10 Types Of Fears That Come From Past Life Experiences

Have you ever thought about the intricate connection between your fears and struggles in this life and events from a past existence?

It is quite common to encounter fears and phobias that hold us tightly and seem to control our lives.

We often try to give a logical explanation for the sudden appearance of these emotions, especially in ordinary and seemingly harmless situations. Furthermore, we seek answers on how to heal ourselves in such cases.

One may wonder, when does fear originate from a previous life? Furthermore, have you ever wondered why you are here in this specific city, country, or continent?

Why were you born into this particular family, with these parents who unknowingly shaped your childhood, ultimately leading to your current tendencies and aversions?

At first glance, these questions may seem philosophical or metaphysical, but they are of practical importance.

They are related to one of the fundamental laws that govern the entire universe: the law of cause and effect.

So if you find yourself in this town, with these specific parents who influenced your appearance and passed on a mix of talents and weaknesses, it's because you took actions that brought you here.

Since we are discussing the circumstances surrounding your birth, it is clear that the actions that brought you into this existence took place before your current life.

Therefore, it logically follows that if your fear does not stem from a trauma experienced in this life, it must be rooted in a past existence.

If you have harbored this fear from a young age, without any inciting experience, it likely materialized out of thin air. In such cases, it becomes clear that the cause lies within something you encountered in a previous life.


How the fears that were born in a past life act in this life

In my firm belief, each of us carries within us fears that originate from previous lives. These worries aren't solely a result of your current situation; rather, its elements have made them worse.

They act as formidable barriers, impeding your progress on spiritual, material, and relational levels. For a comprehensive understanding of this topic, I invite you to also read my article on the various emotional and karmic blocks that regressive hypnosis can help to effectively eliminate.

However, it is important to note that these fears can also present valuable lessons and opportunities for personal growth.

By actively identifying and releasing past life fears that hold you back from reaching your true potential, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-confidence, enabling you to triumphantly achieve your goals and embrace the fullest expression of your being in this present life.

To facilitate this process, I present to you ten possible past-life fears that resonate deeply with individuals. Take a moment to reflect and see if you relate to one or more of these fears.

They can shed light on aspects of your journey that need to be addressed and released.

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1. Fear of authority

1. Fear of authority

The ongoing trauma of being a victim of power abuse in a previous life manifests as a fear of authority, which has its roots in that experience.

Such mistreatment leaves an indelible mark on your sense of equality, making it challenging to embrace the truth that no one is superior or inferior. In this present life, you may find yourself dealing with anxiety when faced with uniformed figures or individuals asserting their dominance.

However, as you dig into the core of your soul and embody its inner value of equality, you will gradually uncover the imaginary barriers that once clouded your perception.

This new awareness helps you break free from the shackles of fear, enabling you to create authentic connections both with others and within the depths of your soul.



2. Fear of abandonment

2. Fear of abandonment

Fear of loss or abandonment stemming from a past life can cast a shadow of uncertainty over your current reality. Feelings of uncertainty and a constant fear that “anything could happen” can dominate your thoughts.

You may develop a tendency to keep holdings minimal, adopting the belief that “the less I have, the less I have to lose.” This fear arises from a painful history where you have experienced the overwhelming loss of family, partners, or loved ones.

To overcome this fear, it is essential to reconnect with others and rediscover joyful participation in life's myriad experiences.

By making meaningful connections and embracing the abundance surrounding you, you release the grip of past shadows and step into the radiant light of possibility.



3. Fear of inferiority

3. Fear of inferiority

Fear of inferiority often finds its origin in a past life where your free will was stifled, leaving you with limited opportunities to exercise personal freedom.

Perhaps parental figures have made crucial decisions on your behalf, or you have chosen to conform to the wishes of others, giving up your autonomy.

In this current existence, the danger of falling back into that pattern arises, causing you to unwittingly succumb to weakening when faced with challenging circumstances.

However, by overcoming the belief that you are unable to shape your destiny, you reclaim the power of self-determination.

By recognizing your worth and embracing the ability to make changes, you break free from the cycle of submission, stepping confidently into a life where your choices align with your deepest desires.

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4. Fear of betrayal

4. Fear of betrayal

If trust was broken in a previous life by a person or organization, you may find yourself reacting impulsively and overreacting when it comes to matters of loyalty.

Even minor disappointments can cause you to cut ties completely, as a means of protecting yourself from the pain of betrayal.

However, as you dissolve this karmic block, your awareness of justice will increase above average. Your soul knows the principle that like attracts like, and thus, you will become a steadfast and loyal friend to others.

The difference lies in the calm and balanced perspective through which you perceive the value of loyalty.



5. Fear of failure

5. Fear of failure

The fear of making mistakes or experiencing failure often stems from accumulated lifetimes of trials and tribulations. As a result of multiple failures in the past, there is a deep-seated fear of decision-making. You may find yourself very critical of others, but more importantly, of yourself.

An internal dialogue incessantly repeats lists of past missteps and worries about future possibilities.

This fear of not being able to fulfill your life's purpose can cause anxiety due to an overwhelming sense of all that needs to be accomplished. Otherwise, it can foster inertia, convincing you that there is no point in embarking on endeavors that may never come to fruition.

Overcoming this fear involves changing your perspective and cultivating self-compassion, recognizing that mistakes are opportunities for growth and that progress is made step by step.

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6. Fear of intimacy

6. Fear of intimacy

Karmic fear of intimacy often arises from past lives characterized by pain, conflict, or deep sadness associated with intimacy with another individual.

Experiences such as the loss of a beloved spouse cast a persistent reluctance to initiate such deep connections again. Letting go and fully embracing vulnerability in intimate relationships becomes a challenge.

When faced with perceived threats to emotional safety, an invisible wall is erected between you and the other person.

Overcoming this fear requires developing empathy, expanding your capacity to form deeper connections, and allowing love to flow freely once again.



7. Fear of the judgment of others

7. Fear of the judgment of others

This fear can trace its origins to past life experiences characterized by persecution or trauma endured as a result of assertive expression through speech or writing.

Your beliefs, whether religious or political, may have warranted harsh judgment in another era. In this present existence, anxiety can arise when you express your thoughts verbally or in writing.

Symptoms can manifest as hypersensitivity to criticism, fear of saying something inappropriate, or writer's block. Physical manifestations, such as hoarseness or dry mouth, may accompany the expression of your thoughts.

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8. Fear of powerlessness

8. Fear of powerlessness

The guiding principle of an individual who carries the fear of impotence from a past life is a challenge “Do not dictate my actions!” Having had limitations on personal freedom in a previous existence, there is a deep-seated resistance to allowing others to govern their life choices.

It is completely understandable. However, long ancestral and subconscious memories of past encounters with isolation or captivity tend to foster a strong desire for control over every aspect of life and every person encountered.

This tendency arises as a defense mechanism against the anxiety of relinquishing personal autonomy. Freeing yourself from the burdensome need to micromanage everything and everyone can pave the way to embrace the fullness of newfound freedom.



9. Fear of death

9. Fear of death

Phobias related to death in previous lives are quite common. Among these, the most widespread is the phobia of water, which often stems from the traumatic experience of drowning in a past incarnation.

Other fears, such as excessive fear of illness, manifest as heightened anxiety around hospitals, doctors, and even the sight of blood.

Any form of sudden, shocking, or terrifying death can cause a phobia, which, in more mature souls, can also instill a deep aversion to war and violence.

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10. Fear of rejection

10. Fear of rejection

Fear of rejection arises from memories of past lives characterized by ostracism, isolation, or expulsion from one's family or community.

Its most distinct manifestation lies in the persistent feeling that we never really belong in today's community.

Emotional or physical abandonment, especially by one or both parents or a spouse, serves as a powerful trigger for this fear. Its impact can be overwhelming, causing a sense of detachment and sudden bouts of loneliness.

Digging beneath the surface of fear of rejection reveals a source of negative emotions, including resentment and bitterness. Healing this fear requires cultivating the transformative power of forgiveness.


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