Spiritual Meaning of Jewelry Breaking – 5 Messages You are Receiving

As a child, I had a ring. It was a very simple piece meant for children, with a cute heart and a tiny stone. It was also very valuable (as far as kids’ jewelry goes) since it was pure silver.

I was constantly afraid of losing it or one bully taking it. However, I never thought that the heart will break in two at some point.

I’ve outgrown the ring at that point, and I was keeping it in my jewelry box as a keepsake. Only for it to break a second after picking it up when I wanted to clean it. Something else broke a couple of days after.

No one likes it when their favorite bracelet or necklace breaks. Whether they were a gift or you’ve treated yourself to something nice, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

I guess it becomes even worse when it’s a family heirloom or something very expensive. No matter how much any of us like to pretend not to be materialistic, we still place a lot of importance on our possessions.

What would you say if I told you that these items mean more than their value? Today, I’ll talk to you about the spiritual meaning of jewelry breaking. Maybe next time when the stone falls out or the chain breaks, you will think of more than just shoddy craftsmanship.



The Spiritual Meaning of Jewelry Breaking

The Spiritual Meaning of Jewelry Breaking

Here are five possible spiritual messages you might be receiving when your jewelry breaks:


Getting your attention.

We spend a lot of time disconnected from our lives. TV, smartphones, social media… All of them prevent us from being in touch with ourselves.

When a piece of jewelry breaks, it could be a gong that is supposed to wake you from your stupor. It could be a sign that something big is happening or that a big change is around the corner.

It works both to warn you about changes in your life and that something is happening to someone else.

If that person is not paying attention, it could be a call from the Universe for you to check out the situation. Maybe that person needs help, maybe they just need support and positive vibes, or maybe they need a wake-up call as well.


The end of a relationship.

Probably the most common spiritual meaning of jewelry breaking, especially when that piece was a gift from a loved one.

Many cultures believe that rings or necklaces absorb the feelings between a pair of lovers. Once that love is gone, they will lose their purpose and break.

Are you here because your engagement ring or a friendship bracelet is broken? Unfortunately, it could be a warning or a sign that things are not going great.

I hope it’s a warning sign from the Universe. You may turn things around and salvage the relationship. If you get that opportunity and succeed, thank that piece of jewelry properly for giving you this warning.

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Time to let go.

Have you ever seen a movie in which something breaks, and that scene acts as a foreshadowing for another major event? Think of your jewelry breaking as a sign that something will end soon.

This is yet another layer to what we just talked about, but it includes a lot more than human relationships. It could mean the end of a career, bigger material loss, or (the worst likely scenario) your favorite ice cream will be discontinued.

It can also be a sign that it’s time to give up. Whatever it has taken too much of your energy and whatever the burden you’ve put upon your shoulders. It’s time to leave it behind.

With the former, think of it as the Universe giving you an opportunity to dip your toes in the kiddy pool before throwing you into the deep end. As for the latter, imagine it as a wake up call or permission to move on.


Say no to materialism.

The Universe likes to throw a challenge our way from time to time. Here, the Universe could challenge your attachment to material things.

If you get too angry or too sad when a piece of jewelry breaks, it’s time to do some soul searching. You chasing after pretty, shiny things could hinder your spiritual development.

There is a good reason monks give up material goods once they go to start on the road to spiritual development. Some things are nice to have. However, they distract us and prevent us from understanding who we are at the core.

You could be a person with a pretty ring or a necklace, or you could be someone with a bright, soaring spirit. It’s up to you to choose, and seeing this piece of jewelry break is the perfect time to do so.


A purpose fulfilled.

In Japan, an object can become sentient after 100 years. That is why some people still go through certain rituals before disposing of their belongings. At the very least, they thank them for their usefulness before bidding them farewell.

Japan is not the only place where people believe that objects have a spirit. From Native Nations to wandering Romani and Travelers in Europe, they have similar beliefs.

One of the old-world superstitions is that objects know when they have fulfilled their purpose. They also know when our attachment to them is not contributing to our happiness. This is an extension of the saying, “you can do without the ones who are not there.”

Your piece of jewelry is ready for retirement. Some broken things should be repaired, of course. This one maybe doesn’t. You will know once you examine your feelings and sense of urgency.

If you don’t feel you have to repair this piece, your energies don’t mesh well anymore, and it’s time to let it go.

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Last Words

Before I send you on your way, I have a few words of comfort. Many of the examples above insinuate the spiritual meaning of jewelry breaking must be a portent of bad luck. Just like the Death card from a Tarot deck, things are not so black and white.

Don’t pollute your energy worrying about things you can’t control. Don’t manifest that polluted energy into the Universe and invite bad things to come into your life.

Instead, treat this as an opportunity to reflect on things that matter and be grateful for them.


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