Spiritual Meaning of Coming Full Circle – A Divine Sign

The spiritual meaning of coming full circle is something I do not take for granted, and you shouldn't, either. Let me give you an example of why I have this view on it.

A few years ago, I got into an accident while riding my bike. It was not anything big, but it was scary, and it made me get off riding bikes for a while. I tried getting back on it three months after it happened, but I couldn't even move.

I took some time off that I dedicated time to finding myself and healing all the wrong I didn't even know I had. It took me a while, more than six months before I tried riding the bike again.

Even after I learned that it took me a while to go back on the same road I had gotten that accident in, I conquered it, and it felt like coming full circle.

Everyone's experience is different, but I think we have all gotten through something like this at least once. What I didn't know was that there is a spiritual meaning of coming full circle.

If you have ever been in such a situation, you will be encouraged to see the spiritual meanings it can hold. This can encourage you to see the whole experience in a positive light.



What Does It Mean to Bring Things Full Circle?

Coming full circle means coming back to something or somewhere that you started from in the beginning. It means returning to something to its original starting point after a long journey.

It is much like the circle; it starts at a specific place and ends at the same place it started with. The journey the circle goes through represents the emotional or spiritual journey you go through before ending up at the place you started.

It might seem discouraging to end up where you started, but it is not the same thing.

The whole point of coming full circle is that you have grown and become a better version of who you are. You go through an emotional journey that changes you and your perspective on things and turns you into a more improved person.

That enables you to face the same situation with a different view on it, most of the time, a better view. It makes even situations that might seem intimidating less intimidating.

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Spiritual Meaning of Coming Full Circle

Spiritual Meaning of Coming Full Circle

Here are some of the spiritual meanings of coming full circle, a divine sign sent to you from above.


1. You Have Made Great Progress

It seems a little on the nose to say that the spiritual meaning of coming full circle means you have made progress, but that is exactly what it is. Most people underrate the effort it needs to make changes in our lives. We take it as an excuse to undermine the effort it takes to make that progress.

It is easy to get stuck in the same old loop because it seems easier. Returning to this place after making the changes we made reminds us of how far we have come. It is also a way for us to see that we have broken the loop and actually made progress.

Coming full circle is the universe’s way of showing you that it recognizes the effort you have made. It shows you that that effort is not for granted and is something you should be proud of. Take this as a sign that you are worth the effort you made and own up to it.


2. You Are Strong

You Are Strong

Coming full circle is all about strength and resilience. It is easy to just give up when things go wrong in our lives because it doesn't require us to put in any effort.

However, it is important to note that you actually put in the work because of your strength. It is a good virtue in you that you need to appreciate.

Look at it like this, when it comes to my example, I had to brave riding the bicycle on a highway, something that I had dreaded for the better part of the year. Not to toot my own horn but I kind of do because of how much I needed to push myself before taking that step.

The universe uses the coming full circle as a sign of encouragement. It shows you that you can keep going, no matter what you face. This is something you should take a lot of pride in. You also need to be thankful for the progress you have made and the strength it took to get you there.

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3. You Can Make It Through Anything

Another spiritual meaning of coming full circle seems a bit on the nose, but that is truer than you imagine. The bump that comes before making it full circle is one of the hardest things you can face in life. It has to be something that pulls you under more than you think.

The trauma surrounding the problem can set you back more than you think. It can be something you think is impossible to recover from, although that is definitely not the case.

Being able to progress past these things is a sign that you can make it through any obstacles you face. It shows you that you can overcome any hurdle, no matter how hard it might seem.


4. A Symbol of Completion

A Symbol of Completion

Coming full circle is one of the purest signs of completion. The circle does come back to where it started, making it whole or complete. That is what it means when you make it full circle. You did not just go through what you went through for no reason. You have learned some valuable lessons through it all.

Coming full circle shows you that you have grown and done some of the most meaningful developments you can make. The cycle is an important one, and breaking it is even more important.

We all continue to grow as time passes. There will be periods where you feel like you are at a plateau and nothing is moving, but that is not the case. Value your change for what it is and embrace the growth you have made.


5. You Have Learned Important Lessons

The only way to grow is by taking a fall and learning from it. You cannot grow without knowing what it is that felt like an obstacle. Some of the things that feel like an obstacle can be out of control.

You might have faced something you had no way to control, but you keep blaming yourself. During this phase, you can learn to accept that you will not always have control over everything. This can be the hardest thing to accept, especially if you need to feel in control of everything.

Your lesson can also be that you need to learn to let go. You would not have made it forward, or in this case, back to the same spot if you had not learned from what went wrong.

That is why you need to be proud of what you did. You made an effort, unlearned the bad habits, and learned those that benefit you.

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6. You Need to Move On

You Need to Move On

The last spiritual meaning of coming full circle means that you finally need to move on. You might have gotten stuck in the same problem you had made, which made you fixate on what went wrong.

Making it full circle is a sign that you have finally done what you wanted to do, and it is time to leave all of it behind you.

It is easy to get too absorbed in what went wrong that you don't focus on anything else. You want desperately to change what put you under the first time that you don’t allow yourself to move on to other things. Making it full circle can be seen as a release from what went wrong.

It frees you from the obsession that had a hold on you. It gives you the freedom you need to focus on other things.

You can now do whatever you want without feeling like something is holding you back or stopping you from achieving other things that are not tied to whatever went wrong the first time.



Last Words

Knowing the spiritual meaning of coming circle is going to help you live a better time. It is the freedom you have wanted without even knowing. It is a way to accept what you did and be proud of it.

You have made all the growth you needed and have taken the steps required to start a new life. It also shows that you have learned from your mistakes, if you had made any, and you can finally move forward without guilt or the sense of having something unfinished holding you back.

Most of all, it shows you that you have come full circle!


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