3 Ways You Can Use Your Darkness To Awaken Your Light

If you have a habit of bottling up your chaotic emotions, then you need to start using your inner darkness to awaken your light.

Do you ever feel like other people don't really understand who you are? How strong and powerful do you actually feel within yourself? How much potential do you have?

How much suffering have you had to go through? How big is your heart? How deep do your emotions run? What can you really do?

People don't know what you can do because you have not yet shown them a glimpse of your inner turmoil.

You don't let them see your darkness, your flaws, your pain, or your mistakes; you only show them the perfect version of yourself.

For this reason, most of us feel like we cannot connect with other people. We only want to show them an edited version of ourselves, not our true selves.

Our darkness, not our perfections, is what forges the most meaningful connections with others.

Your mistakes are not your end; rather, they mark the beginning of a journey that will lead you to unleash your true potential and awaken your light.

Stop beating yourself up over your mistakes. Move on. Have faith in your own power, and get to work on becoming the person you were meant to be.

Don't deny your darkness. It's the other side of your whole. You cannot be your true, complete self if you do not also acknowledge and embrace your darkness.

There are 3 ways in which you use your darkness to awaken your light:



1. Embrace uncertainty and use fear as your compass.

1. Embrace uncertainty and use fear as your compass.

Ancient Roman philosopher Seneca said that the whole universe is in uncertainty. If this is the case, then why not take risks and do things that not everyone does?

Do what your heart tells you to do because that is where your purpose is. It is inevitable that you will be afraid as you venture into uncharted territory, but there is no way to avoid that.

Fear and uncertainty have always been present. They're never going away, no matter what you do or how big the walls you build around yourself.

Just look at us, we live in societies that are more protected than ever, and we're more afraid than ever. Therefore, rather than trying to escape fear and insecurity, you should embrace them.

You will only feel fear in the crucial moments in your life, the ones that have the power to either make or break you. Therefore, let your fear serve as a compass that points you in the direction you can grow.

If you feel afraid, just tell yourself that this is important and that it matters to you. You should be grateful to your fear for pointing out the areas in which you can stretch your comfort zone.

In this way you can awaken your light.

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2. Use your pain to create art.

2. Use your pain to create art.

Turn your pain into immortal art, as Ernest Becker calls the “immortality project.” There are many ways you can transform your art into an artistic endeavor.

You can compose deeply moving songs, make motivational films, write poetry that moves people, or write a book that alters people's lives. You could also contribute to charitable foundations or work toward improving the environment.

The goal is to transform your suffering into something constructive, something that can serve as motivation for others. Alchemize your darkness into a beautiful fruit that the world can use.

You should not be afraid of anything you put your hands into, regardless of its quality, as long as it contributes to the healthy transformation you are working toward.

The process might make you relive the agony you felt in the past, but through your courageous commitment, you will actually discover new meaning, purpose, and significance in your life.



3. Face your shadows and make friends with your demons.

3. Face your shadows and make friends with your demons.

Both the worlds of darkness and light exist within you. Therefore, you will be confronted with your shadows and darkness from time to time.

Even though they are typically portrayed in a negative light, these characteristics are a part of your nature.

And the key to not letting them control you is really counterintuitive, most people do the opposite and end up doing terrible things.

Not everyone knows that facing those inner shadows and demons, instead of running away from them, is the only way to free yourself from their grip on you.

These inner demons are born from your wounds, and if you try to avoid them, you will continue to hurt yourself in the same way over and over again.

The reality is that their very presence is the only indicator that there is a part of you that needs healing. There is some kind of blockage in the way of you progressing and awakening your light.

Sometimes, if you mindlessly avoid these wounds, you might even hurt other people who love you. This is especially true if you have a history of avoiding painful experiences.

But when you confront your shadows and demons, when you stop being afraid of them, you will understand that they are in fact, messengers.

They are there to point out to you what aspects of your life need improvement. They were never working against you; rather, it was your fear that made you see these inner forces as monsters. 

Once you have reconciled and healed what needs healing, they will no longer have the power to haunt you again. And the one and only way to accomplish this is to love yourself.

You have to love your darkness and your light unconditionally. Loving yourself in this way will transform your shadows into your best friends. Are you ready to awaken your light?

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