The Spiritual Mission Of Dogs In Our Life

Who said angels don't exist? The dogs are there to prove it! They have been with us for centuries and are truly Angels on legs! What is more, dogs have a real spiritual mission towards humanity, whether individual or collective.

Dogs are great emotional therapists, and they don't hesitate to use a whole bunch of pleasant ploys to make you happy. Indeed when they feel that “things are wrong,” they will use “cheek licking” or “the flapping of their tail” to gently place a smile on your face.

This is why it has become more and more common to have a companion dog in the home in recent decades. Your adored doggie then becomes an inseparable friend and a faithful protector.

But there are several little-known secrets behind this “faithful friendship”:



Dogs Are Energy Protectors

Dogs Are Energy Protectors

Our little angels on legs are energy protectors. Even if you do not realize it, they absorb the “negative” or inharmonious energy of your habitat or simply that around you. They will then separate from all this energy with water, plants, caresses, or a good walk.

If necessary, they will sacrifice themselves squarely for their owner, and this is what we notice in “sudden” deaths. This is what happens if the dog absorbs too much of these powerful and harmful energies.

A great way to help them release these energetic charges is to give them affection and play with them. Indeed, by giving it affection, your dog becomes more joyful and therefore raises its vibration, which eliminates these energetic charges (he then emits a larger and more intense electromagnetic field).

Every time you pet your dog, you are helping him tremendously.

Their degree of evolution also allows them to travel easily in the astral plane. They are able to accompany you on your own astral journeys. What's more, dogs know the path much better than you do because, unlike humans, dogs are much more connected to the source than we are.

Indeed, our mind in hyperactivity prevents us from living in sync with the source.



It's The Dogs Who Choose You

It's The Dogs Who Choose You

The dogs choose you, not the other way around. What is more, dogs know your mission in life, and their mission is to accompany you and help you in yours, especially with their unconditional love, which increases your vibration and your happiness.

They will come to you in the least expected way, and even when you have the opportunity to “choose” among many other dogs, he will have a special approach, look, and sympathy that will make you not doubt your choice.

You will know that you have chosen well, but in fact, he is the one who has chosen you, and with his energy and vibrations, he will let you know.



They Are Masters In Expressing Unconditional Love

They Are Masters In Expressing Unconditional Love

Dogs are loyal, they teach us unconditional love and humility on a daily basis. And the truth is that on this precise point of unconditional love, they are our teachers. They never forget to greet you with joy every day. It doesn't matter if they just saw you 5 minutes ago. They are still happy to have you with them and let you know.

In short, they are the gurus of the nobility.

The mission of these “canine angels” is sometimes so special, especially in cases where the bond of love is so extreme that after the death or loss of their owner, they can “let themselves die” because they have carried out their mission and their life no longer has meaning.

When the bond is powerful between the dog and the human being, it is possible that the dog will accompany you for several lifetimes. Even though the average life of a dog is less than that of a human, it is possible that in the same incarnation, the dog will manage to reach the same owner on different occasions in different bodies.

For example, in your childhood, you grow up with your loyal canine friend, and unfortunately, he dies when you become a teenager. Later in adulthood, that same “canine friend” reincarnates into a new “dog body” and comes back to you in the form of a pet that your children have chosen in order to protect you and help your family.

And you feel it perfectly because something inside of you feels that this dog has something very special. You realize that this dog adopts games, manias, and a whole host of other details that reminds you of the dog of your teenage years …

Oh yes… It's the same soul in a different body!



Dogs Are Extremely Sensitive To Vibrations

Dogs Are Extremely Sensitive To Vibrations

At the individual level, dogs will always listen to their owner and/or the family who “adopted” them. He will ensure the emotional health of his adopted family. Whether you are sad, in need of love, in depression, he will seek a way to get you out of this negative emotional state.

Sometimes the famous “face-licking” is his best strategy. The movement of its tail also generates vibrations that harmonize the environment. This is how dogs send signs of love: a vibration universally recognized by all who are in its wake.

It is for this reason that our little furballs are also excellent therapists at the collective level. They are used in group therapy to increase patient morale, especially in troubled children. More and more hospitals are using dogs for emotional therapy.

Dogs are our best friends and best companions. They are motivating and playful and only know how to give love in exchange for your company, a good bowl of kibble, and water.

We urge you to protect them as best you can, as some humans do not always understand the spiritual mission of dogs in our life. Thank you for honoring us with your presence in this life experience.


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  1. A few days ago our family lost our pup Chenzo. We had him for 7 years and he was the best pup in the whole world. Our hearts are shattered. How can I best comfort our other boxer who is feeling his loss? How can I best comfort my children? Emotionally I’ve been having outbursts and I’m angry and depressed. I know his spirit will find his way back to us but idk how to handle my emotions anymore.


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