22 Signs You’ve Met Your False Twin Flame and What to Do About It

If you have been lucky enough to find your twin flame, you will notice the relationship between you two is like no other. This is a person you love more strongly and deeply than any other person, and the feeling is mutual for them.

However, it is not surprising that on your journey to meeting your twin flame, you might end up meeting a few false twin flames, and luckily, there are signs of a false twin flame that are easy to pick up. They can be pretty convincing in making you think they are the real deal.

You are bound to feel a deep spiritual and emotional connection with your false twin, but you will have a solid lingering feeling of wondering whether they are your twin flame or not.

Your false twin flame shares so many similar characteristics. Still, if you concentrate on the relationship hard enough, there are a few tell signs you will get along the way that will show you that you are entertaining a false flame.

Many of us have probably dated and successfully broken up with false twin flame, but some of us are currently in a relationship with them. However, not everyone goes through this unlucky experience.

This article will highlight 22 false twin flame signs you notice once you welcome them into your life.



What is a False Twin Flame?

What is a False Twin Flame

In most cases, a false twin flame can be hard to tell from an actual twin flame. They present themselves in similar ways. We will help spot the false flame early enough by the end of this article.

They come into our lives in critical moments when we need someone. It may look like you two accidentally met, but in reality, it’s not an accident. At first, your false win flame will seem loving and caring, and you will want to push with the relationship.

With time, you will begin to feel some signs that they are not as good as they seemed at first. But, if you find yourself in such a place, don’t worry; you can still save yourself. There will be constant signs of a false twin flame you will see all through your relationship.

Entertaining your false twin flame is a common mistake for humans, especially in the quest to find our genuine and honest twin flame. All the experience they give you is a part of life’s learning process.

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You will enjoy all the love and care a false flame can give but are you willing to ignore the issues in your relationship? In most cases, you will realize you need more than they offer. This is because you will recognize false twin flame signs you can’t ignore.



Why Do We Meet Our False Twin Flame?

Why Do We Meet Our False Twin Flame

We can never honestly tell why we meet our false twin flame. In most cases, it is thought of as a necessary process to meet and discern your actual twin flame from them. However, if you remain open minded, you necessarily do not have to experience sadness.

The purpose of a false twin flame is to teach us the spiritual lessons we require to make us ready to meet our twin flame. Through them, we go through an awakening that makes us wiser in knowing what an actual true flame should be.

It is vital to meet a false twin flame; they make you wiser. They make you awaken and step into your utmost potential in relationships. They present a very intense relationship, and when unaware of false twin flame signs, they may last in your life for a few months or even longer.

When you start noticing signs of a false flame, the part they came to fulfill in your life is probably already done. You will have grown spiritually, come to learn of your insecurities and are now ready to step into your true power and propose.

Losing them can be painful but necessary.



22 False Twin Flame Signs

As much as they may seem similar to your true flame, something will feel off when with your false twin flame. Let us dive into these 22 signs that may present themselves in such a relationship.


1. You start feeling uncertain.

When with your false twin flame, you will feel insecure and have low self-esteem because of the low-quality interaction between you two. This is the most common sign we experience, which you will not get when with your true flame.

You will get a genuine feeling of uncertainty and doubt about the relationship. You will wonder if the relationship will last or not and feel it throughout the relationship.

Always watch out for such doubt. It could be a clear sign you are dealing with your false twin.


2. They don’t fit or share in your future plans.

We all have plans for relationships, and it becomes better when you find that one person who shares in the vision. However, with a false flame, you may realize that your ideas for the future are incompatible.

Their dream home may be in the city, while you want peace on a farm. This means that one of you (which will likely be you) will have to sacrifice for your partner for the relationship to work.

When you meet your actual flame, this is never an issue. You will realize that all your visions for the future are intertwined.


3. They leave you to face your challenges alone.

This is a very loud sign that you are in a relationship with a false twin flame. We expect our life partners to stand by your side in times of calamity, but in this case, you will find you are always alone with no one but yourself to protect or guide you.

Your twin flame hero’s instinct kicks in whenever you face challenges because they care and always want to help. A man will always feel the urge to step up for a woman they love to strengthen the connection by feeling like a hero around their partner.

If your man does not feel the need to awaken that instinct for you, it is a good sign that you are in a relationship with a false win flame.

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4. They always want to run when things get tough.

One of the biggest signs of a false twin flame is they always want to disappear whenever you are in trouble. It could be they always leave you alone in stressful situations, can’t push through with an argument, or are afraid to commit.

If your partner is always avoiding confrontation or freaks out in such situations, it could mean that you are in a relationship with your false twin. As for your true twin, they will want to stick through the problem and find a mutual solution while showing love and care.

Keep your eyes open for this sign.


5. They appear in your life while you are trying to find yourself.

They appear in your life while you are trying to find yourself

You are most likely to meet your twin flame when on the journey to finding yourself and your potential. Unlike your true twin flame, your false flame will find you in such a time for a purpose.

They will help you gain the needed strength and empowerment you require before meeting your twin flame. Your false twin flame’s purpose is to help you discover yourself for a more comfortable and loving relationship with your true flame in the future.

Stay alert for such a sign in your relationship, and get out as soon as possible before ruining the chance of being with your loving true twin flame.


6. Your success intimidates them.

This is a significant false twin flame sign. If they feel threatened or are jealous of your success and achievements in life, they are not your actual twin flame. At first, you may not tell because they will act happy for you, but deep down, they feel intimidated.

They may show you resentment after an achievement, but this does not mean they do not love you; they want the best things in the relationship to happen only to or for them.

Your true twin flame will celebrate your success, knowing that the universe has something to offer for everyone.


7. It takes them a short time to move on.

Maybe you have already let your twin flame go but are not sure whether they were your true or false twin flame. Falling out with your true twin flame will feel devastating as you want them back, and they probably take a lot of time to move on, or they never will.

However, for a false flame, they will quickly move on and forget about you as soon as the relationship breaks. Their new relationship will also be as intense as yours in a short time.

This may be painful for you, but look on the bright side; your twin flame is still out there, and you can continue manifesting them in your life.


8. Being yourself is hard around them.

If you find that it is getting harder and harder to be yourself around your partner, you are in a relationship with your false twin flame. Hiding who you are around them is an indication that you are afraid of them and their judgment.

This is unlike your twin flame, who will make you feel comfortable in your skin when around them. This indicates they love you unconditionally no matter how you look, talk or walk.

If sharing your beliefs or opinions with your partner becomes difficult, rethink the relationship to protect your mental well-being.


9. They make you self-destructive.

With a false twin flame as a partner, you may feel less confident and lose your self-esteem. This can be destructive. They constantly make you think you are insufficient and have too much improvement to make for your relationship.

Soon as you realize this, make it a priority to end the relationship, even though it can be tricky.

By making you feel less (which they might not know they are doing), they help you awaken to more potential you never thought you had, but it does not mean they should be entertained for a long time.


10. It is unclear why you are together.

The reason for being in a relationship with a false twin flame is always unclear. They may make you feel like the relationship is ok and headed to a good place, but deep down, you may feel like there is no purpose or future for you.

When with your true twin flame, the purpose and progress of your relationship will seem quite clear with mutual goals that you hope to achieve in the future together.

A relationship built on doubt can be frustrating as you will always wonder what direction it is headed or why you are together.


11. They seem distant.

It is easy for a false twin flame to keep you at arm’s length. Find it easy to push you away while playing with your mind. If you feel like you are the one always reaching out to your partner, it is a clear sign of a false twin flame.

They will always want you to chase after them with no reciprocation. You will feel insecure about the relationship. A false flame will involve you emotionally but not enough to strengthen your partnership.

On the other hand, your actual twin flame will have you emotionally involved enough, and you will feel valued, making all doubts about them disappear.


12. They find it hard to commit.

False twin flames are always terrified to commit to you, unlike your true twin flame, who will love you and need you to be a part of their life. A false twin flame may not see a future with you, so they will avoid getting in too deep.

When you bring up commitment, they panic because they know they are with you for a short while.

A true twin flame never shies away from topics such as marriage, children or the future goals you hope to achieve together. In their mind, they are already decided on being together with you for as long as time allows.


13. It is easy for them to give you false hope.

It is easy for them to give you false hope

A false twin flame will make the relationship feel genuine, and they talk about the future, but as soon as they get a chance to exit the relationship, they do so in a heartbeat. This is one of the false twin flame signs you should stay alert for.

They feed you false hope of a beautiful future but discarding you is easy for them. This can be an excruciating experience, but it is a valuable lesson for finding your true twin flame.

The relationship will remain stagnant, but they will make up excuses and sometimes lies to have you around for a little longer.


14. They publicly put you down.

A false twin flame will have no regard for your emotional well-being, and they will always make you feel small or embarrass you in public, whether around friends or at your workplace. A relationship requires constructive criticism to thrive.

However, a false twin flame will leave you feeling hurt in front of others with no care and for no good reason. Being put down can be very painful, and this is a clear sign of a false twin flame.

Your true twin flame will always have your best interest at heart. They will need to protect your emotional well-being in public and private.


15. They always want to avenge past issues.

Every relationship has its fair share of issues, but in most cases, a loving and caring partner will ignore past matters for the sake of the relationship.

Your actual twin flame will face issues between you two head-on and try as much as they can to solve them for a better relationship in the future with the hope that the problem will not arise again.

However, past issues will constantly arise with your false twin flame, and you will feel vengeance within them. Instead of working on the problem, they will leave you feeling anxious and hurt and will not want to let go of the pain.

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16. You are never at peace around them.

When in a relationship with a false twin flame, you will realize they hardly give you peace of mind. The relationship may seem perfect initially, but the anxiety and discomfort you feel in the beginning never go away.

Your true flame, on the other hand, will always give you a sense of peace. Around them, you hardly feel worried or anxious, and they give you all the positive support you need.

Worry can signify that you are not fully awakened because you are entertaining your false flame.


17. You are constantly questioning their love.

A true twin flame loves you unconditionally no matter the situation. If you feel the love you receive from your partner seems conditional, that could be one of the false twin flame signs you should remain alert for.

A false flame shows you love depending on the environment, mood, or behavior. It is hard not to notice being valued differently through different conditions. Unconditional love is vital for the survival of a relationship.

A false flame will want to walk out on you when things go wrong, but your true sweetheart will still love you and offer you support.


18. They find it easy to let you down.

Actions speak louder than words. It is one thing to tell your partner you love them and another to show it. Your true twin flame will never want to disappoint you, and they will try their best to push through with any plans you have made together.

However, a false flame will have no problem letting you down. You will notice through your relationship that they are perfect at last-minute cancellation while professing how much they love you.

If your partner only says that they love you but never shows it, you are probably in a relationship with a false twin flame.


19. There is no growth in the relationship.

A stagnant relationship can be frustrating. When you meet your true flame, they will want the best for you by challenging growth within you, and they will also want to take the relationship to the next step.

A false twin flame relationship will give you no challenge, and your personal growth will stagnate. They will see no reason to push you out of your comfort zone, nor will they want to challenge your emotional and spiritual growth.


20. You never get to know them truly.

When in a relationship with a false flame, no matter how much you try, you will realize that you never really know them. You may know a few common facts, like where they are from and how many siblings they have, but it may be hard to tell who they are.

With your true flame, this kind of disconnect does not exist. As the relationship grows, you get to know them more, making you feel closer and more connected.

No matter how much you learn about your false twin flame, it is never enough, and this can leave you doubting the relationship.


21. They force you to awaken by yourself.

Throughout the relationship with your false twin flame, they will experience no growth, forcing you to grow, change and awaken alone, which takes too much energy and happiness from you.

When they fail to awaken as you do, the relationship is bound to hit a rough patch. Understanding and getting to know each other becomes hard. Your true twin flame will be by your side throughout your awakening journey.

Experiencing this life-changing event together will only strengthen the bond between you two.


22. You meet your true twin flame while in a relationship with your false flame.

We all want fruitful and lasting relationships with our partners, hoping they are our soulmates. With a false twin flame, it is not surprising to meet someone else who feels and is your real twin flame.

Your intuition will work hard to make you know and want to connect with your soulmate even with your false flame in the picture.

However, finding your true twin flame is not as easy as it seems but all these signs we have mentioned and more make it easy for you to recognize your soulmate and everything your false flame lacks compared to them.



How to Get Rid of a False Twin Flame?

Though they come into our lives to mold us better for our future soulmates, these false twin flame signs can be very toxic if entertained for too long. The relationship may seem perfect, but you can tell that it is unhealthy and relatively meaningless.

It can get to a point where a relationship with a false flame gets abusive or becomes manipulative, and you have to get rid of them because they are not the right person for you. The sad part is that it is not easy to tell when you need them gone.

They show plenty of resemblance to your twin flame, and it can take time to realize they are not suitable for you. Luckily by the time you do, they have made you a better person and more prepared for a better future.

There is always a strong gut feeling after opening our eyes to the fact that we are dating the wrong person and all we want to do is separate from them. If you have noticed some of these signs of a false twin flame in your relationship, it is time to let go.

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You should ask yourself several questions before letting go of your false tin flame; should you do it publicly or privately? Who has to move out (if you lived together)? Also, prepare yourself for all the emotions the situation will trigger.

When you try to break up with a false flame, they might come up with statements such as they will change, they beg you not to leave them, or they may experience sadness and try to guilt-trip you.

Sometimes they may get angry and throw a tantrum or become violent. It is good to prepare yourself before to avoid being sucked back in through manipulation. Always put yourself first. If they have violent tendencies, it is good not to approach the situation alone.



Last Words

Now that you know that there is a high possibility you are dating your false flame, what you choose to do after is up to you. Some people have had a beautiful and successful relationship with their wrong twin, but it can never be as fulfilling as being in one with your true twin flame.

They offer you a type of satisfaction no one else can. The other option is to move on from them and always try your best not to cause more harm than you will when you break up.

After this, focus, find and love yourself more than ever before. This will attract your true twin flame faster.


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