The Color that Best Represents You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Did you know that your favorite color can say a lot about your personality? Whether it's blue, pink, or even green, our favorite color has a strong correlation with our vision of the world.

According to astrology, each zodiac sign should favor a color to bring it luck. Do you recognize yourself in this description? We tell you more in our Astro point.

When the discomfort took hold of him, Pablo Picasso painted blue. During his “pink period”, the Spanish painter revived with happy feelings.

In art as in life, colors are the mirrors of our moods. According to the celestial configurations, each sign of the zodiac has a fetish color corresponding to its personality.

The respective color of every zodiac sign can be used in any visual representation the person needs, such as an astrology tattoo or wall print.



Aries – Red

You wear red wonderfully! And for good reason, this warm color highlights your vitality, your passion and your unfailing enthusiasm. Red sublimates your fiery temperament.

Crimson, crisp, crimson, so many hues as you can sport that luck is on your side.



Taurus – Purple

You are under the leadership of the very feminine Venus. This planet is usually represented by the color purple.

This harmonious tone facilitates communication and balances energies.



Gemini – Yellow

Yellow is the color of vitality and sensuality. This shade represents light and power. Yellow is also synonymous with duality since it is associated with both hate and pleasure.

Wearing this color highlights the natives of this sign, paradoxical at will.



Cancer – Gray

The serenity of the natives of this Water sign is combined with the coldness of gray.

This color represents independence, harmony, and sensitivity. It sublimates the temperament of  Cancer, of rare emotional intelligence.



Leo – Orange

Passionate, the natives of this sign need to wear warm colors, faithful to their personality.

Orange is a color particularly suited to the ardor of the felines of the zodiac. This shade is associated with their fiery temperament.



Virgo – White

Imbued with serenity and calm, the natives of this sign are true peaceful forces.

Their ideal color? Bright and pure white. This shade sublimates the richness of their spiritual life.



Libra – Pink

Harmonious and peaceful, the natives of this sign are good at solving delicate situations. Their favorite color is pink, which corresponds to softness and tenderness.

To have happy days,  Libras should favor this color when choosing their clothes.



Scorpio – Brown

The natives of this sign shine with their confidence and determination. Their favorite color? Brown.

Synonymous with comfort and stability, this shade gives them the warmth they need every day.



Sagittarius – Purple

Spiritual and enthusiastic, the natives of this sign are sublimated by the color purple.

This shade gives them the inspiration to constantly reinvent themselves.



Capricorn – Green

The natives of this sign are keen to evolve and learn every day. This is why green is true to their temperament.

This color gives them the harmony necessary for their learning.



Aquarius – Blue

Mysterious and profound, the natives of this sign are in constant introspection. Blue enhances their cerebral and creative temperament.

This color could provide the inspiration that  Aquarians need on a daily basis.



Pisces – Violet

The universe of the natives of this sign is rich and complex.

Violet is a very suitable color to represent the intensity of Pisces' feelings.


The Color that Best Represents You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign Pin



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