Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming in a Dream – 7 Messages You Are Receiving

Dreaming when you are in a dream can feel so trippy. I remember being so confused when I first experienced this that I had to do actual research. I had to find the spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream because I did not think it could just be a random thing without explanation, and I was right.

I thought of researching this because I know how important dreams are in our lives. You should not disregard any dreams as they all hold a special meaning and represent a sign from the universe.

It could be either good or bad, but you should still pay attention. Finding the spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream and what it could mean for you is essential. It is especially important because such an occurrence is rare.

Dreaming in a dream feels like having two flashbacks, one within the other. It is a spiritual experience, and you should treat it as such. It can be confusing, but that is why I am here to show you the spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream. Let’s get started.


Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming

Dreams are a connection to the spiritual realm and a way the universe uses to communicate with us. You should never take your dreams for granted, especially when you feel something is off after the dream.

They could also have a positive meaning; you will need to study the signs to get the importance; the meaning could be tied to what is happening in your life.

Dreaming in a dream is known as a false awakening, a way your body uses to deceive you. You were sleeping one minute, and the next, you woke up with a start, only to find you were still dreaming. The dream can feel like a surreal experience, and that is because it is.

The dream of a dream could be the universe trying to reach out to you. This typically happens when the message being sent is urgent. When this happens, you should try your best to listen to the message from the universe, find ways to interpret it, and await further instructions.

An easy way to interpret these dreams is by looking out for the signs the universe is sending you. The messages might not be as straightforward as you would like them to be, but with the universe's help, you will get the answer.



Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming in a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming in a Dream

Without further ado, let us look at the spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream that you should know. I hope it will help you know and understand what the universe is telling you and what to do about it.


1. Someone is Sending You a Message.

This is the most common spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream you will experience. If you were dreaming while dreaming, it could be a message that someone is reaching out to you.

The message doesn’t always come from the spiritual realm. The message could be coming from your family members, friends, or spiritual elder. They might be trying to reach out to you and leave you a message to interpret in your waking hours.

It could also be coming from your spiritual guide; they might be trying to warn you of something coming your way. It is important to pay attention to both dreams to understand their different meanings.

The messages might differ in both dreams; if this is the case, pay more attention to the second dream or the dream inside your dream as it might be more urgent.

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2. You Have a Prophetic Gift.

You Have a Prophetic Gift

Some people hold spiritual powers they do not know they possess until they come to fruition. Having a dream inside your dream could be your spiritual powers trying to express themselves. It is an even stronger feeling when you have prophetic gifts.

The dream could be alerting you that you have to work on your prophetic gift. You have not honed it or know how to use it well; you need to work on developing this skill and ensuring you use it for good.

You might get hints regarding how you should use it within the dream, and you need to be careful to see any signs pointing to that.

You must learn how to properly master your skill and ensure they don't go to waste. Having the gift of a seer is a rare occurrence, and you should not abuse it. Ask the universe for help in learning more about your ability and find ways to control it.

The more experience you have with the gift, the more control you will have over it.

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3. You Are Anxious.

Sometimes the feelings you have before falling asleep can affect your dreams. When it comes to the spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream, it could point to your anxiety. Our anxieties and desires have a way of getting through to our dreams and the experiences in them.

Because of this, it is recommended to clear your mind of any worries and anxieties before you fall asleep. Falling asleep with anxiety can make you have a dream within a dream.

It is the universe encouraging you to let go of your anxieties. It tells you that you should not let your worries control your life.

You should not be anxious about anything and embrace this as a rule. Trust that the universe will show you a way out of whatever is bothering you. Find ways to discover what makes you anxious in your waking hours and solve it to ensure you don't have anxiety.

This will also help you have a peaceful night and dreams.


4. Too Many Messages Are Coming Through.

Picture this; you are working in a call center, but you don't have a script to follow, and you are the only one handling all the phones. In such a situation, you bounce from call to call without having enough time to process what you are talking about.

No sooner are you off one call than you are in another; this is what it feels like when you have a dream in a dream.

The spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream you might be getting from the universe might come from too many messages trying to reach you. Every dream we have comes from divine forces, giving us messages from the spiritual realm.

So, whenever you have a dream within a dream, you might have several spiritual connections coming through at once.

The spiritual realm is sending too many messages, one on top of the other, than you can handle. The dreams unfold within one another because the messages are getting intertwined.

You need to set some time to decipher each dream separately to get to the bottom of them and understand the meanings from all of them.


5. Self-Deceit.

We all lie to ourselves about who we are from time; we sometimes like to lose ourselves in a fantasy, picturing what our lives would be like if things were different. However, we need to do this in a measured capacity; you should not take self-deceit too far.

Another spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream is self-deceit. The universe tells you that you have a false mindset that could negatively affect your life. You lie to yourself that everything is okay even when things are not going well.

This kind of mindset blinds you from reality and stops you from doing important things in your life. It is slowing your journey to success, and the universe is trying to shake you out of this self-deceit.

It is waking you up and letting you know that you should get a move on. Work on your life, improve it, and start living the life you rightfully deserve.


6. Good News Is On Its Way.

Good News Is On Its Way

Let's say you dream of receiving some bad news, but you suddenly wake up, enter another dream, and receive good news in the new dream. If this happens to you, you have to pay more attention to the second dream.

The dream that interrupts the other is the dream you need to be paying more attention to.

The universe is using this new dream to tell you that you have good news coming your way. The first dream of bad news could be a reflection of what your life is like at the moment, and the second dream is a prophecy.

It could be your gift of prophecy trying to show you what your life will be.

The universe and your gift of foresight are encouraging you to hold on to hope. It assures you that life will not always be challenging and that you will catch a break soon; you just have to be patient.

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7. Spiritual Alignment.

The last spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream is spiritual alignment. Your spirit is trying to find the best place for it to rest. It is trying to find the correct frequency where it will be at peace.

The sign you are getting represents spiritual searching. You must stay in that dream until your spirit finishes its search. If you don't wait for the dream to pass, you will be left hanging, your spirit will take more time to find peace, and you might risk never finding spiritual alignment.

Staying in the dream will lead to spiritual awakening, and you should see it to the end. It is an important sign that you should dwell on even in your waking hours. Your spiritual journey is important, and you should find a way to let all parts of your life align.


Last Words

Having a dream is important and is a message from divine forces that you should try to understand.

I hope the spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream we have covered in this article will help you find the message being sent your way, and it helps you find the message the universe is communicating.

Pay attention to both dreams as one could give you a clue regarding the interpretation; study the signs around you when asleep and awake to see how they can help you with your dreams.


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