The 9-Step Spiritual Healing Process to Overcome Karmic Blocks

In this challenging moment for humanity, I find comfort in listening to people from all over the globe who are navigating these troubled waters alongside us.

Together, we try to get through this difficult period in the most constructive and resilient way possible.

My heartfelt support goes out to each and every one of you! Embrace the journey without fear, for it is an essential step towards entering the New Paradigm.

However, to truly embrace this change, we must dig deep into the source of our pain and karma.

This subconscious conditioning, ingrained within us, casts a shadow over our world, burdening our lives with disharmony.

It is an inevitable consequence of our collective karma that has led us, as souls, to face these limiting circumstances and evolve through them. Living this experience is the only path to liberation.

As we enter this spiritual turning point, we are greeted with an overwhelming sense of well-being, rejuvenation, heightened awareness, and personal growth.

The question then arises: How can we effectively process the activation of karmic blocks?

Let me introduce you to a 9-step method that offers deep spiritual healing and beyond.

Having worked with individuals on their spiritual journeys for countless years, Spazioazzurro has honed his expertise in helping people from all walks of life.

Drawing from this extensive experience, we have developed numerous methods, including this transformative 9-step spiritual healing process.

These steps will guide you in facing your karmic pain head-on, dealing with it, and ultimately transcending it, leading to an expanded state of consciousness.



1. Accept the situation

1. Accept the situation

The first step is to accept wholeheartedly the objective truth of what is unfolding in your world.

Develop the habit of observing yourself and taking responsibility for your emotions in response to everyday events.

If you experience tension, anger, or hurt, acknowledge these feelings. If someone challenges your truth, it can be uncomfortable, but try to observe the mechanisms at play as a neutral witness.

Instead of withdrawing, face the events and people in your outer reality. Remember, they have appeared in your world through the Law of Attraction to help you face and overcome your limitations.

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2. Dive deep into the experience

2. Dive deep into the experience

There may be times when it is not convenient or possible to deal with your emotions immediately as they arise, such as at work or when caring for your family.

It is important not to suppress your emotions; instead, let them flow. Although you may feel detached from these emotions at the moment, recognize that you are above them and are capable of managing them.

Find the right time, as soon as possible, to fully immerse yourself in the feelings associated with the situation.

Look at the images, connect with the emotions, and let them flow like clouds passing by the background of the big blue sky.



3. Express and release the pain

3. Express and release the pain

The source of this pain often stems from the union of your soul with the illusion of separation or the desire for specific results.

However, by fully expressing and releasing the pain, you join back into unity. Pain finds its way into the light of your soul, hidden for the time being but now reintegrated into one.

Release from this pain can take different forms: yell, scream, cry, kick a ball in anger, hit a pillow, write in a journal, dance, or engage in intense physical activity.

Listen to the whispers of your soul and follow your instincts in choosing the mode of expression that resonates with you.

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4. Use the power of presence

4. Use the power of presence

When the pain reaches its zenith, when you can pinpoint its exact location and really feel it in your body, you paradoxically stand on the precipice of becoming one with it.

You enter the realm of pure presence. Remind yourself that every experience is relative and fleeting; it does not define your true essence.

You are an embodiment of absolute potential, transcending pain. In this moment, find a key, whether it is a word, mantra, visual display, or symbolic metaphor, that can serve as a portal to open to presence.

If you are unsure, seek guidance from an expert who can help you on this profound journey.



5. Embrace the radiance of the soul

5. Embrace the radiance of the soul

As you enter the state of presence, you begin to process and release the density of pain—it's akin to sifting through a riverbed, discovering precious nuggets of gold hidden beneath.

In this moment, you begin to perceive and experience the brilliance of your soul as it unfolds.

It evokes feelings of softness, wholeness, safety, and strength, flowing through your being like a gentle stream of light or warmth.

Focus your awareness and energize this new sensation. Think of it like fuel lighting a flame—the light gets brighter and more powerful.

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6. Release the pain at its source

6. Release the pain at its source

Now, equipped with the power of pure presence, you are ready to dissolve and release every aspect of pain.

Stay rooted in the state of pure presence and understand how creating a connection with your evolving soul can facilitate the processing of pain-filled energy. Stay flexible and expansive, allowing pain-causing energy to flow without restriction.

Embrace it in your awareness while maintaining a sense of space. Use any meditation practice that resonates with you to release the pain.

It may involve specific breathing techniques, movements, dances, or visualization exercises.

Allow your intuition to guide you or seek the wisdom of a teacher who can shed light on this transformative process.




7. Engage in deep contemplation of conditioned behaviors

7. Engage in deep contemplation of conditioned behaviors

Within the realm of pain, conditioned behaviors often take root. Take a moment to introspect and dig deep into the conditioning and distortions that originate from the original pain.

Perhaps you have developed emotional addictions or found yourself becoming overly competitive and aggressive.

Look within these behaviors, be completely honest with yourself, and remember that there is no need for guilt or judgment.

Consider recording your reflections in a journal, as it can aid in this process of self-discovery.

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8. Witness the transformation: Embrace new behaviors

8. Witness the transformation Embrace new behaviors

Watch yourself as you let go of the behaviors that stem from the source of the pain.

As your sensitivity grows, you will begin to truly feel the patterns and neural pathways that are ingrained within you.

With a surrendered will, you can actively break free from these patterns, dissolving them from the inside out.



9. Get in tune with your true self

9. Get in tune with your true self

As conditioned behavior patterns dissolve from within, you will experience an ever-expanding sense of openness to your soul.

You will feel deep relaxation, peace, wholeness, and completeness. Now, you possess the ability to interrupt old behaviors in your daily life and make room for new possibilities.

Through this process, the spontaneous actions of the divine essence will flow effortlessly through you.

You will progressively embody less of a fixed identity and more of a flowing stream of consciousness, moving gracefully through life. This is the essence of pure joie de vivre!

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