Which Protective Crystal Is Best For Your Zodiac Sign

Understand what protective crystals are and how they can help you according to your zodiac sign!

Crystals are known to promote spiritual healing, harmonize environments and transmute negative into positive energies according to the vibrational field. In addition to these attributions, crystals are widely used in performing holistic therapies and meditative practices.

In astrology, it is believed that being in contact with these stones, especially if they are related to your zodiac sign, can lead to improvements in your physical and emotional health, in addition to facilitating the achievement of a prosperous and balanced life.

Find out which protective crystals are best for your zodiac sign and enjoy their benefits. Carry it in your pocket, use it as a necklace, pendant, earrings or place it on the work table to decorate and have good energy.



Aries – Carnelian

Aries - Carnelian

The main energetic stone of the natives of Aries is the Carnelian. This name comes from the etymology “carnis,” which in Latin means meat, in reference to the reddish color of the stone.

Carnelian symbolizes the Fire element and represents endurance, being a great source of motivation and self-confidence. It has the power to protect and recharge Aries energies.

For Aryans, strong and predestined to success, this crystal can be an excellent ally.

It is a widely used crystal because it avoids envy and all kinds of negative energies, with strong protective power. It transmits vitality and energy, strengthening the dynamism and courage of the natives of Aries.

Other crystals linked to Aries: Jasper, Amethyst, Citrine, and Ruby.



Taurus – Rose Quartz

Taurus - Rose Quartz

The most suitable crystal for Taurus is Rose Quartz. This stone has a deep connection with the emotional vibrations of this sign.

In balance with the strength, determination, sensuality, and persistence of Taurus, Rose Quartz helps Taureans stay calm and recharge.

This is the crystal of love and affection, which strengthens the sensitivity of Taurus natives, strengthening their emotions and helping to calm their hearts.

By balancing feelings, helps calm aggressive temperaments and harmonizes contrasting environments. This crystal attracts sweetness, tenderness, inner peace, absolute calm, and spirituality. It also helps in overcoming pain.

Other crystals linked to Taurus: Sapphire, Emerald, Tiger's Eye, and Aquamarine.



Gemini – Agate

Gemini - Agate

The Agate is the main protective crystal of Gemini. It is representative of the Earth element and gives Geminis a more realistic and stable view.

Additionally, this crystal has a strong power to transform energies, propelling Gemini natives into a thriving mood.

The power of Agate awakens the mental energy of Gemini, favoring their creativity and expanding the power of creation.

It is a crystal that promotes spontaneity and brings courage and inner strength, helping to overcome blockages and promoting well-being, self-confidence, and harmony.

It balances emotions, helps to achieve harmony in married and family life.

Other crystals linked to Gemini: Citrine, Aquamarine, and Tiger's Eye.



Cancer – Pearl

Cancer - Pearl

Cancer is a water sign, represented by the figure of the crab. It is not surprising that the Pearl is the stone that Cancer natives have the most affinity with. This powerful amulet highlights the emotional issues of this sign.

This gemstone promotes honesty, truth, and purity of feelings. It is said to attract and help maintain true love in our lives, promoting intense and lasting relationships.

The main properties of the Pearl are the ability to absorb negative energies, neutralizing them and promoting harmony and physical and mental strength.

Other crystals linked to Cancer: Amber, Moonstone, and Green Quartz.

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Leo – Pyrite

Leo - Pyrite

The Pyrite is a crystal with vibration similar to the zodiac sign of Leo, and so it aids in emotional balance, intuition, creativity, and communication. This stone works the self-confidence of the natives of this sign and is related to the Fire element.

Furthermore, Pyrite is considered the stone of prosperity. It attracts riches, and its energization must be done with water and coarse salt. It can also be used to combat anxiety, expanding the possibilities of achieving personal and professional goals.

Pyrite is a symbol of strength, hope, and faith, helping the natives of the Leo sign to achieve their goals.

It is excellent for focusing positive energy and promoting optimism, stability, and strength to win. In addition, it helps to develop the power of concentration and memory.

Other crystals linked to Leo: Tiger's Eye, Onyx and Topaz.



Virgo – Citrine

Virgo - Citrine

The best protective crystal for Virgo is the Citrine. This stone can be a great ally in meditations, helping Virgos to find a state of peace and tranquility.

This crystal is a symbol of wealth and has such intense energy that it recharges itself energetically and has the potential to recharge other crystals.

In people, its power manifests itself in the form of vitality, neutralizing negativism. Located in a specific place in the house, it offers a peaceful environment and eliminates tensions between its inhabitants.

This crystal is one of the most complete and most protective.

Other crystals linked to Virgo:  Amazonite and Amethyst.



Libra – Green Quartz

Libra - Green Quartz

The Green Quartz is the main crystal in harmony with the Libra zodiac sign. This is due to the strong connection of the stone with the energy of love. Also known as Jade, this crystal attracts good luck and hope.

In Libras, its power manifests itself, forming a circle of protection, bringing abundant happiness, and regulating matters of the physical body.

In terms of human relationships, the green quartz removes negative energies and promotes harmony between people, being extremely useful for individuals who have difficulty expressing their feelings.

Other crystals linked to Libra: Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Beige Amazonite.



Scorpio – Garnet

Scorpio - Garnet

The most balanced energy stone with Scorpio is called Garnet. It is a strong protective amulet and helps to transmute negative energies such as bad thoughts, envy, and anger.

The Garnet extends the capability of Scorpios to solve problems, bringing its vital energy and emphasis on putting its most special qualities.

Attracts emotional stability, facilitates study, and increases the power of concentration. This crystal symbolizes happiness and eternal youth.

Other crystals linked to Scorpio: Opal and Fire Agate.

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Sagittarius – Lapis Lazuli

Sagittarius - Lapis Lazuli

The LapisLazuli is the stone that connects best with Sagittarius. This crystal has a strong connection with the mental sphere and with the elevation of the mood.

It provides Sagittarians the paths to self-knowledge and physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

Its blue color is always attributed to serenity. The stone provides balance for individuals to develop their intuition and spiritual connection.

Other crystals linked to Sagittarius: Turquoise, Blue Quartz, Sodalite, and Turmaline.



Capricorn – Onyx

Capricorn - Onyx

Onyx is the stone that vibrates in harmony with the sign of Capricorn. This crystal symbolizes strength and self-control and is great at transmuting negative energies and breaking any envy directed at Capricorns.

Its dark color represents power and seriousness, helping those who wear this stone to have clarity in their opinions. Onyx can also manifest itself by promoting self-control.

Other crystals linked to Capricorn: Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, and Fluorite.



Aquarius – Sodalite

Aquarius - Sodalite

The sign of Aquarius has a lot of affinity with  Sodalite. This stone represents rationality and logical thinking. It helps Aquarians to develop collective and creative activities.

This crystal raises the energy of intelligence, facilitating the absorption of new knowledge. It can also be used during meditative practice, expanding the spiritual field.

Sodalite is considered the protector of communication because it promotes understanding, clarity, and truth, allowing the natives of Aquarius to develop their abilities.

Other crystals linked to Aquarius: Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Amethyst.



Pisces – Amethyst

Pisces - Amethyst

The Amethyst is the most balanced energy stone with Pisces. This crystal is a powerful source of harmony, intuition, and humility. It also helps to highlight the qualities of this sign.

For Pisceans who wish to stimulate their mediumship, Amethyst is the ideal crystal to promote spiritual amplitude. The stone also works as a protective shield, stabilizing negative energies.

It is recommended for people who show a high level of fatigue, as it facilitates energy recovery.

Other crystals linked to Pisces: Aquamarine, Blue Agate, Quartz Crystal.

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