What is a Lightworker? 22 Signs of Lightworker & Mission on Earth

I firmly believe that most, if not all, of us, have special abilities that we are unaware of. For example, some people have the unique gift of being a lightworker. Now you're thinking, what is a lightworker? Well, that is why we are here today.

Think about the people you know or have encountered in your life. Is there anyone who stands out to you because you just feel drawn to their energy? Is there someone you constantly like being around or acts as a source of joy? Well, this person might be a lightworker.

In this article, we will focus on answering the question, “what is a lightworker,” and look at the signs of a lightworker. This will help you determine whether you are one or know someone who is.


What is a Lightworker?

What is a Lightworker

A lightworker is a special kind of person who possesses unique abilities. Most lightworkers have psychic abilities and a strong sense of intuition. They can tell events from the past and those that are yet to happen.

Lightworkers showcase their abilities in different ways; some might vary from one to the next.

The common signs of lightworkers are their abilities to feel what others are feeling, thinking, or needing. This is because they have undergone their own spiritual awakening that has opened them up to more experiences.

They possess great positive energy that makes them grateful for all they experience. Lightworkers are also old souls and highly sensitive. They are empaths with a strong connection to their higher selves.



What is the Mission of a Lightworker?

What is the Mission of a Lightworker

The mission of a lightworker is to work as a bringer of light. They use their positive energy to bring about changes in other people’s lives. They are empathetic people who want to make everything better for others.

Lightworkers are also great at spearheading their own and others’ healing journeys, helping them reach spiritual enlightenment.

Lightworkers also focus on getting rid of the darkness surrounding humanity. Most of them focus on championing true spirituality and undoing toxic beliefs. They also want to heal other people’s trauma and bring positivity and happiness into their lives.

You might notice that you feel comfortable with a particular person; they allow you to be vulnerable without feeling judged. They understand what you are going through and help you get out of the dark place you are in.

That happens because lightworkers shine a light on shadow selves and get rid of unwanted spirits.

The purpose of light is to eliminate the darkness, and that is essentially what a lightworker's mission is. So, with this knowledge, I hope I have answered your what is a lightworker question.

We will now look at the signs of a lightworker that can help you learn if you are one or assist you in identifying them.

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22 Signs You Are a Lightworker

22 Signs You Are a Lightworker

If you are wondering what a lightworker is and what the signs of a lightworker are, let us find out. Below are the 22 signs of a lightworker:


1. You Can Feel Invisible Forces

The first sign of being a lightworker is the ability to sense invisible presences. This means you can feel energetic spirits, shifts, and other phenomena that others are not aware of.

You might constantly notice something out of the corner of your eye, but you cannot see it when you turn your head.

The ability to sense these presences is not a necessity for all lightworkers, but it is one of the most common and powerful factors.

If you always feel shifts in energy, can sense someone’s spirit around you, or generally feel or see spiritual beings, congratulations, you might be a lightworker.


2. You Are Highly Intuitive

We all possess a certain level of intuition; it is what gets us through life and protects us from harmful forces. However, one of the signs of being a lightworker is the ability to possess a strong intuition.

Most people struggle to make it through, trying to find their higher purpose and what they should do with their lives.

You, on the other hand, feel like you already know what you want to be. You have transformed your life to follow your purpose and had a spiritual awakening. Your sense of intuition also guides you to help others.

There are no boundaries to what your intuition can achieve, and continually working on it will take you to higher levels.


3. You Possess Wisdom

“You are so wise for your age,” is a statement I have heard throughout my life. I am in no way claiming to be a lightworker, but this is another sign of being a lightworker that they possess.

They have innate wisdom that makes them look like they have more experience than their age allows.

Lightworkers confuse people because of this wisdom. Some are known to offer great advice to people older than them. This is because their intuition guides them, and they learn more from the universe than others do.

Lightworkers are more intuitive and open-minded, allowing them to explore different ways of thinking.


4. You Don’t Fit In

I used to think I was such a weirdo. I didn't like the things my friends or people my age enjoyed. My music and movie taste was so different, and I couldn't even interact with those who like to read like me.

At a young age, this can be the most demoralizing thing. It makes you feel like you are constantly on the outside, separating you from others.

As heartbreaking as this can be, you can take comfort in knowing that it is one of the traits of lightworkers. They have their own plane of existence that not everyone understands.

If you are one, you will constantly feel alone or off to the sidelines. Do not let this derail you. Your mission is much better, and you will find the ultimate comfort if you embrace it.

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5. You Experience a String of Good Fortune

Do you not know that the person everyone always considers lucky might be a lightworker? Lightworkers tend to have good luck that follows them in everything they do. It always seems like everything they do just turns out right.

If you have always seen things turning out the way you want, even without making an effort, the universe could be sending you this message.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you stop working hard on things and leave it all up to the universe. You should always do the best you can and let the higher powers do the rest. This good fortune can even double or triple once the universe sees your efforts.


6. Intense Emotions

Intense Emotions

Some people experience stronger emotions than others. They are constantly subject to intense feelings of rage, euphoria, or sadness. They are more in tune with their feelings and experience emotions more intensely than us. This is because their lightworker abilities amplify their energy.

Most of the intense emotions lightworkers feel are positive, but sometimes the opposite can be true. Lightworkers are known to light up any room or change the energy in the room to fit their mood.

They experience a full spectrum of emotions that are so powerful they can shift other people’s energies.


7. You Feel a Strong Connection to Art

We can all see that different forms of art are beautiful. For example, I am so in tune with music that people have said I enter another dimension when I listen or sing.

At the same time, I don’t really understand paintings or sculptures. I can feel their impact, but I will not react as strongly to this form.

Lightworkers have the amazing ability to form a bond with art. It gives them life, and they enjoy making and admiring other people's art. If you are one, you might experience a strong connection to one form of art or more.

You can see the hidden messages in artwork, making it much more special.


8. People Are Drawn to You

If you are one of those who always seem to attract a crowd no matter what they do, you are most likely lightworkers, whether they know it or not. Lightworkers have an intense energy that draws others to them.

Their energy is so strong that you can feel it from far away. You might have noticed this about yourself or someone you have encountered. People with this amazing ability have incredible energy that makes you want to bathe yourself in it.

Don't be surprised if people constantly surround you. It could just be the universe showing you that you are a lightworker.

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9. Older People Love You

Most people believe older people are grumpy and no fun to be around. Coincidentally, older people do not desire to be around such people. But why are older people drawn to you and love your presence? I think you already know the answer to this.

Most lightworkers are old souls that connect to the elderly. They don't find their stories annoying or too long. At the same time, they are content to sit in silence and let the hours pass.

Lightworkers have an understanding of the elderly, and it makes them kindred spirits.


10. Babies Love You

The other generation of picky people are babies and young children. They are believed to possess the innocence of the soul that can differentiate between good spirits and bad ones. In our culture, anyone that babies automatically connect with is considered to be a good soul.

Children can sense the energy lightworkers give off, and they, too, want to be surrounded by it. So, the next time you see a random baby smiling at you or playing with you, realize that they have noticed something special in you.

They can sense your vibrational energies, and it makes them love you.


11. Animals Are Drawn to You

I recently rescued a cat that I had seen roaming around my house who loved to come to say hi. I felt honored because of the spiritual significance of cats, and I could not believe they chose me.

Both wild and domesticated animals can tell when someone is a lightworker because they can sense their energy. It is a proven myth that dogs, cats, and other animals tend to stay away from people with bad intentions.

So, if you can easily earn the trust of even strange animals or those who shy away from humans, you might be a lightworker. Your positive vibrational energy makes them feel safe and loved.

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12. You Possess Mediation Skills

Some of the most famous mediators are lightworkers. That is because lightworkers can easily see different people’s viewpoints. They know that the world is not just black and white.

Lightworkers also respect others and will not make someone feel stupid because of their opinions. This is what makes them skilled negotiators.

Lightworkers possess positive energy is also a plus for dealing with tense situations. You can use this energy to create a safe atmosphere where people can express their beliefs without feeling judged.

This creates a safe environment for discussions. The safe space makes it possible for you to conduct a peaceful mediation.


13. You Notice Synchronicities

You Notice Synchronicities

Seeing repeating numbers, natural phenomena, and strange coincidences everywhere you go can also be a sign of a lightworker. This is because you can see signs from the universe that others find difficult.

You also understand how to interpret these signs, and they have helped you in your life. You notice and understand these signs because you are aware of the spiritual energies around you, which is one of the identifying factors of a lightworker.


14. You Are Empathetic

Empathy is an important quality. It enables you to feel other people's energies. You are able to put yourself in another person's shoes and understand what they are going through. A person showing empathy cannot bear to see others suffering. They cannot even let inanimate objects feel alone.

My sister, for example, can feel almost anyone’s emotions. She understands people’s emotions in a way not many people can. A lightworker is also empathetic. They cannot abide by injustice; they are also revitalized when they sense other people’s joy.


15. You Have Strong Beliefs

Lightworkers believe in a higher power and can see its presence everywhere they go. If you are one, you will feel like you are surrounded by protection and the presence of divine power. It follows you in everything you do and is the source of your unbelievably good luck.

Because of their convictions, lightworkers possess excellent spiritual leadership that guides their lives. You have a deep and profound spiritual life powered by your beliefs. You do not try to push your beliefs on others but share them with great passion with anyone interested in it.

You also understand that people have different beliefs, which doesn't mean they are wrong, and yours is right. You appreciate their beliefs and support them in pursuing their own spirituality.


16. You are an Energy Conduit

Some lightworkers possess the ability to be an energetic conduit between spiritual energies or between a spiritual source and another being. You can become a conduit when practicing energy work, such as Reiki. There is no specific energy practice that makes you a conduit.

One of the ways you can tell if you are one is by experiencing tingling sensations in your extremities. You might also feel warmth washing over you; this is another identifying sign of a lightworker.


17. You Possess Manifestation Abilities

Some people don’t believe in manifestation or don’t think that it works. On the other hand, you have been able to achieve anything you have manifested. That is because you are a powerful manifester that puts their heart and soul into their manifestations.

You can and have easily manifested your desires and seen them come to life.

You understand that manifesting is not just wishing for something and hoping it comes true. You set your goals, visualize them, take action, and follow them through. You are also deeply grateful for all you have achieved.

This positive energy fuels your other manifestations and makes it possible for you to bring them to life.


18. You Have Experienced Dark Times

Lightworkers are known for their remarkable ability to pull through dark times. There is a time you underwent the darkest period of your life and still came through. Lightworkers possess strong self-healing abilities and resilience that enable them to survive challenging situations.

Think back to a time you felt like you had hit rock bottom. It might have been a traumatic time in your life, and you could not see how you would survive. You still somehow made it through those dark times and have become a stronger person because of it.

Most lightworkers have had to survive “a dark night of the soul” that makes them stronger. You know how to deal with such difficult situations and trust that the universe will help you emerge victorious.


19. You Have Psychic Abilities

You Have Psychic Abilities

Most lightworkers have the ability to tell events of the past. They are also able to foretell future events before they happen. I know of someone who can remember in great detail past events.

This is creepy because they have vivid recollections of things that happened 100 or more years before they were born. They can also tell when something is going to happen within months of it happening.

If you have always had that conviction that something happened and know exactly how it happened or can tell something that will come true in the future, you just might be a lightworker. You have strong psychic abilities that allow you to see things others cannot.

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20. You Attract People with a Dark Side

One of the other signs of a lightworker is their ability to draw in troubled people. These people might be your friends or lovers and always seem to find you. They might be struggling with self-destructive behaviors or mental health issues.

As a lightworker, you act like the light that can guide them out of this depressive state. You are a beacon of light in their dark times, and they come to you to kickstart or continue their healing journey.


21. You are Continually Grateful

Life is not always easy, and we can get lost in everything that seems to be going wrong. Instead of letting such states control you, you find the best parts of being alive and are grateful for them.

You take pleasure in something as simple as rainfall or a good day under the sun. Small things make you happy and even more grateful for the more significant milestones you achieve. This gratefulness is also why your manifestations always come true.


22. You Want to Help Others

We have already covered the sign of a lightworker dealing with empathy. Lightworkers cannot stand to see anyone in pain and will do their best to help others. You want to see everyone happy and will do your best to improve their lives.

You might even go out of your way to ensure that others feel comfortable. Lightworkers will do anything that serves humanity and will do all they can to see other people’s lives get better.


Last Words

So, there you go. The answer to “what is a lightworker?” I hope these signs of a lightworker have made it easier for you to put your suspicions to rest. If you possess at least ten of the above signs, congratulations, you are a lightworker.

There isn't a singular identifying factor, and your signs might vary from someone else's. Do not let this discourage you. Do what you were brought into this world to do and illuminate the path for others; it is your life's mission.


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