiritually speaking. These moments can feel as though a higher power or the universe itself is actively helping to manifest our dreams and aspirations.

I hold a firm belief that nothing in life is merely coincidental. At the core, our souls and spirits are interconnected, a concept that even science supports through the understanding that everything is energy.

Synchronicity occurs when the frequency of our thoughts resonates with the frequency of our destined paths. It's like water flowing through a funnel—it moves naturally, without force or resistance.

Therefore, it's important to be mindful of these moments of synchronicity. They act as powerful affirmations that you're moving in the right direction, echoing the guidance of your soul.

Whenever you encounter such meaningful coincidences, consider them as clear indications that your soul is communicating with you and guiding you along your journey.




6. Gut Feeling

6. Gut Feeling

Gut feelings, an indescribable sense that nudges us towards or away from certain actions, is often interchangeably used with the term intuition.

While many of us are familiar with the concept of intuition, truly listening to and understanding it can be a challenge.

Intuition differs significantly from the voice of fear. Unlike fear, which is often loud, frantic, or aggressive, intuition is gentle, calm, and centered.

Recognizing this difference is crucial. Often, we mistake anxiety-driven thoughts for intuition, but genuine intuition is free from the grip of fear.

Think of intuition or gut feeling as the soul's way of speaking to us. It's an internal compass guiding us toward what is right and true for us.

When you find yourself instinctively drawn to a path, a decision, or a person, devoid of any underlying fear, trust that this pull is your soul's guidance at work.

By learning to distinguish and trust this subtle yet profound inner guidance, you can navigate your life with greater confidence and alignment with your true self.

Intuition is not just a concept; it's a powerful tool for connecting with our deepest selves and making choices that resonate with our authentic path.




7. Visions During Meditation

7. Visions During Meditation

Meditation offers a profound way to connect with your soul. Imagine entering a tranquil, boundless space filled with infinite love—that's the realm of your soul.

Even if you've touched upon this space briefly, you've experienced a glimpse of its profound depth.

Engaging in extended meditation sessions, lasting 30 minutes or more, can usher you into what many describe as a mystical experience.

These moments of deep meditation often reveal visions or spontaneously evoke names. These could be messages from your current spirit guide or direct communications from your soul itself.

Many have shared experiences of hearing unfamiliar songs or melodies during meditation. I've encountered spontaneous visions and words that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

But how do you differentiate these soulful visions, names, or songs from the ordinary chatter of your mind?

Typically, these images or words carry a theme that feels distinct or unfamiliar, possibly linked to ancient cultures, and they often repeat themselves.

More importantly, they carry a sense of significance, a feeling that they are crucial for you to notice and consider.

Paying attention to these messages during meditation can provide valuable insights and guidance, offering a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey and your connection with the universe.



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