Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing on Right Side & Left Side

I must confess, I am very terrified of needles. My fear of them is so bad that I cannot get a piercing nor watch someone as they get one. I decided to face my fears one day and take one of my friends to get a nose piercing.

It didn't look too bad, but it got me wondering, why are people always getting piercings? Is there any spiritual importance to these piercings? My friend had confessed that they wanted one because of the spiritual meaning of a nose piercing, which prompted me to do more research.

As it turns out, nose piercings are there for more than just fashion. They date back to the Indian and Nepalese cultures, which hold special significance to those who wear them.

If you are one of those who have wondered what the spiritual meaning of a nose piercing on the right side and left side is, you are in the right place. I am going to share with you my findings regarding nose piercings and what importance they might hold in your life.


What Does a Nose Piercing Symbolize?

The symbolism of nose piercings varies depending on the culture and the times. For example, in the medieval era, most cultures used nose piercing to signify prosperity and wealth.

Those who pierced their noses belonged to important families or royals. Other cultures believe that nose piercings protect them from evil spirits, while others get nose piercings to enhance their beauty.

Most cultures also draw a distinction of the meaning depending on what side of the nose the piercing is. Some see a septum piercing as a symbol of creativity and freedom, while some cultures consider this as a sign of homosexuality. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

Although it is correct that nose piercings are a sign of individuality, the spiritual meaning of a nose piercing holds more weight than this. It is important to know the actual meanings of these piercings before getting one, which is why I am here.

This article will help you find your spiritual purpose and give you clarity before piercing your nose. It will help you understand that a nose piercing is not just for fashion. Let's get started.



Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing on the Right Side

Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing on the Right Side

The right side is always seen as a sign of positivity and confidence. So, what is the spiritual meaning of nose piercing on the right side?


1. Good Luck.

Keeping with its positive intonation, the spiritual meaning of nose piercing on the right side is connected to good luck. You are believed to invite good luck into your life when you get a right-side nose piercing.

It shows that something good will happen to you. Some see it as a sign of prosperity and wealth.

This meaning still holds if you got your piercing without knowing; there is no telling what it could mean if you got it with an intentional aim to attract good fortune.

However, those with a right nose piercing often turn out to be the luckiest people around. The blood drawn after piercing the right side cleanses the air of all evil spirits, leaving the person with only good luck.

These kinds of people seem to have everything going their way. They do not stay down for long, even when something goes wrong in their life. They always come through victorious no matter what challenges come their way because their good fortune protects them from anything that might harm them.


2. Confidence.


Another spiritual meaning of nose piercing on the right side is confidence and positivity. We all know at least one person who is always a ray of sunlight. They always appear positive and ready to take whatever comes their way with positivity.

It, therefore, does not come as a surprise to you to realize most people with this kind of attitude, especially women, tend to have a right nose piercing.

These people are the image of competence, and they use their inner strength to face the world confidently. It enables them to withstand any strains that come their way without flinching.

It is important to understand that these people are not arrogant, nor do they think they are better than anyone. They simply believe in themselves and have enough positivity to face the world.

If you are this kind of person, you should also be ready to deal with negativity from those who have the above misconceptions about you. Some might think you are trying to show off, and you need to be prepared for this.

Draw from your inner strength and trust the universe to help you respond to any hostility, especially from those close to you. Do not let them destroy your positivity and confidence; it is your gift, and you should nurture it.

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3. Strong Intuition.

Intuition or intuitive insight is a gift that allows you to see and process things analytically. The right side of the brain is involved in intuitive insight; it is also linked to creativity. If you have a right-side nose piercing, you are most likely a very creative person with a strong sense of intuition.

The right side also centers our thoughts and logic, and piercing this side of the nose opens you to the universe. It gives the universe access to your thoughts, strengthening your intuitive insight even more.

This will provide you with clarity of purpose and the ability to tell what you need to be doing. You will no longer have a problem with making decisions. You will know deep down in your gut when something is right, and your intuition will not waver.


4. Love.

Some believe that one spiritual meaning of nose piercing on the right side is that it connects you to your life partner. It helps you create a psychic relationship with your person, and piercing the right side of your nose brings you closer.

You can choose to pierce the right side of your nose if you are looking to find your soulmate.

Piercing the right side of your nose helps you search for your twin flame and ensures you meet them at the right time. Your intuition comes into play when searching for a partner; you will just know when you finally meet them.

Those who are married and have a right-side nose piercing will be brought closer to their significant others. Newlyweds can get this piercing to connect their souls and build a long-lasting relationship.

Some tend to do this, especially when there seems to be a rift in the relationship. Getting the piercing draws the two closer and helps them identify with their soul partners again, rediscovering the bond they had lost.


5. Consistency.


All the good luck and confidence in the world will mean nothing if you cannot see it through, and herein lies the final spiritual meaning of nose piercing on the right side, consistency.

You need to be consistent in all that you do if you want to see results. Piercing your nose's right side shows that you will be consistent in all facets of your life, not giving up whenever problems arise.

You can get inspiration from or ask for help from the universe whenever you think things are going wrong in your life. It will give you high self-esteem and a positive self-image that will encourage you to keep doing great things.

This can be necessary when things start getting a little too hard; remember who you are and trust in your self-esteem.

High self-esteem will help you deal with any challenges you face in your life, helping you stay consistent in all your actions. As a result, you will see more value in yourself and your talents, encouraging you to put more effort into what you are doing.

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Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing on the Left Side

Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing on the Left Side

The overall spiritual meaning of nose piercing on the left side points to spiritual awakening. Those who pierce the left side of their nose are ready to stop focusing on the physical world and want to learn more about their spirituality.

The five spiritual meanings of nose piercing on the left side include:


1. Protection.

Many people pierce the left side of their nose to get protection from evil spirits. This is a tradition held in most cultures. For example, in Hinduism, piercing the left side of your nose helps generate proactive energy.

This energy protects you from negativity and any evil forces looking to harm you.

The piercing is said to offer protection from malicious spiritual attacks. The blood drawn from the piercing is also known to remove any bad energy in the air. It purifies the atmosphere, getting rid of any dark magic surrounding you.

Getting a left-side nose piercing is an excellent choice if you want to get rid of anyone or anything that wants to cause you harm. Sometimes those close to us or the people we consider friends can have ill intentions toward us.

This nose piercing ensures whatever they have planned against you will not work.


2. Spiritual Awakening.

Spiritual Awakening

Another spiritual meaning of nose piercing on the left side, according to ancient Chinese culture, is a symbol of spiritual awakening. The left side is associated with feminine energy, giving rise to intuition, energy, emotion, and love.

Piercing your nose on this side suggests you are on a search for answers. In women, the piercing means you are searching for spiritual awakening.

In men, it shows that you are confused. This is because of the feminine tie connected to the left side. This energy is meant for women, and a man who pierces this side of their nose is also probably looking for answers. It might mean you are not satisfied with your lifestyle as it is and are looking for a purpose or a higher meaning in your life.

You can pierce the left side of your nose, whether a man or a woman, when you want to find a better path. The piercing will guide you in the search for purpose and spiritual awakening and help you find the answers you are seeking.


3. Pain Relief.

Women's lives are faced with lots of pain, especially tied to menstrual cramps and childbirth. In African cultures, piercing the left side of the nose acts as a pain relief charm against menstrual cramps.

The piercing releases any pain that comes with menstrual pain, especially for those who deal with debilitating cramps.

In Hinduism, piercing the left side is said to help ease the pain of childbirth. This is because this side has a blood tie to the female reproductive organs responsible for childbirth.

The belief is that shedding the blood during the piercing process lets go of any pain a woman would experience during their menstrual cycle and childbirth.

Others also believe piercing this side of your nose can help with other pains, such as headaches and stomach aches.


4. Fertility.

Keeping in tune with the left side and femininity, Vedic scriptures talk of a tie between the left side of the nose and fertility. According to these scriptures, the Shakti, or female energy, is associated with the left side, and a woman who pierces their left nostril enhances her fertility.

Piercing the left side improves their chances of getting pregnant; it allows the woman to conceive.

It is largely believed that evil spirits might be blocking a woman’s reproductive organs, stopping her from conceiving. In Indian cultures, a ritual will be carried out for the woman where the left nose is pierced to release negative energy and open their womb up for conception.

Those with trouble getting pregnant normally pierce this side of their nose to invite these blessings into their life. The left nose piercing is generally done on married women to cleanse any evil spirits, enabling them to receive the gift of fertility.

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5. Emotional Stability.

For years, people have believed that getting a left nose piercing releases a higher consciousness into their lives, and that is true. The last spiritual meaning of nose piercing on the left side we will look at is emotional stability.

Piercing the left side of your nose sweeps away any emotional turmoil and leaves you with unrivaled emotional strength. Many people have a left nose piercing because of its calming effect on their emotions.

If you have a left nose piercing or are planning to get one, you will notice yourself becoming emotionally healthier and mature.

Your way of thinking will be aligned with your true self, allowing you to find balance in your emotions. You will no longer be acting out of anger or mood swings but will be ready to face whatever comes your way with calmness and maturity.


Last Words

Although I am terrified of nose piercings, I take comfort in knowing that there are deep spiritual meanings of nose piercing that encourage me to get one of these piercings.

I hope this article has helped you understand what your nose piercing means. Use it as a guide if you don’t have a nose piercing but are planning to get one like me. Let this knowledge help you find the side of your nose you need to pierce and guide your life and decisions if you already have one.


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