What are the Akashic Records and How to Read Them

The Akashic Records – a universal library of all human knowledge. One that can be accessed through techniques such as meditation and visualization.

In this article, you will learn how to read the Akashic Records with the aim of connecting more deeply with the true self and tapping into an unlimited source of wisdom.

This post is going to be very in-depth today, but it will change your basic understanding of how you view the world. First of all, I'll explain briefly to you what Akashic Records are.

Then I will show you the deeper knowledge using examples. These examples describe the ways to access the Akashic Records. In the end, I'll go into the dangers and how you can protect yourself from them.



What is the Akashic Record?

In short, the Akashic Record is a multidimensional, universal database that stores everything that has ever happened, is happening, or will happen in the past, present, and future. However, it goes immeasurably far beyond a database of our kind.

Every emotion, vibration, thought that every Soul, star, animal, plant, stone, or object experiences are recorded and collected in the Akashic Records.

Virtually everything and everyone has their own Book of Life, or Akashic Records, which contains the record of all memories, including those of past, present, and future lives.

It is in this Book that the Soul before incarnating, writes:

  • the purpose of life,
  • the Mission that comes to carry out on the Planet,
  • the experiences he must have to make it happen.
  • the Gifts and Talents,
  • the unique characteristics that each one has,
  • the tests to overcome,
  • things to heal to be happy
  • the passions to cultivate,
  • the challenges to be overcome
  • opportunities to be seized.

All realities we experience come from this source. The Akasha is the spiritual name for the memory of the collective consciousness. The place where everything is one and infinity reigns.

It is the gateway to the spiritual world. Every reality that can occur exists there as a probability. It is an unmanifest world where pure information prevails. In the course of the post, you will understand it in detail!



Why is it Important to Read the Akashic Records?

Why is it Important to Read the Akashic Records

The intimate knowledge that occurs through reading one's Akashic Record is a liberating knowledge that goes beyond the words that you or others channel.

It goes beyond the meaning of what is said. They are energy codes that take the form of words in order to be understood from your mind. Still, in reality, the connection allows man to enter the magnificent space of his expanded consciousness and enrich his life with a very high understanding of what he is experiencing.

This is useful for man to live his life in a fluid way, without having to try to solve everything with his own limited human forces but knowing that whenever he wants it, that the heart craves it, he can connect to his super strength that is within itself and that fears no rivals.


Benefits of reading the Akashic Records

Reading the Akashic Records gives you the opportunity to consult your Book of Life, which contains all the memories and decisions of your Soul.

In fact, Akasha is the essence that permeates the Universe. Here the energetic registration of everything that exists takes place, be they people, animals, plants, planets, or stars.

This plane of consciousness is metaphorically described as a library that contains the books or records of all that has existed, exists, and will exist.

You, too, like each of us, have your own Akashic Record, which contains the energetic and vibrational memories of this life you are living, of the past lives, and of the lives, you will live.

Being able to access your Akashic Records allows you to know:

  • What have you come to learn in this life
  • How to remove the limiting beliefs that block and boycott you,
  • What are  your gifts and your talents
  • How to overcome obstacles in remembering or pursuing your Purpose
  • What is your Mission or Life Purpose



How to Access and Read the Akashic Records

How to Access and Read the Akashic Records

As with a computer file, the individual “data records” also have precisely defined access authorizations.

People in the everyday state of consciousness are usually not allowed to go into the Akashic Records deeply. So we cannot do it on the mind level. But we are always connected to it quite unconsciously.

You can sometimes sense it when you are faced with a difficult decision and try to look into the future. You can see 2 different worlds as a possibility in front of you. But you can only make one of them a reality.

So your intuition is closely related to this level. So when we kindle our intuition, we can expand our access to Akash. In spiritual teachings, there is often talk of opening the third eye, activating the pineal gland, or the frontal chakra.

You've always been in touch with this plane without even knowing it. The Akashic Record is connected to your subconscious.

We humans, with our conscious mind, are only the top of the mountain. Our subconscious lies beneath the surface of the water. It protrudes deep into the ground. 

Our view from above is not that deep. And the bottom of the sea is connected to all other mountains. Every mountain represents a person. Everyone has their individual conscious mind and their individual subconscious. But we are all connected at the bottom.

It is the collective unconscious that Carl Gustav Jung spoke of. This is exactly the level that the Akasha is. There are many names for it: God, collective unconsciousness, the wisdom of the universe, higher mind. And we all have access to it. Quite unconsciously.

But there are a few ways to access it consciously. On the one hand, other people who act like a medium can help you. But you can also get active yourself. I'll just introduce you to the different options. Let us first start with the external perception through the help of other people.


Accessing the Akashic Records through external perception

This is where perceptions from sensitive people, clairvoyants and shamans count. The Indian palm leaf library is also one of them. There specially trained, spiritual people can find out everything about a person on the basis of described palm leaves.

Indian palm leaf library
It is claimed that the palm leaves described can predict the future and contain all of a person's information.

There are supposed as many of these leaves as there are people. And it takes a very advanced intuition to recognize which sheet is responsible for which person.

There are various testimonials from people who have visited these palm leaf libraries. The correspondence with their real facts was, in many cases, shockingly exact.

And whether palm leaves or other “risers of the unconscious” such as pendulums, crystal balls, card reading, hand reading, remote viewing, or other methods are not particularly important.

They are all tools for making contact with the Akashic Record, i.e., the collective intelligence, via the unconscious, and thus receiving answers to specific questions.

Naturopaths, too, often work with the Akashic Record without even being aware of it. In kinesiology, the patient is asked to extend an arm, for example, while the practitioner tries to push the arm down.

In kinesiology, the subconscious provides hidden answers from the Akashic Records.

While pressing down, the practitioner asks a question addressed to the patient's subconscious. Based on the resistance, the alternative practitioner can recognize how the subconscious reacts to the question. This allows conclusions to be drawn about hidden causes of disease.

That sounds inconceivable to the mind. So how can you explain that? Our body has its own form of intelligence. This is located in the whole body and not just in the brain.

This works on an unconscious level and is therefore closely related to the Akasha. It is also the source of our intuition. And that brings us to our next point.


Accessing the Akashic Records through self-techniques

It is possible to gain access to the Akashic Records using certain meditative techniques. How far this perception goes depends solely on our higher self and our own state of consciousness. The more conscious we are, the more information we can get from the unconscious and the collective conscious.

But let's take a look at what techniques are there. The first thing to recommend is a prayer or a plea to our higher selves. The higher self is our highest expression in the universe, located somewhere in the future, yet existing in all timelines. Not easy to understand, I know that.

If you now have a question, concentrate on your higher self like an old friend. Speak to it in your mind or out loud as you would to another person. Ask it to answer your question.

You will get an answer, but please don't wait for the thunderous voice from heaven, just wait and see what happens. By trusting and opening yourself to whatever may come, you allow this channel of information. You are no longer unconscious and closed, but conscious and open.

The answer comes through your intuition, a dream, or in deeper states of consciousness.


Accessing the Akashic Records through meditation, lucid dreaming & astral travel

Meditation plays a particularly key role here. As I have already said, your own state of consciousness plays an important role in what information you will receive from your higher self.

By meditating regularly, your consciousness changes slowly but ceaselessly. You will change your point of view, recognize more and more how this world and our universe are related to each other.

As a result, you will also imperceptibly change your behavior, things that once seemed important suddenly lose their meaning. But all the more you align your perception to higher values ​​and to things that you may not have previously cared about.

Thereby you get closer and closer to the state of consciousness of an enlightened one. And the more your consciousness expands, the more you can receive from the Akashic Record.

Well, there are other techniques for accessing the Akashic Records as well. These include lucid dreaming and astral travel. In lucid dreaming, you become very conscious in the dream.

You wake up from the unconscious and can control your dream according to your will. Here you are at the level of the subconscious and can therefore more easily access the deeper level of the collective unconsciousness.

You can also reach this level directly through out-of-body experiences. They are one level deeper than lucid dreams and connect you directly to Akasha.

The Akashic Records represent the entire astral plane. Here you have access to the infinitely vast flood of information that connects us all with one another. If you want to find out more about astral travel, please check this article by Spiritualify: Astral Travel for Beginners – The Eight Step Guide.


Accessing the Akashic Records through visualization

The fourth method you can use, which can be long or short, is visualization.

Imagine that you have an elevator in front of you, and you see that you are on the third floor because it is the third dimension.

Then you press the elevator button that opens. You go in and then you press number five because you want to go up into the fifth dimension.

And you feel the elevator and the doors open. You see that you have reached the fifth floor. Then visualize that you are walking through a library hall.

You go to your Akashic book and ask your question. You receive information. Finally, remember to thank for this blessing granted to you.


Accessing the Akashic Records through visualizationYou can also imagine that you are in an office building. Computers are on the desks.

You choose a desk and a computer. Then you can imagine that there is a big screen.

And you are like at the movies. You sit down in front of the screen and direct your thoughts to what you would like to have on the screen as an answer to your question.

You can then see what is happening on the screen. It is important that you trust yourself and have confidence in the information that comes to you. Don't let your mind interfere, trust yourself.

Don't judge what you are going through. Everything is fair.

Akashic information is not in a logical, rational space. Your mind cannot understand this information logically.

Even though at the time it may not make sense, be confident. It is possible that later on, you will actually understand the information to which you have been given access. You will then realize that they were right, that your internal advice or guides were right.



Dangers of the Akasha & How to Protect Yourself From Them

Dangers of the Akasha & How to Protect Yourself From Them

Basically, there is a risk of misinterpretation with all information that we want to obtain by extrasensory means. How information is interpreted always depends on the medium.

Here the “filters” of one's own experiences of the medium play a decisive role. All extrasensory information contains many different elements, some important and some insignificant.

As a rule, it is difficult for the medium to decide which of these elements is relevant for the person concerned.

For example, it could be a picture of a missed bus. The sun is shining in the picture. So the weather in this vision can be the real message and the missed bus is only the expression of an unconscious fear of the medium.

So it is often a matter of interpretation. The information from the Akashic Record is falsified by the human mind and can thus mislead us. This applies to both external and personal perceptions.

A good intuition is therefore the alpha and omega. Not every person has such a good intuition and the intuition is always dependent on the day and the situation. That is why it is extremely important to really only consult experienced experts and not to rely too much on your own visions in the beginning when it comes to self-awareness.

The greatest danger here is that people want to use the information from the Akashic Records to shape their own destiny. But be careful! As I said, our minds see the information through a filter. We lack vision and we cannot tell whether this positive or negative experience is good or bad for us.


Here is an example:

Suppose you want to go on vacation. So you go to a clairvoyant who tells you, “Hey, on the drive to the airport you will get into a terrible traffic jam and miss the flight.”

Now, of course, you try to avoid the traffic jam, maybe take a different route or take the train. Well, you'll be at the airport on time, get on the plane. At an altitude of 10,000 meters, one of the engines catches fire, the machine explodes and you die…

Admittedly, this is not a nice example,  but let's say you got stuck in a traffic jam. You would have missed your plane and would have been very upset. But in the evening you hear on the news that your plane crashed over the Atlantic.

You would certainly have been very grateful for the annoying traffic jam! Do you have any idea what I'm getting at? Our minds do not see the big picture and that is why it is so difficult to read something in the Akashic Records.



Just let life come to you and trust that it will provide you with the right life situations. Instead of misusing Akashic records, use the Law of Attraction.

Do not even try to steal a better life for yourself or to come to material wealth that you are not yet entitled to. Use the Akashic Records to better understand and follow your path in life. Use it in combination with the Law of Attraction.

So you see, accessing the Akashic Records is often not that easy when our minds get in the way and we cannot trust our intuition.

Is it really useful to get an insight into the Akashic Records? 

Well, it gives us a certain basic trust. We find out who we really are, how consciousness works, and how we can follow our own individual path.

It's incredibly enriching, but not in a material way. It gives us profound wisdom and awareness.



FAQs About the Akashic Records

Below I will try to answer some frequently asked questions about the Akashic Records.


What the Akashic Records are for?

In light of my personal experience, first as a Reader and then as a Teacher, I can say that the Akashic Records are a Healing tool.

AKASHA is KNOWLEDGE for the purpose of HEALING.

The Registers are not a book to read just to continue basking in pain and suffering, but they are a powerful tool of rebirth. Akasha is love, knowledge, healing, in the exact moment in which the Records are opened, this wonderful energy begins to descend on the person.


Who can access the Akashic Records?

Everyone, everyone, absolutely ALL, without exception!

The Akashic Records are our higher self, the divine part of us, so potentially we can all access them.

Obviously, then there are those who can have more ease and those who encounter difficulties and blocks, but you do not need a “special gift” or an innate predisposition to be able to access your own Book of Life.


What's in the Akashic Records?

Your Book of Life contains all your eternal history, of the past, of the present, and of the future. It may be necessary for your spiritual path to find out which past lives affect and block your current one so that you can finally heal those wounds.

The logs contain both fixed and evolving information. The fixed ones are mainly composed of spiritual truths; all the others evolve and change. In fact, the world and all the life it contains always exist in a state of vibrant potential. As changes occur, the information in the registers also changes, which you may not know but are updated every day while you sleep.

Akashic records can be defined as a vibrant field of information that grows, nourishes, and enriches day by day.

Furthermore, the answers received from the Akashic Records can be confirmations to things that you already know or have intuited; or you can have real revelations that can show you the situation you care about from another perspective.




After reading this blog post, you should now know a little more about the Akashic Records and how to access them. You may have even been inspired to create your own personal record from past lives or just for fun!

If so, we hope that you will take care of yourself as well as others by using protection techniques such as visualization and spiritual barriers when accessing these records.

We've also included some FAQs at the end of this post with answers to questions readers might have about their akasha experience.


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