7 Spiritual Meanings of Bees Flying Around You

Growing up, we had a huge tree that harbored almost half of the country's bee population; they were generally harmless and wouldn't hurt anyone. However, they would always follow my mother whenever she went out, which begged the question, what is the spiritual meaning of bees flying around you?

This was something she would ask over the years. None of us knew what it meant until my curiosity took over one day. I decided to search for the spiritual meaning of bees flying around you.

We knew these incidences had to be a spiritual meaning because they would never hurt her, just fly her around for a while.

It also couldn't be just a coincidence because they never bothered anyone else; people even started calling my mother the bee whisperer. If you have had such an experience with bees, you must have been startled in the beginning. Most of us fear bee stings, so we try to avoid them at all costs.

However, what if the bees seem to target you specifically? They don't hurt you; you know it is not your perfume because you have tried changing it but still get the same results. Well, you will find the answer to that today as we look at the seven spiritual meanings of bees flying around you.


What Do Bees Signify Spiritually?

What Do Bees Signify Spiritually

You most probably know of the saying as busy as a bee. This is because bees are considered one of the most hardworking creatures on earth. The whole honey production takes a lot of hard work. Spiritually, bees are seen as a symbol of hardwork and discipline.

Different cultures also have different spiritual meanings tied to bees. For example, the ancient druids believed that bees were messengers. They send messages between the otherworld and our world.

Bees are also seen as a sign of fertility and prosperity because of the role they play in flower reproduction. They are also seen to symbolize abundance and good luck to whoever they come across.

There is more to these simple insects than meets the eye, and we can all stand to learn something from them.

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Spiritual Meaning of Bees Flying Around You

Spiritual Meaning of Bees Flying Around You

So, do bees choose to follow you just because they like you, or is there something more in this act?

Let us look at the spiritual meaning of bees flying around you. They will help you find the answers to the questions you might have been asking yourself about these beautiful striped insects.


1. New Beginnings

There are many ways bees symbolize new beginnings. For example, they show up right as the flowers need to be pollinated. Showing up on time is a new beginning for the bees and the flowers. The bees are ready to start a new season while the flowers get ready to, well, flower.

One of the spiritual meanings of bees flying around you could be that there is a new beginning in the future. This could represent a shift in your usual routine. It can be something as major as moving states or countries or as small as changing your shower head.

There is no way to tell what exactly your new beginning will be, but you should be excited about this. The universe is telling you about this change in advance to give you time to prepare yourself for it.

See the change as the start of a new season and embrace the change you are about to experience. It might be the best thing that ever happens to you!


2. Fertility and Birth

Fertility and Birth

Bees are a major sign of fertility as they spread pollen from the trees, kickstarting fertilization. They are responsible for fertilizing millions of flowers every year, starting a new life cycle.

Because of this, bees following you could mean that you are fertile. It is important to note that this fertility doesn't only apply to women and birth. Fertility represents the beginning of something new, for example, the start of a new life.

For you, it could mean that you are about to enter a new world full of different possibilities that will enrich your life.

Of course, bees flying around you could also mean that you are pregnant or are going to have one soon. This is good news for those who want to start a family or are trying to have a child.

The birth doesn’t have to signify you giving birth yourself; it might be that your adoption process will come through. The only way to tell what fertility and birth mean in your case is by observing other signs from the universe.

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3. Protection

Bees are super protective of their colonies and guard their queen with their lives. There are even guard bees whose sole purpose is to protect the hive. They will not let anything happen to it if they can prevent it.

When it comes to our lives, we have guardian angels and other higher powers that are watching over us. They are our guard bees, ensuring we do not face any harm.

Our guardians protect us through our waking hours and even when we fall asleep. They prevent evil forces from attacking us.

Our angels also warn us when someone or something has malicious intent toward us. The spiritual meaning of bees flying around you in this context is to show that you are protected.

You also want to bring your guard up when this happens to see if there is anyone looking to harm you. While your guardians will do their best to protect you, you can also take extra measures to help them out.


4. Abundance and Prosperity

Bees flying around you could be a foretelling of the prosperity you will receive. These tiny insects not only come in large numbers, signifying abundance. They are also responsible for giving so much to the world and to each other.

The bees could be used by a higher power to inform you of your future prosperity. This is especially true if you are gearing towards something big or are about to make a momentous decision.

Your guides are showing you that the decision you want to make will lead you down the path to prosperity and abundance.

This means you should double your efforts and keep pushing toward what you want to happen. You should also pray to God to show you are grateful for the blessings coming your way.

Work hard, pray for guidance and let the universe take its course. The good thing will come to you in due time.


5. You Need to Set Boundaries

You Need to Set Boundaries

I have said this before, and I will say it again, boundaries are very crucial in all relationships. They create a safe environment where you know you are appreciated and feel safe. Setting boundaries is important as it protects you from getting harmed by others.

I speak from experience; I used to be a doormat and would never say no to anybody. I thought it was rude, and I was being ungrateful. I started noticing, however, that I always seemed to give my all while no one else cared about me.

People would take advantage of my docility to get whatever they wanted from me without caring about how it affected me.

If you are like this, please love yourself and set healthy boundaries. If bees know not to let anyone attack their hives, you can also protect yourself in the same way.

Those who love you will respect your boundaries and abide by them. Don’t worry if some friends or family members disappear after you do this. It just shows they were there to benefit from you and didn't really care about you.


6. Your Dreams Will Come True

Another spiritual meaning of bees flying around you is that you are about to get your dreams fulfilled. You might have been working toward something, but you are not sure whether it will succeed or not.

The bees flying around you are letting you know that it will, and it will happen soon. Your ideas are about to bear fruits, and you will see them manifesting soon.

It can be demoralizing to keep pushing when you don't seem to see any results. Whenever you feel this, remember that good things take time. People might not understand your vision now, but they soon will. Everyone will see the incredible and amazing person you are if you stick to your goals.

Don't slack off; this is the time you need to put even more effort into your dreams. Use your knowledge and abilities to fuel you. Your victory is close at hand.

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7. Enlightenment

This last meaning is based on the Celtic belief about bees. They believe that bees are wise, sacred creatures with hidden knowledge. They are believed to have the ability to travel between worlds, carrying messages and knowledge between these planes of existence.

A bee following you could mean that you are about to reach enlightenment. You have more wisdom in you than you believe, and it is about to show itself soon. The Celts believe that your consciousness transcends in the form of bees, allowing you to gain wisdom.

Open yourself up to the universe's wisdom to achieve this enlightenment. Don't let the things of this world run your life. Believe in yourself, and the universe will show you the answers you have always wanted.



Why Do Bees Follow Me?

Why Do Bees Follow Me

Bees can follow you as they act as protectors. Spiritual beings can use bees to ensure you are safe from anything that could harm you. They are a strong symbol of protection, and your spirit guide is letting you know they are watching over you.

Another symbolic reason for bees following you shows the interconnection between all beings. Bees have their own form of communication inside the hive that lets them talk to each other. This symbolizes how your way of thinking, acting, and what you say impact your life.

We have the power to speak our dreams into existence; this shows you how powerful you can be. What you think, say, and do can have a positive or negative impact on your life.

A bee following you is showing you that you need to be more careful with your words and actions if you want your dreams to come true.

Clear any negative thoughts as they lower your vibration. This can negatively change your life, muddying your vision. Instead, practice positive affirmations and clean, happy energy, and you will see good results.



Are Bees Good Omens?

Are Bees Good Omens

Most cultures see bees as good omens. They are believed to bring luck to whoever they follow or fly around. For example, one of the spiritual meanings of bees flying around you we have looked out points out abundance and prosperity.

That is because bees are a symbol of prosperity. Their hardwork bears fruits and bees around you shows you that your work will soon bring you fulfillment too.

Bees also symbolize good luck when it comes to fertility. They are known to bring about new beginnings that have a huge impact on others. Seeing a bee could mean that you are about to become fertile; that is, you are about to achieve all your heart desires.

The new opportunities before you mean you have the best life ahead of you.


Last Words

There is so much to learn from bees. We finally got our answer for the bees flying and following my mother, and I hope you have too. The above spiritual meaning of bees flying around you is a message you are getting straight from the universe.

Try to understand which of the meanings apply to you and what you should do with the message. Let the universe guide you, and you will be happy with the results.


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