6 Spiritual Meanings of Bird Tapping on Window

If you have read the bible, you no doubt know of Noah's story where a bird lets them know when the flood was over. Ever since that moment, birds have been seen as carriers of messages from the spiritual realm.

Have you ever seen or heard a bird slowly tapping on a window, whether your window or someone else's? Didn't you wonder what could have possibly sent the bird there?

Out of all places, why would a bird choose a window to start hitting? The answer is because there is a spiritual meaning of bird tapping on the window. You might not know it, but a bird tapping on a window is a message being sent to whoever is on the other side of the window.

Some believe that angels take the form of a bird to appear to us. If that is true, you need to be spiritually awake and receive the message they are communicating to you, which is why I have written this article.

I aim to help you understand the spiritual meaning of a bird tapping on the window and help you find how you can implement the meaning in your life.



Spiritual Meaning of Bird Tapping on Window

Spiritual Meaning of Bird Tapping on Window

The spiritual meaning of a bird tapping on the window could be a message bearing good news or a forewarning of something to come. It can symbolize changes that are about to take place in your life.

Let us look at some of the spiritual meanings of birds tapping on windows and how you can interpret them.


1. Someone Is Reaching Out.

Birds are considered God's divine messengers; some believe God sends his angels in the form of birds to give you a message. So, hearing or seeing a bird tapping on your window could mean that someone in heaven is reaching out to you. They have a message for you that you should listen to.

The message could be coming from a loved one who died recently; this tends to happen close to the deceased loved one's birthday, the day they passed away, or on days that hold some significance.

Pay close attention, and even write down the time and date the bird started tapping on the window. This could help you when looking for a message, helping you relate the significance that time and date hold in your life.

Analyze your relationship with deceased loved ones to see what the meaning of their message could be. Thinking on it and even asking those who knew them could help you come up with a preconception that will help you understand the message.


2. Change is Coming.

Remember our example at the start of the bird in Noah’s time? That bird was used to signify that change had arrived when it did not come back; there was land in some places, and the water was subsiding.

Similarly, a bird tapping on your window could warn you of a change in your life. It tells you that there will soon be a transitional state in your life that you should prepare for.

The change could be good or bad as a bird can also be used as a forewarning. The change could be something minor, such as a change in your work life, or something significant, such as someone important entering or leaving your life.

Observing your life in the coming days will help you know what change it is.

The bird on your window could signal something potentially harmful and give you time to prepare for it. Don't get scared or try to chase the bird away; instead, look for a deeper meaning behind their appearance.

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3. Financial Instability.

You might have been experiencing loss of money before seeing the bird on your window. This could be a sign that you are stressing over your finances and struggling to find ways to pay your rent and bills.

The financial stress is taking a toll on you, and you might need to cut off some expenses to afford your lifestyle.

The bird on the window is a positive sign from above, letting you know that you no longer need to worry about your finances. Leave it all up to divine powers and double down on your work.

Working hard and honestly does pay off, and if you keep on, you will soon start seeing the results.

In the meantime, you have to believe that God will provide what you need. It can come in many forms; maybe you will get lucky and win some money in a competition, maybe your neighbors will offer you food and drink out of the goodness of their hearts, or maybe you will get a promotion.

Trust that God will take care of whatever it is; all you have to do is work hard and hold on, and everything will be okay.


4. Death Is Nearby.

Most people believe that death is coming if a bird flies into a window. The death could be that of a close friend or a loved one, especially when it is a blackbird. Therefore, one spiritual meaning of bird tapping on window could signify oncoming death.

Although this is a widespread belief, the meaning doesn't always mean the death of a person. It could instead signify that something is coming to an end.

This could be something positive, for example, the end of your financial woes, or it could be painful, such as losing your job or a relationship.

Don’t let this send you into a panic whenever you hear a bird tapping on your window because although birds can be used to warn, it rarely means something as tragic as death. On the same note, however, you should not be surprised if someone close to you passes away.

Use this as a reminder to love those close to you and cherish your relationship. Life is fleeting, and it can all end in an instant, and it is better to enjoy every moment you are alive.


5. Good News.

Birds such as the bluebird and the sparrow symbolize good news. Be hopeful when one of these birds starts tapping on your window because you are about to receive some good news. Doves are other birds used to bring good news, telling you to be hopeful.

The news could also mean that you are on the right path, taking the right direction in your life. Use this as an encouragement to continue doing what you are doing and be hopeful.

Of course, you still have to be patient as you don’t know when this news is coming your way but hold on to your hope.

Take a close look at the bird that taps on your window to determine the message you are getting. Different birds could mean different things, and you have to be careful to ensure you get the correct bird.

Don't ignore it when you hear tapping on your window; go to it and see what is making the sound, and you will get the message sent to you.

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6. Be Ready.

As we have seen, most spiritual meaning of a bird tapping on the window point to a change coming to your life. The change will either be positive or negative, but you have to believe it is a positive one. Because of this, you need to be ready. Take stock of your life and see what needs changing.

Being ready prepares you for the actual change, which is why you will receive the tapping days or weeks before the change takes place. It means that the spiritual realm is telling you to ready yourself.

Now is not the time to slack off or let yourself relax; you need to hang on as much as possible. However, don't let it stress you. Prepare as much as is necessary and leave the rest to God and other spiritual beings; they will not fail you.



Are Birds Hitting the Window An Omen?

Are Birds Hitting the Window An Omen

Yes, a bird hitting your window could be a bad omen, depending on the bird that hits your window. This could be a sign that something bad is about to come. You can’t tell what the omen will turn out to be, and you have to be ready.

Some cultures believe that a bird hitting your window means something negative is coming your way, a loss of some kind. Keep your eyes peeled when this happens to you.

The good thing is you have enough time to prepare for whatever it is. Ask for guidance from the higher powers and trust that they will protect you. If you can, put up your walls and fortify yourself against whatever is coming.



Does a Bird Hitting a Window Mean Death?

A bird hitting your window could mean the death of a loved one is looming. This is not always the case, but you should not take this message for granted. Use it as a sign to spend more time with your loved ones and prioritize the time spent with them.

Don't let it lead you to depression, and enjoy the time you have.

The spiritual meaning of a bird tapping on the window could simply mean a change coming your way or the death of something you love. It doesn't always mean the death of someone, so take heart. Let the universe guide you and wait to see the message come true.



Last Words

Don't get scared or start worrying when a bird taps on your window. As we have seen, it doesn't always mean something bad. Some spiritual meaning of bird tapping on window could be pointing to a positive change in your life.

It could symbolize new beginnings, so you needn't worry. Take records of the incident's time and date and ask the universe for help deciphering the message.


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