The Spiritual Mission Of Cats And Their Healing Powers

Cats are very sensitive, perceptive animals and are the gods of elegance and sophistication. When they come out of their deep sleep, cats stretch and balance themselves with gentle, slow, and harmonious movements worthy of a great Yogi. They love to enjoy a clean environment both physically and energetically.

Cats live in communication with many planes and dimensions of existence and know-how to naturally coexist with all beings of light by sensing their vibrations.

You enjoyed our article on the spiritual mission of dogs in our lives so much that today we have decided to reveal all the secrets about the spiritual mission of cats to you.



Cats: Peerless Healers

Cats help us heal with their high vibration level. They know how to detect when we need care, emotional support, or just help.

Cats' healing abilities manifest themselves in different ways. Just having a cat nearby helps us raise our vibration as they have a universal and deep connection with Mother Earth.

They also manage high energies and neutralize very well the negative energies that they transmute during their sleep.


Everything Happens While They Sleep

Everything Happens While They Sleep

Cats take advantage of their sleep to initiate the process of cleansing and transforming negative energies. Those of us who live with cats know they are heavy sleepers! Some even say that cats spend so much time sleeping “that they are of no use.” When in fact, this is where their work begins.

When there are tensions, conflicts, unresolved emotions, or a sick person at home, then the cat will observe and feel disharmony. It will then absorb the energy in order to rebalance the habitat on the energy level.

Therefore, it then needs to sleep in order to transform this energy and regain its balance. This is why they sometimes go into long periods of sleep.


Yawning Cats

Yawning Cats

Another method cats use to transform energy is by yawning. Have you ever stroked a cat and found it repeatedly yawns while you stroke it? It's not that you annoy him (whatever… sometimes that happens). It's just that it is busy venting the energy and rebalancing it.

While you pet it, the cat creates a closed circuit of energy with you. It is as if your energies are intertwined. If the cat feels energies of low vibrations, it will then release them, and you at the same time, simply through yawns.




The most common technique used by cats for their welfare and yours is purring. Everyone knows that when a cat purrs, it means that it is happy and appreciates the situation.

This sound emits a vibration which in contact with the human energy field, creates positive changes. It is a harmonizing, balancing, and healing vibration.

Purring has the same effect as a mantra. In fact, purring is used more and more by therapists to heal their patients. There are also cat bars sprouting all over the place, as the presence of cats and their purring is really soothing.

Although cats are independent and perhaps “less cuddly” than our dog friends, they are in their own way in unconditional love. This is why they will help you even if you did not ask for anything.



Heart Chakra Healing

I don't know if you've noticed, but cats love to sit close to our hearts. They are always looking for the places, people, and objects that emit the best energy for them because that is where they feel most comfortable. They like to lie on their stomachs and chest since the heart is the organ that emits the highest energy frequency.

Heart Chakra HealingFor those of you who are lucky enough to have at least one feline at home, I invite you to do an exercise.

Invite your cat to sit on your 4th Chakra (chest) and then stroke it with love and tenderness. As soon as the cat begins to purr, you will start to feel a sense of calm and peace settling in you.

These high vibrations will allow the transformation of the energies within you. While doing this exercise, if possible, try to look your cat in the eye until he closes them so that you will become one with him.

If you do this exercise on a day when you feel particularly unwell, you will appreciate the effects all the more because they will be obvious.



Cats And Spirituality

Cats And Spirituality

If you're a feline lover, there's a good chance you thought or noticed that there surely is an inexplicable bond between you and your cat, right?

Animals cannot use language like ours to communicate with us. However, they have their own codes and ways of communicating, including the sounds they make and body language.

In addition to communicating with their owner, cats are one of the species capable of communicating with many things. They have long been considered the protectors of our spirit, especially in ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians of the time viewed cats as a way of communicating with the spirit world. And while it may be shocking to most people, those who own a cat realize that they have “something more”:

How many times have you seen your cat chase “something invisible to you? Or look to the right to the left as if they were observing a being or an entity, or quite simply to go off like crazy as if they were being pursued?

Cats do have an ability to perceive/communicate with the multidimensional world.

In ancient times, especially in ancient Egypt, cats were revered animals.

Egyptian culture was famous for its devotion to cats. They worshiped a goddess with the face of a cat: Bastet, protector of woman's secrets and guardian of evil spirits and diseases.

In ancient Egypt, cats were so adored and revered that if a person killed a cat, he was immediately punished, as it was considered a crime. Also, if a cat died in a family, all members had to shave their eyebrows.

What about you? Have you noticed your cat “doing a little weird stuff”?


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