Spiritual Meaning of Tears from Right Eye – 8 Messages You are Receiving

I would get so confused while watching someone cry with just one eye. That was until I learned there is a spiritual meaning of tears from the right eye that tells much about that person.

I am a double-eye crier, but I would try forcing myself to cry with just the right eye. I learned that you could not force your tears to come from just one eye; it has to happen on its own.

We cry out of pain, happiness, overwhelming emotions, frustrations, and much more. Most of our tears, however, come from both eyes. Tears in just one eye have a spiritual significance that holds special meaning in your life.

If you find yourself suddenly crying with just the right eye, you need to know why that can happen and what message you are getting. I have prepared this article for you to help you understand the spiritual meaning of tears from the right eye.

Before looking at the spiritual meaning, let us first look at the meaning of the right eye and the spiritual significance of tears. This will help you understand why experiencing tears from that eye is important.


What Does the Right Eye Represent?

Crying with the right eye has a spiritual impact that comes from the right eye's significance. The right eye lets us see the world around us and failing to function is a bad spiritual sign. It lets us see into the spiritual world; failure to do that can be concerning.

The right eye has several spiritual affiliations with multiple gods and goddesses, which is where most of the spiritual meanings of tears from the right eye are so significant.

Tears in the right eye only can be a message from the spiritual world, and knowing the meaning of this message can be crucial. Anything that happens to the right eye has a deep spiritual connection, and you need to take extra care of the right eye.

You must ensure everything is okay with it; failure of it can stop you from receiving messages from the spiritual world.



Spiritual Significance of Tears

Tears have multiple significance that affects your life in one way or another. For example, they can have an association with our prayers. The Bible has multiple examples of men and women praying to God with tears in their eyes.

This shows they feel what they are praying in their bones and want it to come true.

If you suddenly find yourself crying, you might be being urged to pray. You can also cry when reading the Bible or praying. In some cases, tears signify repentance and transformation.

They hold the same significance whether you cry in real life or in dreams. The tears can represent inner transformation; you divulge your deepest emotions and pour them out to God.

Other religions consider tears to be the flow of life. That is because they are in liquid form, and water is known as the source of life. It is believed that crying or shedding tears connects you with the source of life.

Tears can also show that your inner self or your soul is active. That is why we are encouraged to show emotion.



Spiritual Significance of Tears from the Right Eye

Spiritual Significance of Tears from the Right Eye

Now let's get down to business. What are the spiritual meanings of tears from the right eye?

What message or messages are you getting from the spiritual world? Let's see:


1. You Want Healing

The right eye is connected to the eye of Horus. In Egyptian mythology, Horus is a god of divine healing. It is therefore believed that the spiritual meaning of tears from the right eye is that you need healing.

Anyone that sees the Eye of Horus as a spiritual symbol or in their dreams is seeking health.

The healing could mean that your body will get healed or that you will get perfect health. Shedding tears in your right eye could show your desire to be healthy. If you are sick, the tears will bring forth energy from the eye of Horus to heal you.

Sometimes, you might be unaware that you need healing, and the tears from your right eye show you the need to heal. If this happens to you, pray for divine help and healing from above, and you will get it.

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2. You Require Inner Strength

Horus's eye was also considered a sign of victory, blessing whoever sees it while in battle with the strength to win. If you shed tears from the right eye, you could be fighting inner battles and require strength to defeat them.

If you shed too much tears, you could lose the battle.

The shed tears are a cry for help; it is a sign of you looking for the energy and inner strength necessary to keep fighting the good fight. You should not be surprised when you start shedding tears from the right eye during a particularly difficult time in your life.

You can take comfort in knowing that the universe sees your cry for help and will give you the strength you need to overcome your challenges. You do not always have to fight every battle alone; it can easily overwhelm you as you are just human.

Ask for help from higher powers and trust that you will get the answers you need.


3. Good Luck

good luck tears right eye

Another spiritual meaning of the eye of Horus is good luck. Shedding tears from the right eye can be seen as a sign from the universe that something good is coming your way.

You need to be patient and wait to see what the good fortune will be. If you have hard financial times, the tears could mean that your financial troubles are coming to an end.

Although the spiritual meaning of tears from the right eye could mean good luck, it does not always mean the luck you think you should get. From our example above, good luck can come in different forms. Sometimes the answer might not seem as clear to you, which can frustrate you.

Through all this, it is important to remember that the spiritual world sees all and knows what is best for you. Your luck will come in ways you did not even imagine. Do not let this discourage you. Let things play out in their own time, and you will see the bigger picture.

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4. Letting Go

We have all suffered painful moments at some point in our life. A lover might have scorned you,  had a falling out with your closest friend or lost something special to you.

We tend to hold on to this past pain, unwilling to let it go. If this sounds familiar, the spiritual meaning of tears from the right eye for you is that you need to let go.

Holding on to the past can be holding you back from achieving what you are meant to do. When you shed tears from the right eye, the universe tells you the time for that has passed.

You need to let go of your past to move forward in life.

We don't always need to make amends with everyone who wronged us or who we have wronged; sometimes, letting go is the best option. It strengthens you and lets you move on with your life, enabling you to start a new life.


5. You Miss Someone

The first time I shed tears from my right eye, without forcing it, was when I started missing my grandmother. She had passed away two months prior, and the pain was just starting to hit home. I did not know what made me shed tears at first.

You might miss someone in the back of your mind without knowing it. Your soul can show this by shedding tears from the right eye; the tears mean that you miss that person's presence and energy.

It does not always have to be someone you have lost; it could be a family member or friend you have not seen in a while.

Take advantage of this moment and visit your loved one. Life is precious, and you should not take the time you have with your loved one for granted. Give them a call if they live far from you or do something that lets them know you have been thinking about them.


6. Inner Transformation

Inner Transformation tears right eye

Most people believe that shedding tears from the right eye is a physical embodiment of inner transformation. Change can take you by surprise, and you might find yourself crying without knowing.

The tears represent a release of the stagnant or outdated mindsets you used to have and the adoption of new ones.

Take this time seriously, as this is a spiritual journey that could be the turning point in your life. Embrace the change and do not try to stop it. Find ways to encourage the transformation.

This is your higher self telling you that your spiritual journey is just about to start.

In the Bible, this process is known as reformation by the word of God, and it shows that an inner spirit is working in you. Let the tears flow until they stop on their own. That is when the transformation process will have stopped.


7. Spiritual Sight

Psychics or those with the gift of foresight can start shedding tears from the right eye. This happens mostly when they are about to have a vision. If you have these gifts, the spiritual meaning of tears from the right eye is that you will see a spiritual vision.

Your spirit informs you before time so that you can prepare yourself.

The tears show that your spiritual eyes, or the inner eyes, are about to activate, opening you up to see visions. It gives you enough time to prepare for the vision. This is also experienced by people who have not had visions before.

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8. You Are Unable to Focus

It is hard to see even what is right in front of you if your eyes are watery. Another spiritual meaning of tears from the right eye is that you are unable to focus. You are letting things distract you from what lies ahead, which is holding you back.

You might be blocking your own opportunities because of your lack of focus, and you need to change that immediately. You have to start paying more attention to what is happening around you to see all the possible opportunities.

It could also mean you act too fast, not taking time to think things through. Making rash decisions is never good and can lead to bad decisions that affect your life. Clear your eyes in a manner of speaking, and take your time to make the best life choices.


Last Words

There are many possible spiritual meanings of tears from the right eye. The meanings vary from person to person, depending on where you are on your spiritual journey and the inner conflicts you face.

The best way to find which of the above signs applies to you is by paying attention to where you are. Meditate and ask for help from higher powers to get clarity of mind and know what you need to do.


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