Three Dots in a Triangle Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

The triangle is one of the most common symbols associated with spirituality. It is believed to be very powerful, seen as a hiding place for the helpless and a source of confidence for those who doubt.

You have no doubt seen a few people with a triangle tattoo. It is mainly found on spiritual individuals who feel a need to connect with their spirituality.

Because of seeing the symbol multiple times, you might have wondered what is the three dots in a triangle spiritual meaning. I am here to help you understand the meaning of this triangle sign and what it means for you.

Some associate the triangle with the ancient use of the symbol, and others associate it with the Freemasons. The triangle was used in ancient times to symbolize the completeness of man; the soul, the body, and the spirit.

Multiple triangles hold different meanings; for example, the equilateral triangle represents a perfect or spiritual man.

A right-angle triangle is not as common as the equilateral triangle, but you might have seen it in different places. It is used to describe the incompleteness of man; it is believed that a complete man should have a connection with their physical, psychical, and spiritual beings.



What Do 3 Dots Symbolize?

What Do 3 Dots Symbolize

Sometimes, instead of a triangle shape, you might see three dots, which is most common in tattoos. So, what do they mean? In truth, there are several meanings for the three-dot tattoo, some more innocent than others.

For example, some gang members sport the three dots as a sign of their affiliation with a certain gang or that they used to belong to a gang. Generally, the three dots in a triangular pattern signify a dangerous way of living, especially among gang members.

Some use it to represent time spent in prison.

Another side of the three-dot tattoo holds a spiritual meaning. The three dots in a triangle spiritual meaning is used in Christianity to represent the Holy Trinity: the father, the son, and the holy spirit.

Most people put extra spaces between the three dots to distinguish this meaning from the previous one. This avoids any connection to the gang symbol and points out one's Christianity.



What does the Triangle Shape Symbolize?

The most common meaning of the triangle shape in Christianity is completeness. The triangle shape is also used everywhere in warning and caution signs. Seeing this in your daily life means there is no way to ignore or escape the triangle.

Sometimes, you may even dream of the triangle. If this happens, you need to pay attention because it is one of the ways the universe uses to speak to you. It can be hard to know what the universe is trying to tell you unless you know the three dots in a triangle spiritual meaning.

Instead of letting you find out for yourself, I am here to give you the five possible meanings of the triangle or the three dots in a triangle. I hope that knowing the three dots in a triangle spiritual meaning can help you find answers and show you how you need to move.



5 Spiritual Meaning of Three Dots in a Triangle

5 Spiritual Meaning of Three Dots in a Triangle

The first thing you need to know is that there can be more than one meaning of the triangle shape.

Admitting that this is possible is the best way to open yourself up to the understanding of the three dots in a triangle spiritual meaning. These meanings are:


1. Enlightenment.

The triangle points to something important and as a sign of enlightenment. The enlightenment can be either spiritual or physical; the best way to tell the difference is by focusing on the color of the triangle you see.

Blue triangles represent physical enlightenment. This could mean that you have reached this state or that you need to seek enlightenment. To do that, you must desire knowledge and find ways to achieve it.

The knowledge you gain determines the height of enlightenment you will reach.

On the other hand, a triangle wrapped in a white box represents spiritual enlightenment. Meditating on the triangle's spiritual meaning is one way to reach great spiritual sensitivity.

If you see this triangle, whether in your dreams or while awake, you should start looking for spiritual knowledge.


2. You Are Being Protected.

Another three dots in a triangle spiritual meaning could be that someone is watching over you to protect you. This can be a deceased loved one who is watching over you. One way to know if it is someone you lost is if you see the triangle within 3-6 months after the death of your loved one.

It can also happen that you see the triangle when you are depressed or feel lonely because of losing someone close. Seeing this means that your loved one is thinking of you and is watching over you.

The protection that comes from seeing the three dots or a triangle could also mean that the universe or other spiritual beings are protecting you. It encourages and fills you with faith, enabling you to do great things without fear of failure or harm.

If you see the triangle whenever you are vulnerable, take it as reassurance that you are protected and everything is okay.


3. Change is Coming.

I was going through my to-be-read list of books when I came across a triangle on the cover of one of the new releases. The triangle called to me, and I couldn't take my gaze away.

I felt to my bones that this was a sign of change, and I was right. One of the three dots in a triangle spiritual meaning is that a new beginning is on the horizon.

If you see the triangle in a new book, this is the universe telling you that you have the chance to start afresh. This is the time for you to make changes to your life, urging you to move on. It can be an encouraging sign, especially after facing a major setback.

Take it as the encouragement and motivation you need to start a new phase of your life. Do it without fear, knowing that the universe has got your back. You can start anew, and the universe is letting you write a new story of your life.


4. It Is Time To Break Barriers.

A triangle bursting into flames or exploding is a spiritual sign of breaking through barriers. It tells you it is time to exceed other people's expectations and realize your true self.

The barriers set by ourselves and others hold us back from achieving our full potential, and we should not let that stop us.

Do not let what others say about you stop you from achieving what you want. The exploding triangle is the universe’s way of telling you to move past those barriers and achieve your life’s goals.

While going for new achievements, however, you have to know your limits. This can appear to you as a brick-shaped triangle. The three dots in a triangle spiritual meaning of this triangle is that you should not exhaust yourself. Don't take on more than you can handle, and stick to your limits.



5. Unity.

Going after what you want can sometimes cause clashes in your personal and work life. It can make you feel like you are constantly at odds with others, and this is the time you can see a triangle in the sand.

This is a sign sent to you to mean that you can attain unity. If you have problems reaching a compromise with your friends or boss, the triangle is there to tell you that it is possible.

It uses your consciousness to show you that unity is within your grasp and is attainable. It then gives you strategies to follow to help you achieve that unity. Unifying all aspects of your life will make it easier and make relationships with your loved ones even better.



Last Words

There can be many three dots in a triangle spiritual meanings occurring in your life at different times. The meanings depend on the message being sent to you, and you need to be spiritually awake to receive them. Don't take it for granted when you see three dots in a triangle shape or a triangle itself.

Try to find out what it could mean and how you can use that to shape your life. I hope this article has helped you find the three dots in a triangle spiritual meaning you were missing in your life and helped you move toward a better life.

Remember, being spiritually aware is the only way to see and understand these meanings; you should work towards it. Let the universe guide you, and you will achieve the best life possible.


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