Spiritual Symbolism of Bubbles in Water – 3 Messages You are Receiving

A lot of spiritual things happen in and around water. Water spirits, water gods, little superstitions, and teachings.

In Christianity, during baptism, water is supposed to wash away the sins we are allegedly born with. Holy water is blessed and supposed to protect from evil. Many people travel halfway across the world to collect water from certain monasteries, believing it has healing properties.

Several Eastern religions believe that water creates a powerful barrier against evil. And let’s not forget that water is an important element in many native and pagan religions.

Adding all that up, shouldn’t we be able to tell something about our lives from our interactions with water? For example. I can tell that Poseidon hates me because I get a leg cramp every time I swim a little too far from the shore.

Joking aside, there are subtle messages we can find while interacting with this element. Like how raining 40 days after a funeral means that the soul is at peace and finally ready to leave. Or how the same gravitational forces that influence the seas impact our bodies as well.

So, what happens when you see bubbles in water? Are they bringing good news, or are they harbingers of doom?

Just like with every other element, there are two sides to this coin. Let’s look at them.



Spiritual Symbolism of Bubbles in Water

Here are three possible meanings and messages you receive when seeing bubbles in water:


Ready your wallet, money is coming.

Ready your wallet, money is coming

Have you ever wondered where the expression “money pouring in” comes from? Humans have always associated wealth with water in one way or another since the dawn of time.

In Feng Shui, flowing water symbolizes income. If you place a decorative fish tank in your wealth corner, seeing bubbles signifies that you could be in for a treat soon.

The wealth corner of your home is far right from the entrance (facing inside). A waterfall is an ideal decoration for it, but anything with water will work just as well.

I recommend getting a simple decorative fish tank since it can complement the décor. If you wish, you can add fish to it as well. However, make sure they are energetic and healthy because sick or dead fish will mess with the energy.

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Too much bad energy.

Now for a completely different spiritual symbolism of bubbles in water.

It’s very possible that so much bad energy has accumulated around you and/or your home that the water can’t sit still. You can do a couple of tests to see which one it is.

If the bubbles appear in one person’s glass and not the others, this person is loaded with negative energy. You should also pay attention to bubbles in your guests’ glasses and make sure they are not bringing anything shady in.

If the home is already infested, you should see fewer bubbles in the “holy” sections of the house.

Those sections are the ones with religious iconography, crystals, candles, and even family photos. Your love and faith fills those items with positive energy and gives them power.

There are scientific explanations for bubbles in water, like accumulated gasses. However, if it’s not happening all throughout the house, even when the water comes from the same source, it’s time to pay attention.

The good news is that this is probably something you can deal with on your own. Salt is a strong purifier. Add some to a glass of water and place in the infested areas. The mixture will change color as it soaks up all the bad juju running amok in your house. Repeat the process as many times as needed.

If the person is soaked in bad energy, there’s more work to be done. Meditation and manifestation are a good start, but they may need an overall cleansing if that doesn’t help.



Ignore it, someone is having a bit of fun.

Ignore it, someone is having a bit of fun

Many spirits and beasties love to play in the water. All you can do is to leave to their fun for now.

When you move to an area with a lot of spiritual power, you inherit a lot of things that have been living there for hundreds or thousands of years.

Sometimes they use items around you to communicate, sometimes they are messing with you out of boredom.

Treat them as mischievous children and leave them be. As long as they are not causing you harm, there is no need to do anything. Also, doing something for no reason may come back to bite you.

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Last Words

Those are three completely different examples of spiritual symbolism of bubbles in water, so how to know which one applies to you?

The first and the last are easy. If the water is in the far left corner of your home, and that’s where you’re seeing bubbles, it’s all about the Benjamins.

If the water bubbles but you feel light, almost like the Sun is shining on your face wherever you go, it could be those playful spirits. Check out the history of your land and the area to make sure.

As for the second one, it could be many signs and none of them good. Malaise, depression, apathy, lack of motivation, even a simple feeling that something is wrong. Those are all signs of bad energy, and the bubbles in the water are only confirming it.


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