When a Stray Cat Chooses You, It Has a Deep Spiritual Meaning

I recently found a stray cat stranded outside my house and adopted it. This raised a question, when a stray cat chooses you is there a spiritual meaning I should know?

That is because cats are some of the pickiest animals you can find. It takes a lot for a cat to accept you, and my feline friend had chosen me specifically to be his new owner.

Cats have been linked to humans and spirituality for thousands of years, so could there possibly be a spiritual meaning when a stray cat chooses you? I, of course, started researching and the answers I found opened my eyes to so much.

The first thing I learned was that cats naturally gravitate toward spiritual people and stick with them, which made me feel good about my spiritual journeys. I also learned that cats have psychic powers and a deep intuition that I could learn from.

If this has ever happened to you and you had the same questions, you are in the right place. Today, I will share my findings on what it means when a stray cat chooses you.


When a Stray Cat Chooses You Spiritual Meaning

When a Stray Cat Chooses You Spiritual Meaning

Below are some of the spiritual meanings of when a stray cat chooses you that I would like to share.

Keep in mind that not all meanings have to apply to you. Your intuition will let you know what message you are getting and what to do about it.


1. Spirit Guides

Cats have a level of intuition that matches few others. They also have deep auras and a clear way of thinking that most cats do not possess. While I cannot say the same for my little friend, he makes really questionable choices.

I do know that some cats can act much too clever for just normal animals.

If your cat shows such behaviors, it might be that they are your spiritual guide. The cat might have noticed you are lonely and in need of guidance and companionship, and they give this to you.

You can get comfort from a cat; some people even react better to cats than they have other types of therapy.

It is not always that a cat will choose a human instead of you choosing them, and that might be because they do not need us. If one chooses you, it has seen that you need help and is giving itself up to you.

You stand to benefit from their high energy; you also get a constant companion, which makes it a fair trade.

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2. Good Luck

A cat can also choose you because you are a beacon of good fortune. Cats are naturally independent and follow the path that suits them the best. If a cat shows up at your door, it could mean that good luck is coming to you.

You should not chase the cat away as this is believed to bring bad luck. Welcome the cat and treat it well to invite these blessings into your house.

You should also avoid mistreating the cat while in your house, as this will bring you a spell of bad luck, affecting your personal life, finances, and health.

Cats are attuned to good fortune, so you should not take one choosing you for granted. When a stray cat chooses you spiritual meaning is that it knows you are about to have a good turn in fortune.

The cat is there to let you know you should prepare for the fortune.

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3. You Are Kind and Caring

If there is one thing I know from owning multiple cats over the years is that these are very sensitive animals. For example, whenever I am in a bad mood or have received bad news that puts me in a foul mood, my cats will not come anywhere near me.

I believe this is because they can read my energy and prefer not to be around me at a time like that.

They also know when I need comfort and will come to give me warming cuddles. I say all this to show you that a cat would not come near you if you exude bad vibes.

The spiritual meaning of when a stray cat chooses you in this instance is that it has seen you are kind and caring and knows you will be a good owner.


4. You Are Trustworthy

You Are Trustworthy

As you have probably learned by now, cats are very particular. They can read energies from far away and can tell when someone can be trusted. This is why you might see cats hissing and attacking other people.

This might be because that person has hurt them before, so if you see a stray cat approaching you, they believe you will not do the same.

Cats do not just approach anyone, which is why I had to take the one outside my home because I could not understand why he thought I was a good pick. I am not one to question, however, and I only felt honored when I learned the spiritual meaning of when a stray cat chooses you.


5. Your Energies Match

Cats have high spiritual energy and just energy in general. My cat keeps me up for hours because they need constant stimulation. Don't get me wrong, I love playing with him, but I need my rest sometimes.

I actually learned that he would do this, especially when I was feeling down and needed a pick-me-up.

That is so special, and it happens because cats can read your vibrations. They know when your energy is off and will try to help you. This ties in with our first observation that your cat could be a spiritual guide.

I believe this is true for me because of how much I and him are aligned.

My cat has helped me so many times since I got him, and I only have good things to say. So, one spiritual meaning when a stray cat chooses you is that they saw your energies match and wanted to be close to you.


6. Spiritual Protection

Most people believe cats are beacons of bad luck, but that could not be further from the truth. These precious animals have a strong spiritual connection and are actually symbols of good fortune.

Because of their psychic abilities, they can also protect you from evil forces. A cat suddenly showing up at your doorstep could be because they used their intuitive powers to see that something evil was lurking around you.

A cat can help chase the evil away, protecting you from spiritual harm.

Cats can also guide you when you are dreaming to ensure your body doesn’t come to any harm. They can even protect you in the dream world, which I would like to believe is why I sometimes wake to find my cat sitting on my head.

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How Do You Tell if a Stray Cat Likes You?

It is actually quite simple; they will come to you. Cats are extremely choosy and do not let others near them. This is especially true for stray cats who have faced unspeakable horrors.

If you see a stray cat approaching you, or if you approach one without it hissing and lashing out at you, it most probably likes you.

Another way to tell if a stray cat likes you is by observing their behavior. For example, if you pet the cat and start purring, it shows that it accepts you. Trust me; you could lose your fingers petting a stray cat that doesn't like you.

A cat that likes you will also rub against you. They do this to mark you with a scent, a sign of affection showing they have chosen you.



What Does it Mean to See a Stray Cat Spiritually?

What Does it Mean to See a Stray Cat Spiritually

Seeing a stray cat could mean that you will get good news soon. You might also see a cat because it has chosen you as its new owner. Cats don't do this with anyone, and that could be because they were attracted to your vibrations and energy.

A cat choosing you or seeing a stray cat spiritually could be a sign that the universe acknowledges you are a good person. You are a kind, caring, and trustworthy soul who is deserving of the good fortune coming your way.


Last Words

So, there you go. Those are the spiritual meaning of when a stray cat chooses you that you should know. Do not hurt or chase a stray cat away when it chooses you. It means you are a good person, and caring for the cat will bring you good fortune.

Embrace the companionship and connection with your feline friend; it will be one of the best decisions you ever make.


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