Crows Gathering in Large Numbers – 7 Spiritual Meanings

Crows have gotten such a bad rep for decades, and I can't help but wonder if they would be getting the same reaction if people knew the crows gathering in large numbers' spiritual meaning. These winged birds have a tremendous spiritual symbolism in many different mythologies worldwide.

People used to see crows as bad omens and a general nuisance. That was before we all learned about how clever they are and their social behaviors. Crows have been appearing in multiple historical works of literature for years, but they were always associated with death. That is because of their carrion behaviors.

I first knew crows were more than meets the eye when they started bringing me ‘gifts' because I would give them food. That was before I learned of their intellect, insight, and curiosity.

I also saw that sometimes crows would gather in large numbers after losing one of their own, and I thought it was heartwarming. This also made me think, could there be another reason for so many crows being in one place? The answer is that there is.

So, if you have a crow problem or wonder why they suddenly appear in large numbers, it is time you learned of the crows gathering in large numbers spiritual meaning.

What could multiple crows gathered somewhere mean? Could the universe be sending you a message using the crows? Let's find out.


Crows Gathering in Large Numbers Spiritual Meaning

Crows Gathering in Large Numbers Spiritual Meaning

Crows typically move together as a group, although they sometimes hunt alone. Sometimes, however, you might notice many crows in one place without knowing why.

Well, here are your answers to the spiritual meaning of crows gathering in large numbers.


1. Intelligence

Crows are opportunistic eaters who go wherever there is food. They don't do it alone; when one crow finds a food source, they alert other crows. So, whenever you see a large number of crows crowded in one place, it could be that they have found some food.

This points to their intelligence, showing that they can seek out food.

The spiritual meaning of crows gathering in large numbers for you could be that you stand to learn from their intelligence. You might need to learn more about your surroundings and find out how to use your surroundings to your advantage.

This might require you to be more attentive to your surroundings to see what you can use.

Intelligence doesn't always mean being clever regarding studies. It could mean you need to use whatever you have to improve your life. Like crows, you have to see opportunities wherever they are and let them inspire you to improve your life.


2. Message from the Universe

Message from the Universe

In ancient Greek mythology, crows were seen as messengers from the gods. They carry messages from the universe meant to tell you something about your life. You need to be more aware of your surroundings to see the signs the universe might be sending you.

The Greeks also believed that the crows symbolized Apollo, a prophetic god. Even their color is meant to present forewarning or foresight. The number of crows also represents the message you are receiving.

The crows gathering in large numbers' spiritual meaning could be that you are getting an important message from the universe.

It can be challenging for you to understand the message you are receiving. It is more important for you to listen to the other signs that might be conveying the meaning.

Open your eyes and ask the universe to help you out. Look for any synchronicities and dreams to see what the message could be.

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3. Wisdom

Wisdom and intelligence are normally tied together, so it makes sense that seeing crows in large numbers could represent wisdom. For example, in Bible mythology, it is believed that Adam and Eve learned how to bury their son by studying a crow.

They had never had to deal with burying anyone before, and the crow was their answer.

They watched how the crow dug a hole to bury its fellow dead crow, which is how they learned about burying the dead. So, there you have it, crows are not just simple carrion birds. They can teach us something we never knew before.

Same as intelligence, you can use a crow to learn more about dealing with things in your life. Gods also used crows to give people food, water, and sustenance because of their knowledge of hunting and searching for food.

This is the same wisdom we can do. Studying nature and the things we learn from it can help us improve our lives. Even birds can teach us important lessons.

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4. Good Luck

As we have learned, crows are pack hunters who notify each other when there is food. It could mean good luck whenever you see a pack of crows gathered in a large number. Food is a sign of abundance and prosperity.

The crows gathering in large numbers spiritual meaning for you could mean good luck.

Your good luck can come in different forms; it could mean abundance in your life. This could mean good luck with your finances; maybe you will finally get that job you have been eyeing. Some people see the gifts crows bring as a sign of abundance.

Seeing a large number of crows says that you will have a positive experience. It is also next to impossible to know when that experience will come. You just need to be more patient and trust that the universe will bring you what you need at the right time.


5. Transformation

We tend to get stuck in our ways a lot, making it impossible for us to experience new things. For example, I am a super introverted person who only hangs out with a handful of people.

I was mortified when I was invited to a party with people I did not know. I thought it would be the death of me, but boy was I wrong.

Of course, I did not magically stop being an introvert, but the people I met at that party changed my life. Now, it could signal transformation whenever you see crows in a large number, especially three crows. You have to be more open to change to experience this transformation.

Your transformation could be different from mine; it could come in ways you never even thought about. Do not get too stuck in your routine; be welcoming of any new changes that come to you, no matter the form they take.

Be ready to take more risks that broaden your horizon.


6. Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide crow

Your spirit guide could come in many forms, and the universe could tell you that crows are yours. This also holds true if you see a pack of crows or a couple of crows following you. The multiple things we can learn from the crow make them the perfect spirit guides as they have so much to teach you.

The universe knows to send you help when you most need it. Do not be surprised if you see the crows when you are at a particularly hard time in your life. You may feel lost or out of touch like you have no way to move.

Seeing the pack of crows is the universe letting you know that it sees your struggles and wants to help you. Do not feel abandoned or alone. The universe knows to send you help in your dark times, and it could use a crow spirit guide to lead you.

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7. A Big Event

I have some dispiriting news for you; the big event in this spiritual meaning of crows gathering in large numbers does not always mean something positive. Some people believe that seeing three crows means an attack could be on its way.

This attack could be the big event. It could be a spiritual attack or an attack on your personal life.

On the flip side, the big event could mean something positive. Some cultures believe seeing a crow could represent a significant event, such as a wedding or the birth of a child. I know these meanings could be very confusing. That is because the universe communicates in different ways.

We might not know the exact meaning of what the universe is trying to tell us. Deep thought and introspection, however, can help you find the answer you need. Studying the signs it sends you is also another way of learning what big event the universe has planned for you.


Last Words

Get any misconceptions you have about crows and start seeing these birds as what they have always been, a way for the universe to talk to us. There are multiple crows gathering in large numbers spiritual meanings, more than what we have covered that we can learn.

Keep your eyes open and see what the universe has in store for you. It might not always be the news you want, but knowing about it beforehand is the best way for you to prepare yourself for what it might be.


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