15 Signs the Universe is Testing You

The universe works in ways we cannot comprehend, mostly to show us that we are more than we think. Because of this, it is important to know the signs the universe is testing you. Without this knowledge, you might think everything is out to get you or that your life is unfair.

I used to be one of those people who would never see the bigger picture. I was a person who was more focused on the present, which can be a good thing when done right.

Because I wouldn't let myself see a higher purpose, I would always think everything was out to get me. That is until I learned of the signs the universe is testing you. This happened just as I started my spiritual journey, and it opened my eyes to so much.

Missing these signs from the universe is easy as sometimes they may not be as clear as we would like them to be. However, knowing these signs beforehand will ensure you are better equipped to see and learn from them.

That is what we are going to look at today; the various ways the universe can be testing you.


Does the Universe Test People?

Does the Universe Test People

Yes, the universe does send out tests throughout our lives, some of which we might not even be aware of. These tests are not meant to weaken or torture you. Rather, the universe uses the tests to help you grow.

They show you where you are in your spiritual journey, and they can help you learn more about yourself in the process.

Take, for example, a situation you had never thought of before, such as having to take care of a small child. We would all say we will do the best for the child and ensure they get the right care.

What you might not know about this kind of situation are the complications that go into caring for a child.

The universe might one day send you a friend or a loved one who needs you to babysit their child. Although it might only be for a few hours, this kind of situation will let you know more about children. It can show you the lengths you might need to go to to ensure the child is safe.

This is a situation you had never known how to handle, but with the universe's intervention, you now know how you will react. Of course, not all tests from the universe are like this. They can vary in how they appear.

They are all there for our benefit, letting us learn more and heal any wounds we might have.



15 Signs the Universe is Testing You

What kind of tests does the universe send our way? The following signs the universe is testing you will help you learn more. Let’s dig in!


1. You Encounter Obstacles

I fear saying my life is going smooth sometimes because I think that will unleash untold challenges. This, of course, is not true, but my fears have refused to let me let go of this way of thinking.

I do have good reasoning for this, however. Historically, whenever I got too comfortable in certain positions, I would start encountering obstacles.

Little did I know these obstacles were one of the signs the universe was testing me. It showed me that I could do more; I did not have to stay in the same position forever.

Sometimes if you think you are encountering too many challenges, sit back and try to determine whether they could be coming from the universe.

The challenges can come in different ways. They could be in the form of a situation, an object, or a person. They are meant to show you how to handle yourself in different situations and can open you to bigger possibilities.


2. Judgment From Others

We should not judge others; we all know that. We all also know that in some situations, we all judge. The funny thing is that the universe can use this judgment to make you grow.

It can be hard to accept judgment from others as it makes us feel like we are being criticized. How you react to the judgment can be an answer to the test.

If you feel too uncomfortable because of others' judgment, you should figure out why that is so. Could it be that it is something you need to work on? Do a deep search into yourself to see the part of you that needs healing.

Doing so might stop the judgment altogether or make you impervious to judgment from other people.

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3. Change of Plans

Another of the signs the universe is testing you that most of us are unaware of is a change of plans. I like planning everything as it gives me more control over my life.

I understandably get upset when these plains suddenly change. If you are like me, this inconvenience can ruin your whole day. These changes can be as small as a canceled lunch date or as big as losing your job.

If the universe uses a change of plans to test you, it might be letting you know that your sticking to the plan is stopping you from achieving more. You might be so stuck in your pattern that you don't let yourself see other things.

You need to be ready to adapt to different situations, or you might block yourself from the plans the universe has set for you.


4. You Are Confused or Lost

You Are Confused or Lost

If you have felt confused or lost in your life, it might have been the universe testing you. You might feel like you have lost purpose in life and get demoralized. The universe wants you to trust it and believe that things will work out in due time.

The universe always does what is best for you, and you need to believe that. Whenever you are going through some low moments, remember that you will come through victorious if you have faith.

At the end of it all, you will be rewarded with more blessings than you can imagine. You should always keep your faith strong, especially when you feel like giving up.


5. You Are Not Making Progress / Slow Progress

You can sometimes feel like you are stuck in the same life. You want to progress, but it seems like no matter how hard you try, you move too slowly. This is another powerful sign that the universe is testing you. It is trying to teach you about patience and perseverance.

Not everything in your life has to be moving too fast. You have to take your time, especially with the things you consider special. The universe wants to see if you can persevere and push through even when everything seems to be working against you.

The reward for your patience will be even more fulfilling when you notice you did not give in to the pressure.

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6. Letting Go

Whenever we encounter losses in life, we feel like holding on to these losses. For example, you missed out on a job you had your heart set on or a failed relationship. Instead of dwelling on these, you need to let them go and find better things.

Holding on to something long after it has passed is barring your way.

Forming attachments is healthy and encouraging, but you must know when to let go of them. You will not always get what you want from life, and you need to be prepared to let things go when they don't benefit you anymore.

Practice detaching yourself from people and things when they no longer fit into your life. It will make it easier for you to move on to better things.


7. Extreme Chaos

Experiencing challenges is a part of life, and we should accept that. However, it sometimes feels like the challenges are too much, resulting in extreme chaos. Too many difficulties might surround your life, and you don't know what to do.

This is another sign that the universe is testing you.

It is a test of your courage and stress. You need to be able to handle difficult situations while maintaining composure and grace. A strong person will not buckle under pressure.

Don't be too discouraged if you fold under pressure, pick yourself up and start over again. Cultivate the strength within you, and in no time, you will be able to withstand the difficulties in your life.


8. You Feel like You Have No Power

You Feel like You Have No Power

We all have some power within us that lets us push on regardless of what is happening in our lives. In some instances, however, you might face a problem too big that it makes you feel worthless and like you have no power.

This problem mostly affects our self-esteem and can leave us feeling bad about ourselves.

You might have gone through a situation that left you feeling humiliated. Think of the time in your life you felt completely powerless. When this happens, you need to remember that you made it through the first time, and you will do it again.

Believe that you are more powerful than you know, and nothing will hold you back. Knowing the power you have within you will help you come out of any situation that might seem impossible.


9. Spiritual Confusion

Being on a spiritual journey is more difficult than most people will let on. You might discover one thing that throws you for a loop, and you don't know what to believe anymore.

This can make you quit on your journey and just give your spirituality up. When this happens, do not give up. Know that the universe is testing you and trying to see how strong your faith is.

Instead of completely giving up on your spirituality, investigate the obstacle you found. Learn more about it and why it might happen. It will help you clear any spiritual confusion, and you will come out even stronger spiritually.


10. You Receive a Warning

Sometimes the universe can use the people around us to test us. One of the ways it does this is by sending you a warning through someone close to you to see if you will listen.

One of the ways this happens is when you see a loved one get severely ill. You might also hear a story eerily close to yours or see something tragic. These instances can seem coincidental, but they can be a sign that the universe is testing you.

You might notice that these warnings might have some sort of bearing on your life. Your loved one falling sick could remind you to take better care of yourself. Listen to the warning from the universe, receive the message it sends you and change accordingly.


11. You Feel Empty

Have you ever felt completely empty, like there is no point in life? You might feel like you have no energy left and everything you do keeps failing. This can send you into depression and have you to lose hope in life. You should not let this happen, however.

Whenever you feel like you have run out of everything, the universe will send you help unexpectedly. Hold on to hope and trust that the universe will not let you suffer. You will not feel empty for long; you just have to wait a little longer.


12. Your Relationship Ends

We put so much stock into our relationships that you might feel like your life has ended when they end. This is not always the case. The universe could be using the end of the relationship to show you that sometimes the things we think are perfect are not what they seem to be.

No matter how lonely and hopeless you might feel after a relationship ends, you should not let this crush you. The universe knows there are better times ahead for you and is showing you that this relationship is not the one for you.


13. You Are Emotionally Drained

You Are Emotionally Drained

Are things in your life going smoothly, but you are not really happy? Do you want to take some time off life and living and come back later? These could be signs that you are emotionally drained. No matter how smooth your life seems, you are just not happy!

The universe can use this test to show you that you are not fulfilling your life's purpose. Our lives don't just depend on how much money we make. We need to find more fulfilling things that help us and others.

If you are not doing your true life purpose, you might find that you are constantly exhausted even when everything else in your life is going great. Take time to figure out what will bring you happiness and start doing that.

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14. Unexplainable Delays

We usually get things whenever we want them. This makes us get used to instant answers. The truth is, this is not always the case. We can sometimes experience timing delays that make us wait days, weeks, months, or years before we get what we paid for.

We have no control over the timing of what we want; it is only up to the universe. So, whenever you feel like giving up because your manifestations are not happening, give your trust to the universe.

It has the best timing and will give us what we need when we are ready. Do not rush results, be patient, and trust that the universe will not fail you (it never does, no matter how long it takes).


15. Physical and Emotional Exhaustion

Whenever you feel like you are just tired, you cannot handle anything more. Know that this is a sign from the universe. We sometimes carry too much on our shoulders, leading to physical and emotional fatigue. This is our final sign that the universe is testing you.

The universe could be using this sign to tell you that you are carrying too much. There is no shame in admitting we are overwhelmed and need help. The universe can be using your exhaustion to teach you humility.

You can be vulnerable and ask for help, doing everything alone can be overwhelming and break you down.


Last Words

There are many signs that the universe is testing you. All these tests hold special significance, and you need to be spiritually awake to see this.

Understanding the message the universe sends you will make your life easier and ensure you are walking the right path. It is a very rewarding experience.


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