Birds As Spiritual Messengers: 5 Ways They Communicate With Us

Birds are seen as spiritual messengers in many different spiritual traditions. They serve as a link between the spiritual realm of being and our earthly realm of being.

They bring us messages, warnings, motivation, and comfort, as well as guidance as we travel along our spiritual path. Their appearance at a specific time in our lives can guide us in profound ways.

Read on to find out how birds serve as spiritual messengers:



1. Angel

1. Angel

In his book, “A Little Book of Angels,” Eugene Stile connected angels with birds because angels resemble they appear like these winged creatures and their wings can symbolize comfort, healing, freedom, and inspiration.

Some birds, such as the dove and the eagle, are considered to be representations of improvement and peace, whereas other birds, such as the vulture and the raven, act more like the angel of death.

“Surely it is no accident that in the performance of many tasks once assigned to simple birds, angels were perceived as winged: there seems to be a compulsion to associate angels with wings, which by nature have to do with flying, with freedom and striving.”

In her book titled “Angelic Messages: The Oracle of Birds,” Claire Nahmad explains how the songs of different birds can convey different angelic meanings.

“The magical Milky Way, eternally connected with winged angels and returning souls, is called ‘the Bird Way' in Finland.”

“It is the mysterious stairway that leads to the spiritual world, which can only be entered by mystics and shamans, but it is accessible to all of us if we are taught how to listen to the bird's song and recognize its angelic messages.”

It sheds light on the unique connection that exists between the songs of birds and the messages of angels which can elevate humanity to the level of divinity.

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2. Birds as spirit guides

2. Birds as spirit guides

In her book “Birds: Divine Messengers,” Andrea Wansbury explains how loved ones who passed away can send you comforting messages through bird spirit guides.

“Those who have passed away can communicate with us through a variety of channels, and sending the message about the bird kingdom is just one way.”

In her book, Birds: A Spiritual Field Guide, Arin Murphy-Hiscock emphasizes the importance of developing meaningful relationships with birds to better connect with nature and help you gain spiritual insights.



3. Birds as a spirit animals or totem animals

3. Birds as a spirit animals or totem animals

Bird spirit animal

In certain religious and spiritual traditions, the term “spirit animal” refers to a spirit that not only helps and protects you on your path to enlightenment but also has qualities similar to your own.

If birds are your spirit animal, you should be very grateful. The bird spirit animal is symbolic of higher knowledge, wisdom, freedom, strength, and leadership qualities.

It also represents the ability to rise higher in the face of difficulty and see the bigger picture, strive for your higher potential, and inspire others to do the same.


Bird totem animal

The universe may also communicate with you through birds by showing you images of birds, either physical or spiritual images called totems.

Totems are like a spiritual energy imprint that you are born with. People who have birds as their totem animals tend to have a strong connection to the ideas of freedom, free spirit, and being. They also have an incredible ability to sense danger.

In her book “The Healing Wisdom of Birds: An Everyday Guide to Their Spiritual Songs & Symbolism,” Lesley Morrison explains the ways in which birds can impart deep healing wisdom through their spiritual song and symbolism.



4. Birds as a source of inspiration

4. Birds as a source of inspiration

The universe motivates you to reach your full potential through the use of birds. Your interactions with birds should not be underestimated as they can be messengers of hope, transformation, and miracles.

Andrea Wansbury says that these messages are words of wisdom and advice, and that they can assist us in recognizing and becoming aware of our hidden talents as well as the negative beliefs and thought patterns that hold us back.

These messages can become a helpful source of guidance once we have fully understood and applied them to our lives. They are our guidance as we move forward on our spiritual journeys.

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5. Birds as messengers of God

5. Birds as messengers of God

Shamanism is a practice where the shaman interacts with the spirit world and channels the spirit's energies in order to bring about healing in the human realm.

Their practices aim to achieve altered states of consciousness and access guidance from the spiritual world, and in turn, use that wisdom to heal the soul.

In Native American and shamanic cultures, birds are considered to be the messengers of God, and many of their healing practices are based on the wisdom they can gain from birds.


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